Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Fights Islamic Terrorists in the High Seas

Global Islamophiles of Terrorism Vilify Israel
John R. Houk
© May 31, 2010

The world condemns Israel for engaging with terrorists on a flotilla described as bringing in supplies to Gaza. Because of the nature of who actually administers the Gaza Strip, there is good reason to make sure supplies move to Gazastan through verifiable sources.

Gaza is administered by the blood lust Islamic terrorists of Hamas. It is Hamas who refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist and calls for Israel’s complete destruction and the death of Jews. When the IDF began the attempt to stop the six ship flotilla which had actual terrorists aboard, the flotilla initiated an attack on the intercepting blockading IDF.

Israel enforced its naval blockade of Gaza Monday, in a raid that resulted in at least fifteen dead. Terrorist leader Sheikh Raed Salah of the radical group Islamic Movement was reportedly among those injured in the attack. The attack has drawn criticism from a variety of terrorist organizations including Hezbollah and al Qaida. The United Nations and other international groups holding anti-Israeli sympathies also condemned the action. Israel defends its action saying that it was acting in self defense and only the flotilla's organizers are responsible for its outcome. (Read More at Helium)

So check this out! Hamas wants to destroy Israel. Hamas has launched missiles on Israeli cities that only ended when Israel acted against international opinion and invaded Gazastan to end the Islamic terrorist barrage of missiles. By the way incredulously the U.N. sponsored Goldstone Report labeled Israel the aggressive and guilty of war crimes. Did Hamas cause war crimes by launching missiles and by defending their wicked self by utilizing human shields (sometimes staged deceased Arabs)?

Global Anti-Semitism arose immediately blaming and vilifying Israel for “Palestinian” collateral damage. My God NATO member Turkey had the temerity to vilify Israel when there was a Turkish connection to the Islamic terrorists of the flotilla.

Frequent contributor Ari Bussel was so incensed by the global vilification of Israel and the glorification Islamic terrorists as victims he sent to posts venting his displeasure. (Go to the end of this post and you can read Bussel’s two essays in their entirety.)

JRH 5/31/10

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