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Edited John R. Houk
By Robby Bowling
Intro posted 6/21/17

This is one of those posts in which there is some content that I highly agree with and some content that I have some serious doubts.

Bowling’s post has a lot of criticism of where the Leftist fundamental transformation has taken America of the years. This I concur with. Here is a good summation (though not complete) of the Leftist transformation plaguing America:

Perniciously, multiculturalism builds on the works of Marxist European thinkers such as Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci, whose “Critical Theory” has greatly influenced American progressives.

The goal of politics should be first to ‘delegitimize’ the ideas of the American system and second, to transfer power from the dominant group to the ‘oppressed’ groups.”

Gramsci himself was crystal-clear on this: “In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” (Multiculturalism’s Leftist Threat to the American Story; By Mike Gonzalez; The Daily Signal; 10/28/15)

Then there is the injection of less credible Conspiracy Theories. For example, Robby Bowling includes in his frustration of the Leftist transformation this Conspiracy Theory attribution:

“HITLER was also a "Rothschild”

Conspiracy Theorists blame the Rothschild family of Jewish heritage for Hitler’s Holocaust of Jews and for global Communism. Does anyone but me see a conflict of blame here?

The same family that inspired the Balfour Declaration calling for a Jewish State in their land of heritage is responsible for Hitler’s murder of about 6 MILLION Jews? IDIOTIC!

The same family that made a success out of Capitalist global banking is involved in a global Communist New World Order agenda? That would mean abandoning Capitalist principles of gaining wealth and joining a Communist agenda of ending all religion, that would include Judaism (Jews) and the extermination of a sovereign Israel. Yup, IDIOTIC!

Here are some fascinating proponents yet doubtful in credibility Rothschild-Hitler Conspiracies:

o   Was Hitler a Rothschild? By David Icke; Biblioteca Pleyades [Website links to Icke homepage but if you search the title plenty of Rothschild conspiracies but none of with this title]

o   (Makow on Rothschild and Communism) How to Make Sense of Current Events; By Henry Makow;; 4/21/17

Here is a valid debunk of everything connected with Rothschild-Hitler-Jewish themed Conspiracy Theories:

o   HITLER WAS NOT A ROTHSCHILD-BRITISH AGENT; By Mike King; [I hope it’s a centrist anti-conspiracy website but further title examination with actual investigation might lean toward a Left slant. Not sure though.]

JRH 6/21/17

June 20, 2017 4:07 PM

Once upon a time there was a "Functioning Brain" that became a "Child" that became an "Adult" that became a useful "knowledgeable & prosperous" member of the Family, the Community the Society, the Culture & it was good, it was progress, it was evaluation, it was "Learning to adapt! “There was a TIME when this LIFE, when being an American or European had Meaning, had Opportunity, it had Goals & it also had Dreams or Aspirations...We knew WHO we were, we knew our Past, our History because it was Taught to us as a GIFT, as a LESSON as well as a TESTAMENT & AS GUIDE to take with us as we go about our Travels from Sea to Shore & back again...

That world as we knew it is where most of us started this Journey! In those "DAYS OF YESTERYEAR" the "Family was still intact! And because Society nearly always Mirrored the Family Unit, it was HIERARCHICAL! The Child respected the Parent the Adult, they both respected the ELDERS, those that were considered the Wise, the Learned & those with Insight & Vision! It was not a Perfect system but somehow FLAWS & ALL we survived a few Thousand years...And some of that was RECORDED HISTORY! That recorded History is what gave us documents like the "Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, the Magna Carta & every countries version (or lack of) a "Constitution!" When I grew up my Mother kept a Family Bible & along with that Bible was the FAMILY NAMES that we all heard countless stories about ...The Names, the Memories of the Grand Fathers, the Grand Mothers, the Aunts, the Uncles, the Cousins, the Brothers, the Sisters, perhaps a "Birth Certificate" & even a small Locket of Hair or a Babies shoe or sock...I think those Memories & Moments are .what we Cherish the most...You could call them "Family Heirlooms" after a fashion...

That is the AMERICA I grew up in! My roots come from "Small Town Rural America" & mine started on the "Family Farm!" It was just the way it was...We went to Church on Wednesday Nights, Sunday Mornings & Sunday Evenings...I rode the School Bus to Town for most of my Schooling Years...My life was not that much different than others in that Community! I played Sports, I was on the "Debate Team" & later on I was in a "Teenage High School ROCK & ROLL BAND.....However "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE " it was not....I went to College, paid my own way, raised hell, drank a lot of beer & SOMEHOW Survived! How about that? You don't think for one Moment, one minute it could have had anything to do with a FAMILY (not perfect) that actually Loved & Cared about each other, do you? Heavens Forbid that thought,,, How could it be POSSIBLE that a FAMILY could do BETTER than what this now this 'Self-Righteous Evil Greedy GOVERNMENT in Washington DC Claims to do "Miserably" while Failing at every level....Could it be that that was the INTENT all along?

Have we all forgotten that "Sometimes” it is the "Simple Things in Life" that separate most of us....Contentment is actually "Perspective" & a little bit of "Attitude." When I was the young child growing into the teenager some of my FONDEST Memories are literally grabbing a "Fishing Pole" & going to the Creek to catch Fish! The only thing we had to Worry about were Poisonous SNAKES...And we were usually Prepared for that VARMINT with an old 22 Rifle or shotgun....And to the "Chagrin of Liberalism" we didn't Kill, Maim, Rape or Pillage a Village of Idiots either...HOW COULD THAT BE POSSIBLE, that is Without Government Supervision & Liberalism??

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing & dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We thought we'd never lose
For we were young & sure to have our way
Those were the days, oh yes those were the days"-Paul McCartney

I'm not trying to HARP or go on a Nostalgia Trip, but come on, those days were HEAVENLY compared to the "RAT RACE EXISTENCE" I see now... Fears were Real & Genuine in that ear, but so were Friendships & the Family (at least for most of us)...LBJ started the (FAKE) "War On Poverty" & all it did is Create "Ghettos & Projects" it "KILLED the African Families ...They NEVER Recovered...but that was an RESULT the Communist Liberal Democrats WANTED & LUSTED for...A WELFARE STATE that would KEEP the COMMIES in POWER FOREVER....Hell, it is working...

That was also the ERA when Drug Addiction & Alcoholics started RAMPING UP...Activist Lawyers like the ACLU started doing their thing...And we CAN'T leave out or forget about The COMMUNIST Professes like "Saul Alinsky"- "RULES FOR RADICALS" got their FOOT-HOLD in the AMERICAN School & College system....And there has BEEN "No Looking Back" from that bunch of Evil Bastards!

The IRONY is thus: those Communist Liberal Deluded, Delusional, Sick, Perverted Snakes took what is PROBABLY the Only "Freedom" that was uniquely ours-"Freedom Of Speech" & used it to DESTROY the very "Foundations or Tenets (if you will) that our Constitution allowed & Cherished.... Think about it LIBERALS & MUSLIMS are the only ones allowed to Have & Use "Freedom Of Speech"...It is slowly FADING away into "Obscurity"

America is in the MIDDLE of a "Cultural Revolution or War" call it what you wish...the Next Step will be "Civil War"...But allow me to make 'One Big Point" here...the Soldiers (the People) on BOTH SIDES are the REAL LOSERS...Ask yourself this, who are the Winners? ANSWER" the ELITES of this World....The Vermin Poisonous Bastards that are "One Step Removed" from being SATAN Himself are the WINNERS...That's the "NEW WORLD ORDER" -Soros-Rothschilds-(the Bilderberg Group)....They want it ALL & right now there is Little anyone can do to STOP this "Avalanche" it seems to be cascading & moving on its Own Inertia ...Kind of like Quicksand!

These same HEATHENS have now fairly well Destroyed EUROPE...We have no NEED to speak about the MUSLIM Nations they were already "Excrement Holes" that Smell & Look like "Death Warmed Over". Their Job in AMERICA is moving into the NEXT Phase! They were Brought here 1st to introduce the CANCER of ISLAM...Then SECONDLY to sell FEAR....That one is Nearing its Crescendo...the Next Phase will be to become "Enforcers" for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.....For those WHO Don't know History-----HITLER had MANY --"Muslim Battalions"...HITLER was also a "Rothschild"

There was a TIME, apparently a very long time ago when the "Rule Of Law" was Respected, not ignored. And now it's Ignored TOTALLY if-if fits the "New American Communist Liberal Progressive Manifesto" If we ELECT 537 Partisan Parasites ROM Both sides of the FAKE, FAUX or PHONY Aisle & the Republicans are "Supposedly" the "Party In Power" & they DO NOTHING whatsoever to reinforce that POINT....Then what WAS the POINT in ELECTING them to begin with....Or just MAYBE they aren't Republicans at ALL, just Frauds, Crooks, Cons, Swindlers & Perverts just like all the others & also work for the Globalist SOROS (BINGO)...Isn't there something that's getting lost here....Isn't this actually LIFE or DEATH....Or do we continue with our Bad Habits & go out & get "Sedated" like all the other JUNKIES & DRUNKS? And PRETEND it will all get better tomorrow....I guess OBAMA & SOROS can KISS your little HURT & make it all Better....Damn...what planet was it that brought us all these Ignorant Frigging Fools? NEVER MIND --I Needed To VENT!

It's gotten hard, actually Impossible to see this SHIP & the SEAS we are Sailing on getting BETTER-anytime soon, if ever! How do you RISE above the DEATH STENCH that's now in the air? I sure as hell don't know!...DOING NOTHING is Suicidal! And taking ACTION before we can Organize may well be Futile also...

Feel free to argue with me, but I think we are getting very close to being HISTORY....Liberals have already started Tearing down & Destroying all our History...Monuments one by one are being torn down & History books haven't been HONEST or TRUTHFUL in DECADES....Remember the VICTORS of WAR write all History with a Prejudice....There will be no one here to Correct them ....Go back and read the Books & the Movies made from "Fahrenheit 451" & "Logan Run"...Maybe those will be insightful? You also should read the Books by Huxley, Orwell & Ayn Rand before they are BURNED too...

As we speak the "Fear Mongers" from the CIA controlled Media are SPINNING....WAR with "Russia" one moment & War with North Korea" the next... Which begs me to ask this QUESTION....If TRUMP is in BED with Russia why the Charade? Forget it, LOGIC died a Slow Ugly Death Decades ago! "PARDONNE-MOI" but the "coup d'état" continues, just as the CANCER, we call LIBERALISM continues to eat Brain Cells better than any "Lobotomy" ever could...We should be ASHAMED of what we've come to, but sadly a "Willful Ignorance" is killing that shot....For the LIBERAL Lunatics out there, "how could you EVER think this could EVER have a "Happy Ending?" Somethings have no Bounds ...Stupidity is apparently one of them....

So go on about your day, numb yourself into submission if you wish, but the Sword or the Guillotine will still Sever your HEAD off, Brain or Not....The Liberals in this WORLD & the Empty Headed IDIOTS that believe this "UTOPIA HOG-SLOP" will eventually Pay the PRICE for their INFINITE STUPIDITY... BECAUSE of their Willful Idiocy & the Cowards left in this WORLD ....FREEDOM is now "For All Practical Purposes DOE & EXTINCT...

Lest we remember LIBERALS are "Miserable Sadists" who get off by making People "Subservient" to them ..Their Dream goes like this, "Create A Welfare State" & make Everyone they "ALLOW" to survive "BEG THEM & WORSHIP THEM" as if they were the Messiah! They will Burn in Hell First!

Remember your Past that's all we have left...Today is AIMLESS & Tomorrow...You are my guest....just give it your best SHOT...FOOL!


Edited by John R. Houk
Intro posted 6/21/17

June 20, 2017 4:07 PM

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