Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bye Felecia! Federal Contractor Arrested for Leaking Information

An Independent Contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) has been busted as a leaker of classified unmasked data to the press. The leaker has been identified as Reality Leigh Winner (what a name for a Lefty Trump-hater).

Because of her access to classified data, I am unsure just how much of her prosecution will be public knowledge. She apparently has confessed, so I hope she is made an example of by sending to a Federal Penitentiary for a number of years. Maybe even give her a bit of the old Guantanamo try.

JRH 6/6/17
Bye Felecia! Federal Contractor Arrested for Leaking Information

June 5, 2017

The Trump administration is plugging leaks! Reality Leigh Winner, 25, is facing charges after she leaked  highly classified National Security Agency document to a media outlet in May.

The Georgia government contractor in Georgia, who works for Pluribus International Corp, was arrested by FBI at her home this weekend. She was able to access the information due to her top secret security clearance.

Washington D.C. is slowing starting to reek of sweet justice.

The charges against Reality Leigh Winner came about an hour after the publication of a story based on an NSA document detailing Russian attempts to hack American voting systems in 2016.

President Trump has been pushing Justice to go after leakers inside the federal government, which he has identified as “the big story” when it comes to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Winner’s arrest could signal the federal government is going to aggressively investigate and prosecute individuals who send classified intelligence to news organizations.

Trump and other Republican allies in Washington have made pursuing leakers one of their top priorities, but Winner is the first to face charges for releasing classified intelligence.

According to HuffPost, the NSA figured out it was Winner when they conducted an internal audit. From the audit they determined that the report had been printed by six people. Then when they audited the competes of those six desktop computers, they found that only Winner “had email contact” with the news outlet.

Winner, who had worked for Pluribus since February, reportedly admitted to government agents Saturday that she had printed the report, removed it from her office and mailed it to the news outlet from Augusta. Winner also allegedly “acknowledged that she was aware of the contents of the intelligence reporting and that she knew the contents of the reporting could be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation,” the FBI affidavit said.

DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein stated, “Exceptional law enforcement efforts allowed us quickly to identify and arrest the defendant,” he continued, “Releasing classified material without authorization threatens our nation’s security and undermines public faith in government. People who are trusted with classified information and pledge to protect it must be held accountable when they violate that obligation.”

Boom. One by one, we will plug all the leaks. No more will America sink!
Keely Sharp

Keely is a 23-year-old conservative writer for many different sites, including While she lives in Georgia, she grew up in Florida. Keely is pro-life, Christian, and a member of the NRA. When she is not writing, she enjoys going to the range and hiking with her dogs.

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