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The Bilderbergers Are Nothing - Sorry to Disappoint

Here is a Conspiracy Theory moment. Some of which I find credible and some I do not. Especially any conspiracy that links the entirety of Jewish people to an Antisemitic Jewish global domination theory. The only anti-Jewish conspiracy I’ll ever consider is that of Left-Wing Jews that have abandoned the Judaism of their fathers meaning the abandonment of YWHW. Such Left-Wing Jews will cause the soon coming of King Jesus that in my mind will result in Observant Jews believing in the real Messiah.

That’s my Conspiracy Theory. Time and the Holy Spirit will the mind of God.

JRH 6/1/17
The Bilderbergers Are Nothing - Sorry to Disappoint

By Jennifer Saxon
Sent May 30, 2017 3:57 PM

Dear Global Watch Weekly Member

The 2017 Bilderberg Meeting takes place from 1 - 4 June in Chantilly VA, USA.

Every year the Bilderbergers host their annual conference where they occupy a hotel at some quite location and invoke a media blackout causing thousands of protestors and truth movement die hards to come out in full force talking about how this group is evil and conspiring to implement a new world order.

However I am sorry to disappoint you.

The Bilderbergers are nothing. They are just a public facing collection of non-influential people who gather together to discuss geopolitical subjects that are fed into the information chain of a higher elite network power. They are what we call a smokescreen.

Whilst yes the Bilderberg group were once very influential during their early years, over the last decade with increasing publicity they have been diluted and are more of a think tank. Yet throughout their annual 1 week conference thousands of people gather outside with banners claiming they are responsible for the new world order.

If you really want to understand where the true seat of elite power is then we are talking about the likes of the Circle of the Initiates, the Nine Unknown Men, the Order of St John of Jerusalem, the order of the Trapezoid, the Palladium, the Thule Society, Golden Dawn, British Quator Coronati, Committee of 300, Cultus Diablocis and a host of other secret organizations who sit on the pyramid of power much higher than the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations etc.

Whilst the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations are just information gathering feeding mechanisms it is the esoteric and occult orders that people hardly speak of or have heard about is where our attention should be focused in terms of understanding the enemy's end game.

We are talking about principalities of the highest order.

I have to warn you the information we present is not the typical bible prophecy stuff you see on most websites. So what we find is that some people join us and then leave because they simply find the content far and beyond their comfort zone. And we are talking about Christians who read the same Bible. People would happily stay if we dealt with nice comfortable issues like the marriage supper of the lamb or the return of the Jews to Israel.

But when we start dealing with subjects such as this people run a mile. Yet the Bible commands us to expose the works of darkness so that those caught up and entangled in it can see the light and escape the clutches of the enemy.

If you are a truth seeker who likes to delve below surface level bible prophecy then go now to

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Blog Editor: The pièce de résistance Conspiracy Theories from Jennifer’s link to


The Axis of Evil Back in 2002

[Blog Editor: uses a 3:19 Vimeo version of the Bush Axis of Evil speech that did not have an embed. Thus here is a 3:00 Youtube version of the speech:]

The term The Axis of Evil was first coined as a political figure of speech by President Bush in his 2002 state of the union address. The axis of evil then, was made up of three countries: Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. These countries were cited as countries pursuing chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and having terrorist training camps.

The president warned, "States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world". His goal was to disarm these countries.

The Axis of Evil - A New Definition Needed

However more and more research is showing that the term Axis of Evil needs to be redefined because secular world history has given a false perception of who the true enemy is. More and more documentaries are being released which show that the supposed "axis of evil" encompassing countries such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria etc, are the result of geo-political fabrications designed to cloak who the real true enemy is. By focusing on the symptoms of global catastrophes we lose sight of the root cause.

To understand who the true axis of evil is, one needs to leave what they see on TV at the door and review the evidence presented that there is an elaborate design behind the chaos we see in the world today. The global domination agenda is seen as a plan by powerful private bankers to take over all our primary systems (money, energy, food, media, etc.) and to establish a sole global authority – with themselves in charge. They use the media, central banks, multinational corporations, governments, major foundations, and international agencies such as the IMF and World Bank to implement their strategies.

However it is critical to realize that the Global Domination Agenda is not dependent upon the creation of private bankers. It is in essence the belief of a families that sit hidden by the private bankers who have had their worldview institutionalized in man-made laws and kept in place by bribes and threats and presented by private banking oligarchs. It has become in some ways a “legal mafia” because violations of contract integrity, persons and property are supported by legislation. Just a few examples are: fraud and embezzlement (fiat money, swaps, short sales, derivatives, subsidies, bailouts, corporate personhood, etc.) theft (involuntary taxation, eminent domain land seizures), kidnapping (military draft, extraordinary rendition, Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act...), assault (mandatory vaccines, mandatory pesticide sprays, covert Chemtrails spraying, sobriety checkpoints...) torture (“enhanced interrogation techniques”).

This is the real true root of the axis of evil..................The global domination agenda.

People Who Believe They Are Genetically Different

When you hear terms, families of power, global elite, bloodlines of the illuminati, black nobility etc, it is likely that you are thinking of royalty, wealth, affluence and shadow government. However what many people do not realize is that the theological belief of the global elite, is one in which they believe they are genetically and spiritually different to the human race.

If you study the history behind the evolution of these families and their networks of power, it becomes very apparent that they have a very deep disgust and contempt for the human race. This is borne out of the fact that they affiliate themselves with a belief that they are not fully human, and genetically different to the human race.

It sounds bizarre to say the least, but once you understand this crucial point then everything starts to make sense in regards to why the architects of the new world order simply have no disregard for life. The human race is seen merely as cattle and the loss of life whether through major wars, genocide or manipulated acts of terror, are simply seen as the un-avoidable casualties of a war to drive through their bizarre agenda.

An Explosive Collection of Disclosures that Leaves No Stone Unturned

Get instant access to over 20 hours of media content (online videos and audio documentaries) split into 4 categories, Venetian Conspiracy, Empire of Zion, Pawns of Evil and Architecture of the Elite.

This following package blows the lid of what we all know about modern world history and who the true enemy is. No longer will you see Communism and Islamic extremism alone as the enemy. Instead you will see Communism and Islamic extremism as simply the means to a greater end by those who really do wield power. By keeping you focused on communism and Islamic extremism the hope of the global elite is to keep you looking in the wrong places in terms of pointing the blame for the ills of the world.

You will never see who the actual global elite are because they are far removed from the public view through sophisticated financial trusts and secret nominee accounts in hidden locations. They detest contact with the human population to the extent that they instead work through public figures and public bodies who knowingly and unknowingly represent their interests.

The following package Axis of Evil completely provides the x-ray vision one needs to make sense of where the real gravity of power is and why the global elite and the infrastructures and philosophies they have engineered are the very fulfilment of the principalities and powers spoken about by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6. We know who these families are and we know the corporations, charities, rotary clubs and trust funds that they hide behind. Axis of Evil is a modern day whistleblower that blows the cover and shows you exactly where the true axis of evil sits in 2017.


According to Eustace Mullins the Phoenicians were the missing link between the Canaanites and the Venetians proving that the Venetians descended from the Caananites. This 5 Hour collection of Audio documentaries explores the full history of the black nobility and how they have morphed and evolved throughout history. This fascinating insight will provide you one of the most potent discoveries into how the Black Nobility founded many of the groups who today steer the direction of the new world order agenda. They were responsible for founding the Bilderbeg Group, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations and so much more. Many of the black nobility families are also in the drug and arms trade through well-distanced intermediaries.

Understand how 2 of the black nobility families, the Habsburgs and the Merovingian's, descended from the Tribe of Benjamin who went into exile following war with the other eleven Tribes of Israel (Judges chapter 21). Exile took them to Arcadia in the central Peloponnese, Greece. Here they aligned with the Arcadian royal line and towards the advent of the Christian era, migrated up the Danube and Rhine, through marriage engendering the Sicambrian Franks, the immediate forebears of the Merovingians, who were ultimately of Semitic origin, and descendants of King Saul.


The oligarchic system of Great Britain is not a direct product of English or British history. It represents rather the tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians which has been transplanted into the British Isles through a series of upheavals. The status of Britain as the super power nation of modern history is due in particular to the sixteenth and seventeenth century infiltration into England and Scotland of the Venetian oligarchy along with its philosophy, political forms, family fortunes, and imperial geopolitics. The victory of the Venetian party in England between 1509 and 1715 built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence.

Today the British Royals along with other royal houses from Luxembourg, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany wield significant influence behind closed doors in regards to the direction of the new world order agenda. Listen to over 5 hours of revelation as some of the great researchers in this area share their invaluable insights into the power of the monarchs who today are the public representations of the black nobility legacy. Further to that, what is the mystery around the death of Princess Diana and her eldest son William with some claiming him to be a future King of Europe, albeit even possibly the Antichrist? And why was Great Britain presented as Zion and the New Jerusalem during the 2012 London Olympics and what does this mean for the future?


An incredible journey in understanding some of the most satanically driven individuals in history whose influence on the direction of the new world order has been staggering. One cannot truly grasp the  seriousness of the world government agenda without understanding the movers and shakers who  have contributed to its evolving over the course of the 20th-21st century Whether it is Sir Francis Bacon, Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, Albert Pike or Adam Weishaupt. All of these individuals and more were people like Judas Iscariot who chose to become the modern day sons and daughters of perdition.

You may question the relevance of this but when organizations like the United Nations, interfaith organizations and some of the worlds biggest music celebrities bear the evidence of these individuals philosophies, it is clear that we need to be alert and aware of what is going on around us. Yes the new world order was conceived with the Order of the Illuminati back in the 18th century but none have advanced its agenda more progressively than these individuals.
A fantastic collection of special online videos for you to watch in amazement.


Ask people about the architecture of the elite and its representation in 2017 and people with any incline regarding conspiracy theories will mention names such as the Bilderbergers and their annual gatherings. However these people are not the global elite. 1000s flock every year to Bilderberger annual meetings to protest yet it is the non public facing architects who seemingly avoid scrutiny and attention.

We are talking the likes of the Circle of the Initiates, the Nine Unknown Men, the Order of St John of Jerusalem, the order of the Trapezoid, the Palladium, the Thule Society, Golden Dawn, British Quator Coronati, Committee of 300, Cultus Diablocis and a host of other secret organizations who sit on the pyramid of power higher than the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations etc. Come face to face with these secret power groups who are really secret because they are far removed from the public eye and thus even more dangerous because the global elite want you to focus on their stage actors and not these hidden esoteric power houses.

These online videos will change the way you understand where the real centers of power are.

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