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Ted Cruz Calls for Vote Fraud Probe

Voter Fraud MS - Cochran & McDaniel
Intro to ‘Ted Cruz Calls for Vote Fraud Probe’
Editor John R. Houk
July 9, 2014

Much of America might actually be unaware of the obvious voter fraud that took place in Mississippi in the GOP run-off election between incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and challenger Chris McDaniel (a local State Senator). Senator Cochran represents the Republican Establishment and McDaniel was highly supported by the Tea Party Movement. With what you have read so far, who do you think committed the vote fraud and who do you think was the victim?

DUH! McDaniel was the victim.

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Published Jul 3, 2014

July 3rd, 2014 • Senator Chris McDaniel discussed the widespread accusations of election fraud in last week's run-off primary against Senator Thad Cochran. McDaniel spoke with former Congressman Allen West as to the multiple allegations regarding illegal voting, vote buying, and corruption that occurred in the Mississippi election.

The Tea Party organization Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC) sent one of those fund raising emails today. As usual I’ll leave the fund raising decision to you the reader. I am neither endorsing a donation nor telling you to be supportive of CCC. But also as usual CCC provides some very relevant info on the goings on of Dems, the GOP Establishment and the effect on the Tea Party Movement.

In this CCC email you will learn that McDaniel lawyers are very confident that a new run-off vote will take place between Cochran and McDaniel.

JRH 7/9/14
Ted Cruz Calls for Vote Fraud Probe

Sent by CCC
Sent 7/9/2014 3:11 PM

Great news, friends, as Ted Cruz calls for a voter fraud probe in Mississippi, where serious allegations have emerged that could result in a "redo" of the runoff election between the establishment's Thad Cochran and Conservative Republican Chris McDaniel.

McClatchy article - T Cruz wants vote fraud probe... foto

McDaniel's campaign has already found more 5,000 improper votes cast, and tens of thousands of more votes are now in question - far in excess of Thad Cochran's margin of victory on the day of the runoff election.

Election attorneys employed by McDaniel campaigns have said that if they find additional improperly cast ballots than a redo of the runoff election is likely.  True The Vote and FreedomWorks have already filed suit regarding the election.

Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, issued a statement commenting on the conduct by the Cochran campaign:  "There are very serious allegations of voting irregularities and also possible illegal conduct in this runoff election.  The voters of Mississippi deserve a fair, clean and honest election - they deserve to have their votes count and their voices heard.

"And when there is a new runoff election ordered, I have words of advice to Thad Cochran's campaign team:  don't you ever again use the tactics of the Left and play the race card against conservatives like Chris McDaniel and the tea party movement.

"Conservative black activists such as myself, Dr. Ben Carson, Congressman Allen West, Kevin Jackson, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Niger Innis and countless others have worked for years to show how conservative principles of self-empowerment and liberty are the best prescription for not just the success of our nation, but for prosperity and success for minority communities.

"Thad Cochran's campaign shamelessly undermined that effort by echoing the sentiments of the liberal media and leftist activists by labeling Chris McDaniel and the tea party movement as racist, hateful and harmful towards minorities - and that is a bald face lie," Marcus concluded.

 Above-  Lloyd Marcus with Chris McDaniel at a Mississippi tea party rally
Above:  Lloyd Marcus with Chris McDaniel at a Mississippi tea party rally

These new developments lead us to this question:  do you want to see the fight for a new election or write-in campaign for Chris McDaniel to take place?

If so, please make a contribution so we can launch an effort to secure a new - and fair - Republican Primary Runoff election.  You can make a contribution online - HERE

Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate: We were proud to work hard to win every vote we could for Chris McDaniel.  Below is the radio ad we aired on 14 stations across Mississippi:

We distributed our "Conservative Campaign Committee Endorses Chris McDaniel" signs to voters in Mississippi:
 Conservative Campaign Committee Endorses Chris McDaniel signs to voters in Mississippi

We took to the streets, spending Election Day waving signs and urging people to head to the polls to vote for Chris McDaniel:
spending Election Day waving signs and urging people to head to the polls to vote for Chris McDaniel

Our Chairman, Lloyd Marcus, wrote columns urging conservatives to rally behind Chris McDaniel,y.  You can read one such column published at American Thinker - HERE.

American Thinker & Lloyd Marcus byline foto

Phone From Home

We also targeted the 11 most important counties with our Phone From Home program. And had supporters from all across America making phone calls that turned out tens of thousands of Republican votes for Chris McDaniel.

Our Chris McDaniel for Senate War Room Where We Ran Our Phone-From-Home Program
Above:  Our Chris McDaniel for Senate War Room Where We Ran Our Phone-From-Home Program

Should Chris McDaniel Keep The Fight Going?

So should there be a new election?  Should Chris McDaniel be the GOP's nominee in the general election if more voting irregularities are discovered?

Let us know if you want us to help continue the fight by making a contribution to carry on the fight for Chris McDaniel.  You can contribute online - HERE

If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Conservative Campaign Committee
ATTN: Support Chris McDaniel
P.O. Box 278855
Sacramento, CA 95827
Paid for and authorized by the Conservative Campaign Committee.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee:

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