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Dajjal Comment on: Wondering about Hamas Connection…

Quran Book of Lies & Hate
Intro to Dajjal Comment
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July 29, 2014

Dajjal is the pseudonym for one of my favorite counterjihad experts pertain to the theopolitical death cult that academics call the religion of Islam.

Dajjal’s comment is related (I believe) to the upper half of the post in which I was examining the reasons why I couldn’t locate Prime Minister Netanyahu’s smoking gun proof that Hamas was directly responsible for the kidnapping and execution of three Israeli teens; viz. Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel. Of the three one of the teens had a dual American-Israeli citizenship. [If you are curious read the post.] In relation to my incredulity of not finding Netanyahu’s specific smoking gun proof I had castigated Google.  Dajjal commented to yours truly:

There are alternatives: Bing, Dog Pile and All The Web, to name a few. Do not be afraid to use them even though they depend on Google for part of their results.

You continue to fall into the name game trap, a most difficult habit to break.

Dajjal’s polite yet firm reminder about search engines is not the point I want you to notice. Rather, notice Dajjal’s point about the reason why Hamas is the way the Islamic terrorist organization is so recalcitrant in Jew-hatred and war.

(As a learning moment, Dajjal uses the word ahadith. This word with the letter “a” before it is the plural form for hadith. This plural form is proper in Islam-Arabic. Most of us English speaking dudes put the letter “s” at the end of hadith to make it plural. In Western culture the letter “a” preceding a word normally changes a positive meaning to a negative meaning. The learning moment is ended. J)

JRH 7/29/14
Dajjal Comment on:

Comment Date:  July 20, 2014 at 5:25 PM
Comment Blogged: NCCR

HAMAS is no different from Islam. Its demon is Islam’s demon. Its scripture is Islam’s scripture. Its objectives are Islam’s objectives. Its members are Muslims.

They do what they do because they believe in Allah, its imperatives, threat and promise. Turd, s**t, crap, scat & road apples are all feces. The substance is the same no matter the name.

They will quit doing it when they cease to believe or cease breathing, whichever comes first.

Death in the way of Allah is their highest aspiration. They seek Shaheed status [Islam’s version of martyrdom] as a guarantee of admission to Allah’s celestial bordello [aka Paradise]. Give it to them. Punch their tickets.

To understand the problem, read the following ayat and ahadith.

Peace or Muslims. Choose one; you cannot have both. Muslims cannot quit. If they do, Allah will cover them with a blanket of disgrace. If they do not go to war they will go to Hell. Jihad is their get out of Hell free card. They must play it, they have no choice. Israel must usher them into Hell; she has no choice.
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