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Stand with Israel against Islamic Terrorists – Hamas

Support Israel Against Hamas

John R. Houk
© July 18, 2014

If you are a reader of my posts you are aware I am no friend of the religion of theo-political Islam. Regardless of what propagandists tell Islam is NOT a religion of peace. AND in that same vein, the Islamic terrorist groups - regardless of the ones fooling the West about peaceful intentions or the ones that make no bones about their desire to destroy Israel and kill Jews – are instruments of evil that have incredulously gained the support of many Western nations, corporations AND Christian Churches. RIGHT NOW the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza organization called Hamas entered Israel and killed three Jewish teens. One of the teens held dual citizenship as an Israeli and an American. AND THEN Hamas had the temerity to threaten Israel that any reprisal by Israel in search of the Islamic terrorist murderers would result in a rain of missile hell on Israeli cities targeting civilian men, women and children.

In the process of looking for the Hamas murderers, the murderers’ family homes were demolished. Frankly that was getting off lite since the Palestinians families undoubtedly danced in the streets when they became cognizant their offspring killed Jewish teens. The Hamas operating structure in Judea-Samaria (aka West Bank) was dismantled in the process. The one tragedy is a Palestinian teen was indiscriminatingly murdered in act of revenge by non-IDF Israelis. My mom taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right; thus the revenge murder was wrong.

Guess what? Hamas refused any accountability for the Jewish teenagers’ murder and vowed missile attacks for disrupting their Muslim supporters in Judea-Samaria and for the murder of the Arab teen. Evidently the arrest of the Israeli perpetrators was not good enough for Jew-hating Hamas. Hamas began mortar and missile attacks on Israeli civilian cities.

This has eventually led to the IDF Operation Protective Edge. As is becoming typical in the West, pro-Palestinian apologists are crying that the IDF is using too much extreme prejudice against Hamas controlled Gaza in efforts to eradicate the Islamic terrorists and their military capability. Even if that is true I am probably one of those rare politically incorrect bloggers that doesn’t feel a lot of sympathy for Arabs that call themselves Palestinians voluntarily acting human shields and cheers for the deaths of Jews. Those that support Islamic terrorists deserve what they get.

At any rate I received an email from United with Israel appealing for relief support for the Israeli victims (which includes destroyed homes etc.) of the Hamas attacks. I am posting the email and the donation link because have pertinent information that is better than you’ll received duped Leftists that condemn Israel rather than the murderous Islamic terrorists led by Hamas.

JRH 7/18/14
What you MUST know about Israel's War in Gaza

By Rabbi Ari Enkin
Sent: 7/18/2014 8:16 AM
Sent from: United with Israel

Shalom John,

Yes, it's true. Israeli ground forces have entered the Gaza Strip.

Make no mistake. Regardless of what you hear from media outlets, foreign governments or the UN -- Israel is acting in complete self-defense.

Due to the incessant rocket attacks and vast network of terror tunnels intended to murder Israeli citizens, Israel simply has no choice.

Although the US State Department has told Israel that "there is more that can be done” to protect civilians in Gaza, rest assured that the Israel Defense Forces are going way beyond what any other country has ever done - and would ever do - to protect a civilian population.

In yesterday's live webinar, I presented the authentic Jewish approach to fighting a war. Unlike the enemies of Israel who glorify terror, destruction and death, the Jewish people have the highest regard for human life.

Our supreme value of human life is reflected in the humane, dignified manner in which the IDF is conducting itself in its war of self-defense, such as by dropping leaflets and phoning the residents of Gaza to warn them of imminent attacks.

Israel's armed forces are truly a model for the world - and a light unto the nations.

We have initiated a special campaign to enable you - the friends and supporters of Israel - to stand with Israel at this difficult time.

We ask you to share this important message with the world.

Please forward this email to your family, friends and co-workers.

Help us to spread the truth about Israel.

Tell everyone why Israeli troops have entered Gaza and how they are sparing no effort to save civilians lives.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom from Israel.

With Blessings of Peace,
Rabbi Ari Enkin

Rabbinic Director
United with Israel
Israel’s War on Terror
Emergency Aid Campaign
Operation Protective Edge

·         We Need to Provide:

·         Bomb Shelters - for residents of southern Israeli communities

·         Supplies and Treats - for IDF soldiers defending the people of Israel

·         Emergency Relief - for Israeli families who are living under fire

·         Pro-Israel Advocacy - to teach the world the truth about Israel

Published by idfnadesk
Published on Jul 2, 2014

Gaza terrorists have fired more than 100 rockets at Israel during the past three weeks. Israeli civilians living closest to Gaza have only 15 seconds to find shelter during an attack.

For more from the IDF:

Israel is Under Attack!

Since the onset of Israel’s latest war on terror, Operation Protective Edge, over one thousand rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israeli cities. The people of Israel continue to suffer from the barbaric, murderous terror machine of Hamas.

Terror and fear are rampant throughout the Land of Israel as Gaza terrorists dramatically increase their missile attacks upon Israeli communities. Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem have been bombed, with innocent Israeli civilians being the prime targets of Islamic terror.

Nearly 4 million Israelis are now within range of Hamas rocket attacks.

And there is no end in sight…

Help Us Provide Emergency Relief

We have already installed 16 portable bomb shelters but many more are needed to keep pace with the huge increase in rocket attacks. The residents of southern Israel have 15 seconds to run for safety. Our shelters provide not only safety, security and peace of mind… they save lives.

Israeli soldiers are on the front lines risking their lives to protect and defend the citizens of Israel. We have provided them with essentials such as underwear, socks, deodorant, extra-large Camelbak canteens and yummy snacks too. They greatly appreciate your support but need so much more…

Residents of southern Israel are fleeing their homes to find refuge and safe haven in ‘lower risk’ locations. The trauma and suffering of families with young children who are forced to relocate is often too great to bear. Help us to provide temporary housing, financial support and emergency relief for the unfortunate victims of terror.

As brave Israeli soldiers fight relentless, bloodthirsty enemies of peace, United with Israel is fighting the online war to educate and inspire misinformed hearts and minds. Join us in defeating anti-Israel media bias by teaching the truth about Israel to millions of people around the world.

The People of Israel need your support right now. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Join us in praying for the safety, peace and Divine protection of the People of Israel
Stand with Israel against Islamic Terrorists – Hamas
John R. Houk
© July 18, 2014
What you MUST know about Israel's War in Gaza

©2014 United with Israel | +972-2-533-7841

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