Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CAIR-St Louis Postpones its Propaganda Event

John R. Houk
© July 23, 2014

On July 15 I posted “What to do at Radical Islamic Events on U.S. Soil”. The post was inspired by an alert sent by Florida Family Association concerning CAIR-St Louis sponsoring a media event with the purpose of:

“…this event is get members of the press and local Muslim leaders in the same room once a year. During the program CAIR-St. Louis representatives share unique advice on how to cover Islam, the American Muslim community, build contacts within local Muslim leaders, discuss trends on how the media portrays Islam, pitch insightful story ideas, and share Ramadan through breaking of the fast (iftar) and dinner.” (CAIR St. Louis July 23, 2014 media event at The Seven Gables Inn has been postponed/canceled; By FFA; Florida Family Association; email date- 7/22/2014 9:00 AM)

This was really a propaganda event in which Muslims and the local press would have been invited.

In my post I gave a precursor before cross posting the FFA alert email. The essence of my precursor is that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a nefarious Radical Muslim organization with links to both the Islamic terrorists Hamas (Currently shooting missiles into Israeli cities) and the Muslim Brotherhood (currently outlawed in Egypt). Even more nefarious portrays itself as the primary Muslim civil rights group in America and has a peaceful Moderate Islamic stand in the USA. I’m not going to rehash that here so if you wish to read about the wickedness of CAIR as a national organization in which the St Louis chapter is sponsoring a propaganda event go HERE.

Today’s FFA email alert informs readers that the CAIR-St Louis Chapter “postponed” the media event. The FFA believes that good Americans concerned about Stealth Jihad in America inundated the Seven Gables Inn with complaints of allowing a Radical Muslim organization having a closed to kafir (except the local press) media event influenced the “postponement”. I pray the FFA is correct but no actual details of the postponement reason has been made public – as yet. If indeed this is the case it is a win for Counterjihad education on the nature of Islam.

JRH 7/23/14

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