Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Conservative Aegis

John R. Houk
© November 12, 20123

I have been attempting to frame a situation in my mind that requires the Conservatives of the Republican Party to leave and unite behind a Third Party that makes the GOP irrelevant. I have not arranged those thoughts into something concrete yet; however I will work on it.

The greatest obstacle that I see to form a united political party for Conservatives is that there are numerous political parties in the USA that have long recognized that Conservatism cannot act effectively as long as the Republican Establishment calls the shots of the purse strings. The question becomes - Do Conservatives unite behind one of those already existing Conservative oriented political parties or just abandon the GOP and the numerous Conservative political parties and just revamp the whole thing getting Conservative elites to form a singular political party serving as a magnate to attract Conservatives on a national basis?

Another obvious issue confronting Conservatives is the somewhat monolithic Tea Party organizations that are mostly localized and are federated in similar ideology but fractured in disunited leadership.

There is one thing that is clear. The Republican Party as a vehicle to employ Conservatism into the American vision is now an obsolete non-working option. Rather than doing the insane and expect different results from doing the same thing year after year under the Republican aegis, it is time to change the process and establish a Conservative aegis under which to work.

Even Democrats recognizes that Conservatives are impotent in the Republican Party; however they filter that recognition through a more negative filter. The Dems are saying the Conservative base is the reason for Mitt Romney losing the election for President.

In that blame game Conservatives are viewed as holding back the GOP. The reality is that Conservatives are the reason Republicans retook control of the House in 2010 and maintained that control in 2012. The Senate and House Offices lost were the result of the lack of support from the Republican Establishment more than it was the fault of the Conservative ideology of Candidates.

The Dem view presented negatively is a view that should be retooled viewed as a reason to abandon the Republican Party for a new political party based on Conservative principles.

Let’s get on board on dumping the Republican Party so that Conservatives can share a Conservative vision to America without worry of political correctness from the Left and Center-Left Republicans (aka RINOs) to change Obama’s vision of government heavy Socialism. People with thinking caps better than I, need to contact each other to begin the process of this peaceful Conservative Revolution. It is time to declare our independence from Moral Relativist/Living Constitution Liberals.

JRH 11/13/12 (Hat Tip: Western Center for Journalism)

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