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Hitler's Escape (full)

Hitler Alive - Police Gazette
Here is an interesting Conspiracy Theory: Hitler did not commit suicide, rather he used a body double and disappeared. If the Conspiracy Theory is true what did he do with his life? Surely old age caught up with by now.

Below is the text of a Youtube video followed by the 45 minute documentary that appeared on the History Channel.

JRH 11/10/12 (Hat Tip: Nazislam Facebook Group)
Actually the Nazislam hat tip video was “Hitler Escapes 1945 Berlin 1: Unsolved WW2 Mysteries”.

Jul 30, 2012

Hitler's Escape a MysteryQuest Special::: Adolf Hitler it is assumed he killed himself, but there is no evidence of his death. Near the final days of World War II when the Russians were surrounding Berlin, Hitler and his wife went down to their underground bunker and killed themselves. At least that is what his guards have said. They said they heard the shot and opened the door to find Hitler lying bloody and dead on the couch, and his wife next to him, poisoned to death. The guards said they then took the body of Hitler outside and burned it then buried it. Apparently, Hitler did not want his lifeless body on display like Mussolini's corpse had been.

Mystery Quest takes up the challenge of finding clues of Hitler's death. There has been speculation that he escaped and might have gone to South America. Other people have said they had seen him around other parts of Germany. Whatever the stories, there is no evidence of a dead body belonging to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler used a double, especially after the close attempt on his life in the Valkyrie incident. What the Russians found when they arrived in Berlin, was the dead body of a man looking like Hitler, but in all accounts was his double. This man was apparently two inches shorter than Adolf Hitler.

In the Russian archives they have a couch with blood stains and a piece of a skull with a bullet hole in it. Mystery Quest sent an American archaeologist to Russia to get evidence from these items and bring it back to the United States to see if there was any DNA that could be found in the blood or the burned skull.

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