Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Drain

Here is an Eric Allen Bell email that all should read.

JRH 11/29/12
The Drain

By Eric Allen Bell
Sent: Nov 26, 2012 at 7:36 AM

THERE IS A DARK SPOT and seen from the sky, it appears as a drain, with people circling around it in a brainwashed daze. This drain sucks away human potential. It speaks to what is good in a person and says, "Bow in this direction 5 times a day" and then it sucks all of their goodness away. It speaks to what is bad in a person and says, "Now this is the way to be. Evil is good and good is evil". The dark drain is heavily protected, not just by a military, but by a dark doctrine, which surrounds itself with a ring of ignorance, foolishness, corruption and censorship - both voluntary and involuntary.

The dark drain sucks in more souls every single day. It drains resources, it takes lives, it appeals to the darkest side of the human mind. The cowardly masses, who are not captured directly by the strong gravitational force of the drain, turn their heads away and try to pretend it is not there, that it does no harm. Some go so far as to tell themselves it is peaceful and beautiful and worthy of respect. Such is the power of evil.

Those who speak for the drain tell me that women are second-class. But it is women who bring life into the world. Every one of us was cared for and nurtured by a women when we were hungry and naked and helpless. It is the love of a mother that has allowed us all to stand on our feet, to speak and to go forth into the world. Evil despises this. It sees real truth, real power, real beauty and it tries to suck it all into its drain.

The drain says that killer and a rapist was the final prophet of "god". But that which is Infinite needs no such final spokesman. That which is Infinite, it thinks you, it breathes you. It needs no special vows, chants or hymns, as all of creation sings its praises. It is nameless and all names. You can hear it in every word and in the silences between each word. You can hear it in the sound of the breeze. You can find it looking out through your eyes.

The dark drain in the dry desert sucks in only those who seek to avoid knowing who and what they truly are. But if we remove the drain, if we were to blast it from the sky - would we remove also the condition in man which caused it to be built? To see the drain is to be free of it.

- Eric Allen Bell

About Global Infidel TV:

In the summer of 2010 I began production on a documentary called "Not Welcome" about the backlash against construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN.  I took the position that Islam was just another religion, that this conflict was nothing more than political opportunism, with Evangelicals trying to maintain the home turf advantage in their small town.  Eventually I came to discover I was wrong about this - very wrong.

For more on how and why I did an about face and came to see Islam as both a human rights disaster and greatest threat to national security today, read my article "The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam".

Later I returned the money to my backers and ended up becoming committed to the struggle for human rights and liberty known as "Counter Jihad".

So why don't I just take this video down, now that I have "seen the light"?  I keep it up as READ THE REST

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