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Petraeus Affair Scandal Renditions

In this Jan. 30, 2010 photo, Natalie Khawam, left, Gen. David Petraeus, Scott and Jill Kelley, and Holly Petraeus watch the Gasparilla parade from the comfort of a tent on the Kelley's front lawn in Tampa, Fla. Jill Kelley is identified as the woman who received threatening emails from Gen. David Petraeus' paramour, Paula Broadwell. Jill Kelley serves as the State Department's liaison to the military's Joint Special Operations Command. (AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Amu Scherzer) TAMPA OUT; CITRUS COUNTY OUT; PORT CHARLOTTE OUT; BROOKSVILLE HERNANDO TODAY OUT; USA TODAY OUT; TV OUT; NO WEB USE; MAGS OUT
Are you a bit confused about Petraeus/Broadwell – Allen/Kelley sex scandal that is taking down elite military generals/CIA Director? Fox News is beginning to bring up the fishiness of the scandals exposure and Benghazigate. Below is a pretty good explanation unraveling the many jaded sides of this affair.

Below is Yid with the Lid which is followed by the Gawker because that post includes information on a FBI agent (unidentified as of this post) who also had the hots for Jill Kelley.

JRH 11/14/12
Petraeus Scandal Update: Enter the Crazy Twin Sister

Posted by Jeff Dunetz
NOVEMBER 13, 2012

Pretty soon you won't know the players in the Petraeus scandal without a scorecard.  Here is where we left off.  Gen. David Petraeus had an affair with Paula Broadwell. The affair was discovered when Broadwell sent nasty emails to Jilly Kelly to stay away from her man.  Except Kelly and Pertraeus (sic) were not having an affair, but Ms Kelly had exchanged between 20,000 and 30,000 emails with General John Allen who replaced Petraeus in Afghanistan (you following this?). Now we discover both Petraeus and Allen tried to intervene in the custody battle involving Natalie Khawam, the “psychologically unstable” twin sister. Yep-- just what this soap opera needed-- a crazy Twin Sister.

According to the
 NY Post
The generals' letters to the court — written in the past two months [and embedded below] — supported a motion to overturn a ruling made nearly a year earlier by a judge who resoundingly denied custody [of her son to Khawam] because of serious reservations about her honesty and mental stability, court records show.

All we need now is a mad scientist, and someone thought dead for 20 years showing up (the usual role of the crazy twin. Kwawam's ex:
Grayson Wolfe, was unable to see the child for more than a year, according to court documents. The judge overseeing the case cited Khawam with “outrageous conduct,” “bad faith litigation tactics,” and “illogical thinking,” awarding full custody to the father and socking the mom with $350,000 in legal fees in 2011.

The judge gave Wolfe sole custody of the couple’s son after finding that Khawam, a lawyer, repeatedly lied under oath and filed bogus domestic-violence and child-abuse claims against her husband after their one-year marriage began crumbling in 2009.

That judge also found that Khawam routinely defied court orders to let the child see his dad and sent harassing e-mails to Wolfe’s friends and business partners that “excoriated Mr. Wolfe for being a horrible father and husband.” 
The judge blasted Khawam for giving false evidence, and noted that a court-ordered shrink had found her domestic-violence allegations to be “part of an ever-expanding set of sensational accusations . . . that are so numerous, so extraordinary and [so] distorted that they defy any common-sense view of reality.”

The judge also noted that she “is a psychologically unstable person.”

It seems that Khawam was trying to get unrestricted visits with here (sic) child and both Generals vouched for her conduct as a mom.
Petraeus said he had observed Natalie and her son, “including when we hosted them and the Kelley family for Christmas dinner this past year. In each case, we have seen a very loving relationship – a Mother working hard to provide her son enjoyable, educational and developmental experiences,” he wrote.

“In view of this, it is unfortunate, in my view, that her interaction with her son has been so limited by the custody settlement,” Petraeus continued.

A separate letter from Allen is dated Sept. 22, two days after the Petraeus letter. “Natalie clearly loves [child’s name] and cherishes each and every opportunity she has to spend time with him. She is a dedicated mother,” Allen wrote. “In light of Natalie’s maturity, integrity and steadfast commitment to raising her child, I humbly request your reconsideration of the existing mandated custody settlement,” Allen wrote. He said he got to observe the mother and child “at command social functions.”

If this was made up and put on TV I would not watch it because the plot seems much too unbelievable. 

Allen-Petraeus Correspondence

A Flowchart of the Petraeus Affair’s Love Pentagon, from the Shirtless FBI Agent to Chuck Klosterman

gawker-flowchart-petraeus-sex scandal

NOV 13, 2012 2:29 PM

Since CIA director David Petraeus resigned on Friday over an extramarital affair uncovered by the FBI, the story has shifted from John Le Carré espionage novel to Vince Flynn right-wing thriller to misanthropic Coen Brothers farce — adding along the way more characters, more improbable situations, and best of all, more sexually-charged emails.

But how can you keep track of it, between the five main characters in this metaphorically-appropriate Love Pentagon and the many minor characters besides? You come here, where in-house illustrator Jim Cooke has created this attractive and easy-to-follow flow-chart, a key to which is provided below.

(Note: Click for an expanded view of the chart.)

The Main Characters

David Petraeus, the director of the C.I.A. and retired four-star general, resigned on Friday afternoon over his extramarital affair with...

Paula Broadwell, the West Point and Harvard graduate who wrote Petraeus' biography and accompanied the general to Afghanistan in 2010. Rumors about the two, who regularly took long jogs together, and whose affair is said to have begun in 2011 after Petraeus accepted his post as CIA director, had been floating for months, but the FBI investigation that uncovered the affair didn't begin until Broadwell sent harassing emails to...

Jill Kelley, a civilian who volunteered in Tampa — where Petraeus was stationed before leaving for Afghanistan — as a military social liaison and party planner. The anonymous emails, which accused Kelley of having an inappropriate relationship with Petraeus (according to the Daily Beast, they read "like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch'"), spooked the married socialite enough to ask for help from...

an FBI agent friend, as yet unnamed, who referred the emails to the agency's cyber crimes unit. After connecting the anonymous harassment to Broadwell, agents uncovered evidence of an affair between her and Petraeus; at that point, however, our anonymous FBI friend was removed from the case, reportedly over concerns he'd become "obsessed." Check it: dude had sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley. (Don't worry; his thread doesn't end here). In all likelihood, though, Kelley ignored the buff FBI JPEGs because she herself was apparently exchanging thousands of emails with..

General John Allen, Petraeus' replacement in Afghanistan. The emails — comprising "tens of thousands of pages," according to the Pentagon, probably because they're including the entire chain with every print-out — are said to have been, at worst, flirtatious, and it seems unlikely that the two ever consummated an affair. Nevertheless, Allen is now under investigation by the Pentagon's inspector general, though he won't be stepping down from his post in Afghanistan.

Bit Players

It wouldn't be a sex farce with an "unstable" family member! And that's why we have...

Natalie Khawam, Kelley's sister, for whom Petraeus wrote a letter of support in a custody battle. Khawam, the New York Post reports, was accused of being "psychologically unstable" and was not granted custody.

And remember the FBI agent? After being pulled off the case, apparently motivated by a certain political "worldview," our topless buddy leaked news of the investigation to...

Dave Reichert, Republican congressman from Washington, who in turn leaked the information to...

Eric Cantor, House majority leader, who quickly called the FBI to ask, we assume, "what the fuck?" Which brings us to...

Chuck Klosterman, who today wrote an essay for Grantland about the eight or so hours during which a few people on the internet were speculating that a letter to his New York Times advice column had come from Broadwell's husband. It didn't, and yet Klosterman manages to wring 2,000 words out of his non-brush with the Petraeus affair. The final paragraph:

But you know what I learned from this? Nothing. I learned nothing. It's just something that happened (and it just so happens that it happened to me). Life is crazy. But I already knew that last Thursday, and so did you.


[illustration by Jim Cooke, hat tip to Hilary Sargent Ramadei]
Edited by John R. Houk

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