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Mubarak Friendship and National Interests

Linda Sobeh Ali & Mahmoud Abbas

John R. Houk
© October 24, 2011

Ari Bussel has a well appreciated compliment (See Ari Bussel’s article at the end of this SlantRight post) for the nation of Canada for expelling a high level diplomat representing the Palestinian Authority (PA) posted a link in her twitter account of a young Arab girl expressing her patriotism for a non-existent Palestine by finishing with a call to exterminate Jews. Most MSM outlets and Independent Media outlets have been writing the offending part of the video entitled “I Am Palestinian” says: “destroy the Jews”. A cursory search via Google and YouTube did not provide the video with the English subtitle “destroy the Jews”. I don’t know if YouTube removed the particular video tweeted by Linda Sobeh Ali or if YouTube buried deep for searches. I do know that Ali’s account with Twitter and Facebook (or at least as of October 18) has been taken down making difficult to find the exact YouTube version of a young Arab girl calling for the destruction of Jews. Most of the English translations I found had something close to destroy the Zionists. If you choose to view the best translation I found you can listen to the poor propagandized girl HERE.

Bussel criticizes the critics of Israel like those in a movement to divest from investments in Israel and Jewish Leftists especially within Israel itself that support a policy that endangers Israel’s existence as a Jewish State available as a Homeland to the world’s Jews. I am 100% behind Bussel’s criticism.

There is a case that Bussel is committed to that I do not have a 100% agreement with. Bussel often expresses anger or disappointment that Hosni Mubarak was sold out by America (expressly the Obama Administration) noting the fact that Mubarak was an ally to American National Interests and Israeli National Interests.

The problem I have with Mubarak is that he was actually a brutal dictator; however it is well said that Mubarak was our brutal dictator.
Mubarak in cage

One example is that Mubarak’s regime was probably the last call for Islamic terrorists that were able to resist American enhanced interrogation techniques. Egypt actually used real torture and nobody would step up to the plate to criticize Mubarak because he was from a rather powerful Muslim nation and it was politically incorrect for calling Muslim nations on the topic of torture especially if the torture was handed out to real bad guys committed to killing Westerners as much as Jews.

Another example of Mubarak as our dictator was that he was pretty solid in hunting down Islamic terrorists that were clients of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Mubarak considered those radical Muslims of evil as a threat to the Mubarak regime and so was more than willing to join Israel in thwarting evil adventures against Israel.

So I can say, I do see Ari Bussel’s point about Mubarak; however I believe Mubarak misses the nature of Mubarak’s intentions. I believe Mubarak aided America because of the military aid sent to Egypt’s military. I believe Mubarak allied itself to Israel not for the love of the Jewish State but rather as a means to the National Interests of the Mubarak Egyptian regime.

I am guessing that if Mubarak or a selected heir to continue the regime was around during a scenario in which it appeared that Israel would fall without superpower aid, that Mubarak would not have lifted a finger to help Israel and might have actually joined at the last minute any venture to take down Israel. Why?

It would be to the benefit of a Mubarak Egyptian National Interest to participate in the destruction of Israel in a joint venture, especially if there was also the appearance a super power (can you say America?) was not coming to Israel’s aid.

Mubarak was all about regime self-preservation. Mubarak was loyal to the swing of the pendulum.

On the other hand Mubarak was America’s dictator at the time of his fall. I am of the altruistic belief that America should honor those that help America. I believe that even if the ally of today could be the enemy of tomorrow. Mubarak had not entered into the projected scenario above. He still was helping American interests. I don’t believe Obama could have done anything short of supporting Mubarak in a bloody revolution in which Egyptian civilians would be the main losers. However, I believe Obama could have done more to convince Mubarak and his family to leave Egypt as a pawn against the future possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egyptian regime. Mubarak’s position should have been to live to fight another day.

Undoubtedly a Muslim Brotherhood led Egyptian regime will end up as repressive as the Shia-Muslim regime currently in Iran that won the day because of the Iranian people perception of the brutality of the Shah of Iran. Unlike in Iran, Egypt currently does not have a huge paratrooper element to keep the Egyptian military in check while the MB implements a societal purge terminating all intellectual elites that might raise opposition to a future repressive Sharia Law regime. Ayatollah Khomeini executed a bloody societal purge that would have made Stalin proud to prevent future organized uprisings that might be represented by known elite of Intellectuals, Politicians, or Military Heroes. Khomeini had them all executed.

The Egyptian military is not an organization that will be so easily pushed into a position of being purged by a Muslim Brotherhood regime. Certainly Mubarak’s fall had to do somewhat with MB infiltration within the Officer Corps of the Egyptian military in the lower Officer ranks; nonetheless the big dog Egyptian Officers have no desire to be a part of a military purge. I am certain there are still a large amount of Officers that are loyal to their Egyptian Commanders.

Egypt’s immediate political future will be measured by somewhat dueling cooperating compromises between the MB influences and Egyptian Military Commanders. The outcome of such political cooperation is anyone’s guess to what will ultimately emerge as a stable Egyptian government.

Mubarak’s dictatorship then is not something I would place on a pedestal like Ari Bussel has; however only the future will tell if President Obama was another President Carter sell-out that drove the Shah out of Iran. In a crisis it would have been just as good a guess that Mubarak (or probably a male family leader) would have been invited back to Egypt as a symbol to unite Egyptians against MB future repression that will leave a sour taste in the mouths of the Egyptian people.

JRH 10/24/11

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