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Islamic Thugs Exchanged for one Righteous Man

Gilad Shalit

John R. Houk
© October 16, 2011

Israel and Islamic terrorist organization Hamas have worked out a deal in kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit will be exchanged for about a thousand of murdering Islamic thugs in Israeli prisons. Frankly I cannot see this as a fair exchange because it will open wounds of injustice to the victims – dead and alive – as well as to the families of the victims.

On the other hand there is a huge injustice that Gilad Shalit has languished in the clutches of Islamic terrorists of Hamas. Since Israel has chosen the path of the waiting game for Shalit rather than sending in commandos for a search, rescue and destroy method, I do feel for Shalit as well. I understand that a commando raid would be a certain violent death for Shalit.

On the other hand there would be no dishonor in the exchange followed by a commando invasion to punish the released prisoners quite soon after their release. That punishment would by necessity have to be rapid because of the nature of Islamic terrorists disappearing like cockroaches into dark holes to hide like cowards rather than face the justice the light would expose them to.

In writing my thought on the Shalit/Islamic-thug transfer an email was sent representing parents of a victim of one of those thugs scheduled to be released. Pay attention and sign the petition to help in preventing some of these thugs from finding the freedom of daylight as if their thuggery was validated.

JRH 10/16/11
Remove Ahlam Tamimi from 'freedom list'

Sent by: Ronit Fraid
Sent: October 15, 2011 6:04 PM
Sent from: ICJS Research
By Arnold and Frimet Roth
October 16, 2011

Please pass this heartfelt request along urgently to your contacts, in particular the good people at ICJS. It's a request to sign a petition that we created in the last few hours, online here:
Under normal circumstances, requests to sign a petition are unlikely to lead to any significant outcomes. In this case, we are hoping to do something important.

The petition asks for the removal of one specific name from the list of more than one thousand terrorists, including hundreds of convicted murderers, to be published by the government of Israel tomorrow, Sunday. That list is the basis of a transaction by which Israel will get back Gilad Shalit, held hostage by the terrorists of Hamas for more than five years. The deal involves Israel throwing open the gates of its top-security prisons and issuing wholesale pardons. My wife Frimet and I have expressed our principled objection to the deal. While others are busy trying to stop it in the courts, we are focusing our energies on one specific person, and getting her off the list.

Her name is Tamimi. An article in today's New York Times [
] provides some background:

Among those is Ahlam Tamimi, a 31-year-old woman who was a key figure in the pizzeria attack. She is often described as the driver of the car that brought the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant and killed 15 people. But the Roths say her role went far beyond that, to the actual planning of the attack. In interviews from prison, Ms. Tamimi, who was a journalist, has told of having brought the suicide bomber to Jerusalem and then going on Palestinian television’s afternoon broadcast to announce the news of the attack without acknowledging her involvement. “I’m not sorry for what I did,” she told an Israeli news organization in 2006. “I will get out of prison, and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.”

Ahlam Tamimi - Islamic Terrorist

The Roths said their anger over the prisoner exchange was focused on Ms. Tamimi, who is being sent to Jordan. She is young, fervent and charismatic, Mr. Roth said, and proud of what she did. In a documentary on Palestinian prisoners, she was asked whether she knew how many children had been killed in the attack. She did not. When told the number was eight, she smiled.

There is a fuller background about the circumstances in which our daughter was murdered on the Keren Malki website:

Arnold and Frimet Roth with a photo of Malka

And there are many articles on the web tonight showing her family and supporters celebrating her impending return to freedom and to a full and active life as a heroine and inspiration.

Time is very limited. We really only have until Sunday (16th October) to get a significant number of signatures. If we succeed, we can then put pressure on the Prime Minister's Office and the Justice Ministry and publicize this in the media.

Even if you do not normally sign petitions, or pass them along to friends, we ask you to seriously consider signing this one. Once again, it's online here:
Finally, allow me to mention that Keren Malki, the non-sectarian not-for-profit we created in our daughter's memory in 2001, does very good work in our murdered daughter's name for the benefit of families raising a special-needs child. Your support for that work will be much appreciated. More at
Thank you for reading this far. Together with our friends and their friends, we hope - despite the odds - to do something constructive in the face of the terrible transaction being done with the terrorists of Hamas.

Good wishes, Moadim Lesimcha, and Shavua Tov,
Arnold Roth


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