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Fodder System for Livestock Means More Land for Human Consumption Crops

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Tony Newbill commented at my TCUnation blog post entitled “Let’s Bend the Mind a BIT”. This was actually a link to the larger post of the same title to the SlantRight 2.0 post which in turn is a post of a series of Tony Newbill posts. I am guessing Tony’s comment is somewhat of an addendum to the emails that I posted as one. In this case the addendum concentrates on sustainability, food production and population consumption of food. I am unilaterally making up a title for the comment. Tony’s comment is worth a post ergo here it is.

JRH 10/23/11
Fodder System for Livestock Means More Land for Human Consumption Crops

Tony Newbill
Edited by John R. Houk
From Two Comments at my TCUnation Blog
October 16, 2011

I believe we can expand the Food chain with this Technology and promote freedom and Prosperity towards Peace. The Economic Promotion at the Government level all across every nation of the world should be centering on this innovation solution for a new foreign policy approach to expanding vital human needs.

This should be a Top Priority in Foreign Policy because of the national and international security this can bring in altering a shrinking food supply worldwide. The Math on this evolution of feed production for livestock will reduce water use in feed production by 1000 times the current use. And TODAY in the USA we use some 90 million acres of farm land for feed production to sustain the livestock feeds demand, but with this fodder system the amount of seed that would be needed to replace the current feed production can be produced off just 10,000,000 acres. So we can make available the rest of the 80 million acres of farmlands we were using for feed production for other food crops so now we can expand the overall production and stabilize the future of Inflation worldwide. Plus we can save energy use and chemical, fertilizer use, all these savings helping to lower and stabilize inflation in the economy worldwide. And if we consider taking this method and advancing it into other food groups using the same technology as is shown in this link -  - now we can expand supply and save resource use in the minerals groups even more and stabilize long-term future growth demands for an even bigger plea for humanitarianism in foreign policy.

This is a Huge breakthrough of a old technology that’s coming at a time that’s in need of Government Economic Policies that will incentively promote private capital investment into these innovations, but we cannot raise the awareness by those in Power that are on a different kind of Mission, to De Develop the USA - - and judging by the CZARS’ backgrounds in the Obama Administration you know they are not going to promote these kinds of population growth promoting conceptions.

When we leave a war torn region we should have these infrastructures to advance their society then our foreign policy would benefit greatly.

Welcome to Fodder Solutions

The world markets are telling us this by their unsustainable growth patterns over the last 12-14 years, compare these charts:

The stagnant growth in equity and supply in grain is obvious, and you cannot have sustainable growth in any durable goods unless the bread basket is growing with it. See "UP TO" 1998 all cylinders of growth were advancing together as the futures traders could see world food supplies advancing at unlimited growth projections because plant breeding was producing increased yielding grains. Also from the early 1980s till then development of arable farmland was rising worldwide but peaked in the late 1990s as the only new farmland that could be irrigated or have substantial rain fall which would affect yields that could keep up with overall demand on food supplies was in the rain forest areas of South America where timber harvested opened up these areas for food production, but this all ceased from the pressure of the environmental movement which has taken over the world economy with the leaders of these environmentalists being the Top Financial People of the world who make the Loans for the economic purposes of supply-side production and expansion.

So we are seeing this war of attrition bleed us out now of our primary wealth supply, as we are only seeing the Governments of the world lending out little pieces of capital funding to specific areas of industry for either political favors or the most immediate needs to keep them supplied as they rein in the control over these supplies like we saw Obama do with the Executive Order Rural Councils [SlantRight Editor: See The New American article on Obama EO’s and Agenda 21].

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