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CAIR, MB & Hamas: ALL Radical Islamists

Pamela Geller

John R. Houk
© October 19, 2011

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) intimidates a Hyatt Hotel in Texas to cancel a scheduled speaking engagement by Pamela Geller sponsored by a local Tea Party organization.

CAIR was listed as an unindicted coconspirator with the convicted Holy Land Foundation (HLF) members that were convicted for channeling Muslim donations to Hamas. Hamas is on the U.S. terrorist list and is also an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood representing Arabs that call themselves Palestinians in the Gaza Strip (Gazastan or Hamastan). The primary goal of Hamas is the extermination of Israel and Jews. This is the same Hamas that kidnapped Gilad Shalit and has held him captive for about five years. It is the same Hamas that has extorted Israel to trade over a thousand Islamic terrorist murdering thugs from prison for the returning of Shalit to Israel (Trade occurred yesterday).

Unindicted coconspirator means that there is a connection to funneling money through HLF to Hamas AND CAIR has direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Radical Islam links to American Muslims

Read about this assault on Free Speech aimed at Pamela Geller at WorldNetDaily. Geller is the author of STOP THE ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE RESISTANCE.

JRH 10/19/11
Speak out against Islamic terror? Not at this U.S. hotel
Author warns future of constitutional republic is in serious jeopardy

By Bob Unruh
October 18, 2011 8:48 pm Eastern
© 2011 WND

A Hyatt, has abruptly canceled a previously scheduled tea-party event at which author and Atlas was scheduled to speak on the dangers of Islam.

Geller said the decision came about because the hotel was "intimidated" into censoring her planned speech by "CAIR thugs," referring to the controversial Islamic advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations.

She accused the Hyatt Place of enforcing Islamic law, or Shariah, under which no criticism of Islam is allowed. In Muslim nations, it can be a death penalty offense, Geller noted.

She said pressure from Islamic interests ultimately pressed the hotel to cancel her address to tea party members who had set up the event.

Tea-party backers, then, were forced to find another location, the Sugar Land Community Center, on virtually no notice, Geller said.

"Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy," Geller reported today after being informed of the sudden change. "Under the Shariah, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslim countries). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America."

A Hyatt employee in Sugar Land, who identified himself only as Brandon, told WND the abrupt change was a "business" decision. But when asked about the links between CAIR and terror, he slammed the phone down.

Jamie Zimmerman at the company's corporate headquarters issued a statement that said, "In light of the business disruptions anticipated with this event, it has been moved to an alternate location. The hotel thanks the organizers of the event for their cooperation in relocating the event."

But there was no mention that the organizers had to go to another location when the hotel canceled.

And the company refused to answer the question that WND submitted: "Is Hyatt Place Houston aware that CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – is tied to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terror organizations, according to federal prosecutors and the FBI, and has been judged in federal court to be a co-conspirator in funding terrorism?"

The company also refused to respond to other questions, such as "What specifically changed between the time Hyatt accepted the reservation and when Hyatt canceled the event?" "Were there outside comments that influenced the decision?" and "What do you mean by 'business disruption?'"

asked by WND to answer some of the questions, the company expanded on its earlier statement, with:

Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land respects the various opinions expressed by our guests and visitors. In this particular situation, the changing security needs required for the safety of our guests and others on the hotel property and to avoid business disruption prompted us to ask the organizers to move it to an alternate location. We are pleased that the organizers were able to identify a venue better equipped to provide services to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with the event.

"I will never stay at a Hyatt Place again. Ever," wrote Geller.

"Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot," she said.

Geller believes that kind of surrender is characteristic of "dhimmitude," the second-class status of non-Muslims under Islamic rule.

She explained that "dhimmitude" is "the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word 'dhimmitude' as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word 'dhimmitude' comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning 'protected'. Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination."

Robert Spencer added at that Hamas-linked CAIR "and other Islamic supremacist groups are conducting an ongoing campaign to discredit and marginalize everyone who dares to stand up against the jihad and Islamic supremacism."

"Central to this campaign is pressure against any organization or venue that dares to host a freedom fighter – hence Hamas-linked CAIR's efforts to intimidate the FBI and the military into dropping invitations to me and other counter-jihadists, and its pressure on universities and private groups that host events featuring pro-freedom activists," Spencer said.

"Hamas-linked CAIR and its Islamic supremacist and Leftist allies are open enemies of the freedom of speech, and they're relentless in bringing pressure on any individual, group or venue that dares to step out of the political correct dhimmi lockstep. … Wherever they succeed in intimidating a group or venue into dropping a talk by a freedom fighter, we have to bring just as much pressure to bear for the cause of justice, and let that group or venue know that we do not appreciate their failure to stand up for constitutional principles when challenged," he said.

Also featured there will be Spencer, Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, William J. Murray of the Religious Freedom Coalition, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, Christopher Holton of Center for Security Policy, Zelenik, Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition, James Lafferty of Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force, Barrister Paul Diamond of the United Kingdom, Father Keith Roderick, Bishop Earl. W. Jackson, actor Fred Grandy and Wafa Sulton (sic).

The opposition to Geller's address is not the first time revelations about CAIR and Shariah have been targeted by Islamic activists. The

The CAIR legal attack on WND's author is far from over.WND needs your help in supporting the defense of "Muslim Mafia" co-author P. David Gaubatz, as well as his investigator son Chris, against CAIR's lawsuit. The book's revelations have led to formal congressional demands for three different federal investigations of CAIR. In the meantime, however, someone has to defend these two courageous investigators who have, at great personal risk, revealed so much about this dangerous group. Although WND has procured the best First Amendment attorneys in the country for their defense, we can't do it without your help. Please donate to WND's Legal Defense Fund now.

CAIR, MB & Hamas: ALL Radical Islamists
John R. Houk
© October 19, 2011

Speak out against Islamic terror? Not at this U.S. hotel

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