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Who is More Heinous for Killing in the Name of Religion?

Crusader vs Muslim battle

Christians or Muslims
John R. Houk
© September 23, 2011

You know when Islam is exposed as violent rather than a religion of peace, Muslim apologists love to tell you that Christians have a huge history of killing in the name of Jesus. The Muslim apologists love to specify two Christian historically violent periods as the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. The Muslim apologists love to point the torture, blood and guts that were spilled by Christians.

My primary response to the evils perpetrated by those calling themselves Christians and executing torture and killing in the name of Jesus Christ did so contrary to the Holy Scriptures (primarily the New Testament). Jesus Himself warned of future wars and rumors of wars; however the sense was that the Christ was speaking of turbulence that Christians would have to deal with in the future. The meaning of wars and rumors of wars was it would be the beginning of planet earth’s birth pangs of travail that will produce the New Earth and New Heaven with the Jesus the Son of God as the King both religiously and politically. The return of Jesus is the one actual time that politics and religion merge symbiotically and operate according the goodness of God.

Then I continue my response that Islam’s holy writings have the diametric opposite focus from Christianity’s goal to the straight path to Oneness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Quran, Hadith and Sira of Islam are filled with ways to kill the kafir (Islam for unbeliever) along the way to a global Caliphate in which the Muslim version of Jesus and Mohammed come back to wrap up the job of kill or convert the kafir.

Here is something else you should know about the Muslim apologists’ claim that the historical warring Christians were as reprehensible if not more so than Muslim imperialistic wars that were justified to liberate kafir (Christians, Jews, Hindus et al) from their deceived path to the correct path of submission to Allah and the deity’s prophet Mohammed. That “something” is the death toll.

Now here is a shot of truth. Those that died by the hand of nations and religious orders in the name of Christ but contrary to Christ’s commandments is a quite huge number – 17,000,000:

It is true that in the world's history of beliefs and practices, there have been many wars and cruel inhumanities conducted in the name of different religions and ideologies. Those notorious events stand rightly condemned. The total number of deaths estimated to lie at the feet of humanity's poor practice of Christianity is approximately 17 million. This number would include ancient wars, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, various European wars during the Middle Ages, and witchcraft trials. (Isn't religion to blame for most of history's killings?

Here is some clarity: people killed in the name of Jesus but not according to the commands of the New Testament were 17,000,000 fellow Christians (disputes over theology), Crusaders (attacking Eastern Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews) and the Inquisition (primarily aimed at Jews and Muslims).

Now that 17,000,000 sure is a huge number of people killed contrary to the Word of God! How dare Christians declare themselves as followers of a peaceful religion when so many human souls were senselessly kill in the name of Jesus, right? AGAIN, the deaths occurred contrary to the Prince of Peace and not according to the Prince of Peace.

If you think 17,000,000 is a huge number check out how many people died by the imperialist sword of Islam that happened by specific Quranic, Hadith and Sira instructions on how to spread Islam: Conquer, Humiliate, Convert OR live the humiliating Dhimmi life or DIE for refusing to the suzerainty and submission to Allah: 270,000,000 human souls died by Muslims fulfilling their holy writings.

TWO-HUNDRED-SEVENTY-MILLION non-Muslims killed is nearly SIXTEEN TIMES more killed by Christians acting outside of Christian Holy Scriptures! A probable exaggerated figure of Muslims killed during the Crusades by Rhonda Roumani is “… several million Muslims” (Crusades-Encyclopedia: The Hall of Shame; Point 2). The death of millions of Muslims is bad. The death of 270,000,000 non-Muslims by the instrumentality of the Islamic death cult is force worse.

Bill Warner writes essentially about how political correctness how historians (authentic, revisionist and Muslim Apologists) muse over the horrors of the West and Christian culture yet ignores the truth of the Muslim horrors of the past. You need to read the Warner article entitled, “The Victim’s View of Islam”.

JRH 9/23/11

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