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Keep Immigrants American Friendly

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John R. Houk
© September 5, 2011

Danny Jeffrey wrote a post about how immigrants from Muslim dominated nations are being allowed to immigrate to America in droves. There was a time I would not have a problem with this. After all the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island greets immigrants with:

'Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!' cries she
With silent lips. 'Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
' (Excerpt:
The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus - 1883)

Now days though I am not a big fan of immigrants from cultures that hate America. Islamic Culture is so opposite from the American values inculcated by the Founding Fathers and their concepts of Freedom, Liberty and Private Property. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are all about the individual living by their conscience as influenced by Christian Values. Islamic Supremacism definitely is not up to individual Liberty.

Jeffrey focuses on Somali immigrants and the amount of American food plants that are going head over heels to make halal (Islamic Compliant – Short and Long Explanation) food.  

It does sound a bit on the Conspiracy Theory side; however I do believe there is an infiltration agenda among purist Muslims often called radical Islam. That agenda is infiltrating the West with Stealth Jihad to slowly control government and cultural infrastructure. Now there is a Conspiracy Theory, eh? The food supply thing may or may not be a part of this Muslim agenda I perceive to exist; however it sounds like it could be.

You can read Danny Jeffrey’s article at Freedom Rings 1776 or the cross post at SlantRight 2.0.

JRH 9/5/11 (Hat Tip: Facebook 1683 AD)

By Danny Jeffrey
August 2011

Last year I wrote an essay about the ridiculous demands of the Muslims. They proclaimed Christmas to be evil, complained that they were offended by a collection of porcelain pigs that were in a senior citizen's window, until the police of Leicaster England impounded the pigs to appease the Muslim community.

Appeasement always fails. It simply emboldens the attacker to the point that they were soon complaining of the smell of bacon coming from a restaurant and again with
police intervention, the exhaust fan had to be removed from the restaurant. Quite naturally the wretched image in the form of a piggy bank
was more than the delicate systems of Muslims could endure and piggy banks were banned by English banks.

The followers of Allah seem to derive great pleasure from watching a fellow human being stoned to death, but those piggy banks are just more than they can tolerate.

Ridiculous? To be sure! This is simply a way for the Muslims of England to find out just how far they can push their gracious English hosts, and sadly they have found that they can push and push and just keep pushing and the politically correct environment forces the people of England to cater to those demands, no matter how ridiculous. What is not ridiculous is the Islamic aversion to pork, ham, and any product that comes from a swine.

That aversion/fear is taught in Islam to all who are old enough to listen until, by the time they are adults working for a living, they have been known to call a non-Muslim to their register at
Target to scan a package of bacon. I am not criticizing the Muslim belief that anything from a swine is "Unclean." Indeed much of the Islamic beliefs were adapted from their Jewish counterparts and the origin of the lowly status of the pig can be traced back to the Book of Genesis and the teachings of Moses. The problem that I have encountered on this subject is the result of stumbling onto an unusual fact about the Somalis while researching something quite different.

Now, I have no doubt, I will be accused of creating the latest Conspiracy theory, but I, along with many others, have long been convinced that all of the cultures of the western civilizations are in serious danger from the forces of Islam, It is only lately that I am beginning to see just how deeply the infiltration has developed while we have busy being so politically correct. There is so much evidence in many books, publications, and the internet, about the intentions of Islam and their long range plans for conquest. The information is there and only the very foolish deny it. They have gained so much control in the UN, as well as much of our political system, and the various political systems of England and Europe. There is no doubt about the Islamic influence in the White House, our school boards, and even our prison systems.

Now I fear that the infiltration has proceeded to an extreme degree of danger as they are now increasingly involved in our food sources, and no one has even considered it to be a possible danger from those who, on a daily basis, threaten to kill us.

In recent years they have instilled themselves into our society to the point that they can now, with one command from their leaders, murder millions of Americans....(*1*) The followup to this is below but read the following first.

The civilized nations of the West have long been concerned about the plight of the people of Islam. That "plight" is the result of a self inflicted wound due to their following of the teachings of the Qur'an, but that is a subject for another time. Irregardless of the cause, the fact that they are a  Third World Nation cannot be denied. They reject all that is modern and scientific, inviting misery upon themselves, and causing us to be concerned about their starving and dying children. That concern has now led us, their well intentioned  benefactors, into extreme danger, as we have developed an open door policy, inviting them into our countries by the millions. With them they bring Islam, demanding we accept it in the form of Sharia, and join them in their Seventh Century world. If we give in to their demands we will not be helping them. They will be destroying us, and that is the plan.

In all of the world of Islam there are none so desperate as those who dwell in the Eastern Horn of Africa. At best this is an area of the world racked by drought, famine and starvation, however ...  it is never at its best. This is an area also trampled into abject poverty by the beliefs of Islam, plagued with genocide, and where murder and rape are a daily way of life. Of all that is bad about Islam, perhaps Somalia exemplifies the very worst, and it is from there that Barrack Obama is unleashing a new form of terrorism on America.

The following is an example of Obama's uncontrolled power. When I witness Americans protesting his heavy handed treachery, and especially when I watch a Congressman from Tennessee, on the verge of tears telling his constituents that Obama has ordered the state of
Tennessee to accept 10,000 Somali Refugees, from the land of the 21st. century pirates, and he cannot be stopped. Last year Obama announced his intentions to bring in 80,000 Muslim refugees. Now this Congressman informs us that this year their will also be an additional 80,000, all from Somalia and none documented.

This would not be taking place under a real President like Ronald Reagan.

To quote the old adage..."Something is up!"
This is a link to a list of all
Refugee Cities in the USA.
This is a link to a list of all
Refugee Cities in the World.
Notice that there is no mention of any city in Tennessee as being one of these designated cities. This is an action that Obama has chosen to take, via his Presidential fiat, and I can only conclude that his motives are not going to benefit America.

I am totally convinced that this nation is going to be attacked again! Obama is unconcerned about the prospects stating that we can
"Absorb" it. No man who loves this country would ever consider allowing us to "Absorb" another 911 or worse, but then again, nothing he has ever done would lead me to believe that he feels anything but Contempt for America, and Americans. The voters of this nation made a tragic error when they believed the lies that roll so smoothly off the tongue of Obama. It is quite obvious that he intends to engineer the downfall of this nation.

My main concern about his sending all of these Muslims to Tennessee is this: The Tennessee Valley Authority
(TVA)  controls a system of dams...A blown dam drowns a lot of people. A lot of blown dams and it gets really ugly. The dams provide electricity to 9,000,000 in the Tennessee Valley as well as many millions of others in the rest of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky as well as still more in parts of Georgia, North  Carolina and Virginia. In addition to the dams, the TVA controls fossil fuel generating plants, wind generation farms, and Nuclear generating stations.

One unique thing about the TVA is that it is not a private or publicly owned corporation. It is an entity totally owned and controlled by the federal government. The Senate and Congress cannot stand against the man in the White House. Can anyone believe that the administrators of the TVA would refuse an order from him to give all security personnel the night off?

These people that Obama is installing throughout the nation cannot speak English, have no education, and their only training is with AK47s and suicide vests. I find it impossible to believe that Obama is acting in the best interests of the nation he was elected to protect. We live in a civilized nation. Obama's refugees are a Little Less refined as the woman in this video speaks of
eating the flesh of her enemies, and he refuses to allow backgrounds checks on any of them. Of course he has gone to great efforts to conceal the truth of his background as well.

If he cannot soon be stopped, I fear that his dictatorial regime will be the end of our liberty, and perhaps cost the lives of millions of innocent Americans.

(*1*)...Above I mentioned the dangers now threatening our food sources. The data is such that it is better presented in the format you see below than written into an essay.

Briefly: The refugee cities mentioned above are not necessarily the final homes of the Somalis coming into this country. Many American complain, justifiably, that the US is being overwhelmed with debt by Muslims coming here, collecting welfare, food stamps, free housing and medical. The Somalis seem unique in that many of them choose to move to distant cities and work...with our food sources, including PORK! I have no doubt that many, if not all, continue on the dole, but they seem to have an attraction for America's food supply. Here I shall produce the evidence I currently have, and will update this site later as more becomes available. After this presentation I shall close this essay with a few final thoughts.

Greeley Colorado ... Swift Meat Packing Somali controversy.Cargill Meat Packing is now Sharia compliant.Fort Morgan Colorado...Meat packing plant strives to accommodate Muslim workforce.

Emporia Kansas
flooded by Somais seeking work in food processing.
Somalis, Tyson Foods and Tuberculosis.

Minnesota is becoming famous for its
troublesome Somali population and the nation's first Muslim congressman Keith Ellison. The state also has 195 food processing businesses.Muslim's lawsuit in Twin city over religious discrimination at food processing location.
In this link, you need not read the whole thing. Scroll down to
Summary and find the meat processing connection.Tyson Foods importing Somalis for cheap labor.
Of Minnesota,
Somalis and epidemics.Worthington Minnesota and Sanctuary cities.

meatpacking and immigrants.
A Clash of
cultures in the meatpacking business.
The UN is deciding
who becomes refugees, and Obama complies.
Somalia to
Nebraska...Meat packing plantsGrand Island Nebraska...More refugees on the way.Omaha Nebraska and a Somali named Mohamed Rage.

Tennessee SB1670
Somalis and
Shelbyville TennesseeHelping refugees, and the violence they bring to AmericaTerror threats and Tyson Foods.

I naturally cannot prove beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt that there is an actual Plot to contaminate our food supply, but knowing the hatred that Islam feels for us I would be willing to bet that there is. I would also bet that the people who will eventually carry it out know nothing of it today. There are so many of them that the plan would have surfaced by now. That they hate Americans is obvious, 911 stands as vivid reminder of the Islamofacist's plan for America. Long before that dreadful day we witnessed the people of Islam and their "Death to America" chants, and those chants continue to this day. They have no love for freedom, and we have foolishly allowed them to infiltrate every strata of our existence, but when we give them access to our food and water supplies we are laying the groundwork to our own suicides by their hands.

Above I mentioned an interest in Pork. It is well known that Muslims avoid it like the plague but not all Somalis are Muslims. Those who are not followers of Allah willingly work with pork, while the pork fearing Muslim entities sue their employers if they are asked to sign a waiver that they will be required to work around or with pork.

If my fears are justified, Pork is the key. I once was virtually incapable of comprehending all of the evil that Islam represents, but time and exposure has taught me to think like them, or at least understand how they think. Were I an Islamic terrorist in a command position with America's food supply my chosen target, this is what I would do...

In each of the Somali food processing communities I would have a sleeper cell of three dedicated men. I would choose three and no more for this reason: One could possibly die or be sick on the day of the attack, and one may back out of his commitment, but surely out of three hand picked men, one would succeed. On the morning of D Day I would have a call placed to all three men in each community and tell them to take their special ingredient container to work with them and have one of the non Muslim men add it to the ground pork on the line today. Contaminating only pork would ensure that no Muslims would be consuming the meat, and Americans across the nation would begin dying within a few days from eating sausage or whatever the product went into. This naturally would not kill all of us but it would make the death count at 911 seem trivial.

Can this happen? Yes! Will it happen? I do not know, but I am certain that the potential is there for an attack of this nature to occur, and if such a thing is coordinated with the massive assault on our infrastructure that is sure to come, America would be brought to her knees in days.

The United States has a serious problem. We are threatened by not only a nation but an entire belief system that plans our destruction. These people have, through our own lack of foresight, managed to infiltrate our culture on all levels. If we hope to survive, we must put an end to the infiltration and reverse it, starting with the removal of the man who now occupies the White House.

Just a little after thought. This link will give you just a little idea about the kinds of "Services" we provide to all incoming refugees...And you were wondering why we have such a large deficit, and every time they speak of reducing our expenditures it is always Defense Cuts.

services for refugees.

FBI says that terrorists may try to poison our
food and water supplies.

Al Qaeda attempt to poison Rome's
water supply
Keep Immigrants American Friendly
John R. Houk
© September 5, 2011

About Danny Jeffrey: I'm sixty six and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

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