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Defeat Islam – Rediscover Moral Rectitude

Moral Decay

John R. Houk
© September 2011

All those that venture my blog posts are aware that I believe Islam is an evil cult that exists to eradicate all non-Muslim cultures whether they are religious or secular. Islam is a supremacist theo-political ideology that views individual Liberty, Freedom and the right to seek personal prosperity as against the Islamic code of submission to Allah and the deity’s prophet Mohammed. In America’s case that means tossing out the U.S. Constitution and the political evolution of a wider sway of who is enfranchised with Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In Islam all violations to Allah’s submission whether by Muslims or by non-Muslims (aka kafir) are dealt with the severest of Islamic Justice. And just think the mere existence of the kafir is revolting against submission to Allah. If a kafir thinks or speaks critically of Islam or Mohammed you have entered a realm outside of submission. If a kafir openly displays their religion or atheism in public then one has rejected submission to Allah and his prophet. If a woman disobeys her husband especially in not submitting to the act of sex, then she has violated submission to Allah and his prophet Mohammed. If a kafir woman walks alone Islam considers that an invitation to rape without legal repercussions. If a Kafir woman or child is found to be desirous by a Muslim man, the Muslim is within his religious duty to kidnap her then force her to convert to Islam then force her into marriage. OR if that kidnapped kafir woman steadfastly resists conversion she is open to rape sometimes in Muslim gang style.

You get the point, Islamic theo-political culture must either destroy Western culture (America in particular) or be destroyed.

I have had the frame of mind that Islam must be exposed for its actual nature of the desire to destroy all other cultures by violence or by stealth. The violence is the oft discussed theo-political ideology of Jihad; i.e. conquer, transform – by force, convert or kill. Now there is a practice among devout Muslims in the 21st century that believe there is a Jihad to confront the inner struggles of becoming a good Muslim (we Christians might say sin). Muslim apologists who more often than not are actually radical Muslims will proclaim this inner struggle Jihad is the primary focus of Islamic religious thought. Be careful! The Jihad that conquers with extreme prejudice is historically the Jihad that has spread Islam AND that spread has been historically vicious.

Stealth Jihad is actually a more modern expression of Islamic Jihad. Stealth Jihad is the deception of the appearance of entering positions of power typically in some form of government with the agenda of influencing policy that is favorable to Islamic Supremacism even if Constitutional law is compromised or to influence foreign policy that is amicable to an Islamic nation or to Islamic terrorism (e.g. Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and so on).

Now after expressing my dissatisfaction with Islamic thinking, culture and political ideology, I have to let you know I just read an article that made me think hard on the approach to expose Islam. Thanks to an ICJS email exposing Islam could possibly take second seat to exposing how America has lost it moral fortitude that has made America great.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks writes about an Islamic term Asabiyah which Sacks defines as “social cohesion”. Rabbi Sacks attributes the concept to Muslim philosopher Ibn Khaldun. Of course the Khaldun concept of social cohesion dealt with the expansion of Islam during Muslim imperialism days of conquest, transform, convert or kill.

I assure you I will do a deficient job of explaining ibn Khaldun’s concept of social cohesion than Rabbi Sacks, but I am going to give it an abbreviated shot.

Ibn Khaldun observed that cultures that became dominated by an urban culture would eventually decay from within. Why? The reason is because an urban culture has become accustomed to living a peaceful life of order. Also urban cultures typically began to lose sight of that which brought the culture into cohesion in the first place. In most cases the cohesion of culture is the concept of morality agreed upon symbiotically by the people dominated by a rural mindset. As urbanism grows and dominates moral rectitude diminishes. As moral rectitude diminishes the cohesion of like minded purpose begins to fracture. The fracturing makes an urban culture weak. The weakness opens up an urban culture to the invasion from a rural cohesive culture that has a strong moral rectitude which enables a constant that a fractured weak urban culture will eventually lose. The ONLY redemption for a morally fractured culture is to find that which unifies all the people in a cohesive way.

History demonstrates few strong civilizations were able to end or reverse moral fracturing. Rabbi Sacks points out two modern nations that actually did reverse moral fracturing: Great Britain and the USA.

The period of time was that which occurred from 1820 onward a few years. In America the period was known as the Second Great Awakening. May God bring Revival again! In that Revival, Americans will comprehend just how much Islam is un-American.

Think on these quotes:

Chesterton, however, is able to resist this temptation. What I Saw in America begins as a travelogue but eventually becomes an extended reflection on what makes a nation a nation. However that is defined, America is the exception. It is a nation like no other. America, says Chesterton, is “the only nation in the world that is founded on a creed.” That creed is that all men are created equal. “There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man.” Thus, America is necessarily a religious nation. Chesterton says in fact, that it has “the soul of a church.” This is a elementary truth about our country that we neglect or actively ignore. (What I Saw in America, By Dale Ahlquist,; about G.K. Chesterton on America – Emphasis mine)


“… Covenant defeats the law of entropy that says that all systems lose energy over time. It creates renewable energy. It has the power to arrest, even reverse, the decline and fall of nations.

None of us should be in any doubt as to the seriousness of what is at stake. Europe today is pursuing the chimera of societies without a shared moral code, nations without a collective identity, cultures without a respect for tradition, groups without a concern for the common good, and politics without the slightest sense of history. Ibn Khaldun, were he alive, would tell them precisely where that leads.

The question is not radical Islam but, does the West believe in itself any more? Is it capable of renewing itself as it did two centuries ago? Or will it crumble as did the Soviet Union from internal decay. "We have met the enemy," said the cartoon character Pogo, "and he is us." That is the challenge of 9/11. It's about time we came together to meet it.” (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks 9/5/11, Standpoint Magazine)

You need to read Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ much better eloquence than my thoughts.

JRH 9/12/11

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