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Dearborn Michigan Hate Fest - 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival

Shariah Controlled Zone

Here are some scenes from an annual Dearborn (aka Dearbornistan) MI Muslim festival in which Muslims are stirred to anger by the kafir Christians protesting their religion. Eventually the film crew faces the voices of intimidation and (God forbid!) the Muslims begin to deliver profanity.

I am going to post the description and include a NoGuff comment and two other comments from the YouTube poster connect741. The video entitled, “Dearborn Michigan Hate Fest - 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival” will follow.

JRH 9/21/11
Dearborn Michigan Hate Fest - 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival

Posted by connect741
Posted: July 16, 2011

A lot of different street scenes in Dearborn Michigan illustrate how violent it can be for non-Muslims filming Dearborn Muslims being themselves.

First scene we have Deputy Hazime joining in the abuse of Christians exercising their rights to free speech.

Scene 2: shows two young teenagers talking about the Christians [and] are saying Islam is a religion of murder. The mood becomes one of hate when I bring up that in Shariah the punishment for Apostates is death.

Scene 3: Is an interesting interview with a local Muslim who said these Christians are ruining their festival. Despite the fact Christians were arrested and attacked during the last two years.

Scene 4: The Michigan Peace Team is a pro-Palestinian group brought in by the Mayor. The Peace Team member in the blue hat saw the attack yet did not talk with law enforcement on the cameraman's behalf.

Scene 5: A cowardly attack by two thugs who appear in earlier frames following us throughout the festival.
 Part 1

moasim - Your Dawa could use considerable work. The Michigan Peace Party was playing the role of "peace facilitators" the video exposed how ineffective their work is.

The other side was cordoned off and surrounded by police making it difficult to do an interview. There is a standalone interview of 2 preachers you will find interesting - if you caredto look.

In America Freedom of Speech is sacred. When David Wood and Nabil Quereshi were arrested at the 2010 Arab Fest….

Part 2

… and their case was prosecuted by the City of Dearborn and Chief Haddad had trampled on free speech. Wood & Quereshi prevailed in a higher court and the suit was dropped with prejudice. Result: Americans came out to exercise their free speech knowing theywould not be arrested - this year.

The result was intolerance and hatred by the Muslim majority in Dearborn at the Festival - showing Free Speech and Shariah compliance are not compatible.

Freedom is not easy.

NoGuff: The "Peace Team" was there at the Mayor's request but if you look deeper into who they are "The Michigan Peace Team” you will see they are a Pro Palestinian Anti-Israel group with a clear political agenda [of] not [being] friendly to the USA while hiding behind the nice sounding "peace" name.

I'm beginning to believe they cry out "Peace" [and they] are no different than the people who say "It's not about the money". [Then] Watch your back and wallet!

I performed a spell check and guessed at editing. Words in brackets are added by me and may or may not replace a previous. I added the brackets to hopefully bring a little clarity.

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