Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cairo: Israeli Embassy Attack Planned


Israel’s Cairo Embassy was stormed by a mob of Muslim Egyptians. Most of the inhabitants of the Embassy were barely evacuated. Left behind were six Israeli guards that had orders not to fire on the mob. With sledge hammer and rope in hand walls were pulled down as the six guards were holed up behind a metal door. The Egyptian army stood by watching the mob of Muslims desecrated diplomatic immunity. It was only when it appeared that the Muslim mob was about to breach the metal door or perhaps climb into the last refuge’s balcony window did Egyptian commandos appearing to escort the six Jewish-Israeli to safety.

The brutal dictator but friend of America Hosni Mubarak would not have allowed this to happen. I have no doubts the Muslim Brotherhood influenced the mob. You have to wonder if the Muslim Brotherhood had anything to do with the Egyptian army waiting until the brink of murder of the six Israeli guards with diplomatic immunity.

Here are the details as written by Tim Marshall

JRH 9/13/11

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