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The La Raza Organization and Judge Gonzalo Curiel's La Raza Lawyers Group Makeup

Consider this follow-up info (to my blog post “La Raza’: The Race, The People, The Community – the Anti-American Racists) exposing the real racist in the Trump U litigation. For clarity's sake, it is NOT Donald Trump!

JRH 6/10/16
The La Raza Organization and Judge Gonzalo Curiel's La Raza Lawyers Group Makeup

Posted by James Allan 
June 7, 2016 10:05 AM

La Raza Organization and La Raza Lawyers group. They are the same just split up into two entities. One's for helping illegal Mexicans with their legal troubles and the other is for causing trouble with white people who catch illegal aliens creating trouble. The media and misguided libertarian elected officials will say these two La Raza groups are not associated with each other because of their pandering to the Hispanic vote but this is completely false information being fed to the public once again to keep the borders open and legalize illegal aliens. The La Raza Lawyers association protects illegal alien Hispanics and the main La Raza organization promotes illegal alien Hispanics.

La Raza is a "Racist" organization and there's no doubt or question about that since the name translated means, "The Race". La Raza is all about the Hispanic race and flooding the U.S. with Hispanics and pushing white people off the face of the earth. You may say that some Hispanics are indeed white but they are considered to be light brown and called "Barbie's".

If the KKK or Nazi's promote themselves in a positive way all hell will break loose. But the same kind of KKK or Nazi organization which is La Raza on the Hispanic side gets praise and even is "U.S. GOVERNMENT FUNDED". Barack Obama and the democrats gave this racist La Raza organization $900,000 in tax payer money. The democrats have been funding the racist organization La Raza for decades to keep the votes a com'in in. "True"

How the democrats are juggling the KKK, Nazi's and La Raza with promises is still unknown as of now. The Black Panthers are involved in this democrat juggling. All of these anti-social racist groups belong to the democratic party and are accepted with open arms by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The non-libertarian republican party would never ever go near any of these racist groups the democrats embrace.
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The On Going 4 Principles Of True Conservatism At This Place In Time Are:

* "U.S. Citizens First" over illegal aliens and illegal aliens removed as a correction to what bad politicians should have never let happen in the first place. Illegal aliens knew when they came to the U.S. they would be illegal so it only goes to show they know they will be deported at some time. Nobody asked illegal aliens to come to the U.S. only for the reason of them escaping the economic messes they themselves created and are creating in the U.S.. Illegal aliens coming to the U.S. only to make a better life for themselves? Why don't they stay in their own country and force their governments to make them first in their own countries as U.S. citizens had to do and have to do now.

* A U.S. government that doesn't wildly spend taxpayer money that bankrupts the United States into a communist nation dependent on the government. The libertarians John Boehner and Paul Ryan proved libertarians will spend wildly by giving Barack Obama trillions of dollars to spend as he wishes. Libertarians only support cutting the budget so they will have money to spend on libertarian ideology.

* A government that keeps all the B.S. out of the U.S. civilian population domestic and foreign. Doesn't let government officials hop in bed with business and create the libertarian "Business Communism". A government that extinguishes itself before government rises up with B.S. over the demands and wants of U.S. citizens with normal realistic mentalities. 

* A government that's for and lets U.S. citizens drive up wages through a huge demand for workers and lowers legal immigration to the 1960's level. Let U.S. citizens make money freely for themselves as long as everything is legal and doesn't harm others.  

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