Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blonde Bombshell Tears Obama Apart In A BRUTAL Rant That’s Taken the Internet by Storm

The GOP the Daily Dose found an enlightening video in which Tomi Lahren clues President Barack Hussein Obama on the facts of the Islamic terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando that slaughtered 49 individuals and wounding at least 50 others. GO TOMI!

Blonde Bombshell Tears Obama Apart In A BRUTAL Rant That’s Taken the Internet by Storm

Posted by Dylan
June 15, 2016

DC Gazette Tomi Lahren didn’t hold back one bit in a new scathing rant against Obama. Her video has received almost a half million views in under an hour, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

The president’s reaction to the Orlando terrorist attack has been disgusting to say the least. His refusal to say the words “radical Islamic terror” is a spit in the face to all Americans. Obama had the audacity to call this attack “homegrown extremism” in a sickening attempt to protect his precious “religion of peace.”

Obama says we should “wait and see where the facts lead us”, but as Tomi points out in her rant, we already know where the facts lead.

“The facts, Mr. President, lead us to RADICAL ISLAM” she said. “The fact is terrorist Oman Mateen called 911 before the attack and pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The fact is, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The fact is, the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub came weeks after top ISIS officials called for attacks throughout the world during the ISLAMIC holy month of Ramadan, which began on June 6th.”

The most important fact is, we are at war with radical Islam.

This is NOT a “hate crime”, this was NOT a “lone wolf attack”, this is NOT just another “mass shooting”. The left uses deceitful terms like these in a devious attempt to distract us from the truth. What happened in Orlando was an act of war. It will be the first of many if we don’t stop this political correct nonsense and start giving AMERICANS the protection they deserve!

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