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Expose Islam and Racists by Shining Bright Sunlight

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Dajjal made a passionate comment to the post “Europe: Nordic Supremacism vs. Counterjihadism”. Dajjal comments most frequently on my NCCR blog. The spam protection on NCCR is oft times hyper-sensitive which is something I do appreciate. Unfortunately the WordPress spam software for NCCR marks some of Dajjal’s comments with an approval stamp. It doesn’t do that to all of Dajjal’s comments. Well, Dajjal’s comment to “Europe: Nordic Supremacism vs. Counterjihadism” was one of those comments so marked.

If I had to guess the reason I suspect it is because Dajjal will back his thoughts with authoritative links. When those links are numerous evidently the software raises a red flag. Also I suspect the software raises a red flag in the face of profanity. When Dajjal becomes impassioned on a point he does have a tendency toward profanity.

Dajjal made his comment on March 2, 2015. I discovered it needed approval on March 9. Sorry about that Dajjal.

Now my post on Nordic Supremacism vs. Counterjihadism was in regard to an open letter by the Nordic Supremacist Norwegian butcher Anders Breivik that murdered 76 people mostly at a Norwegian political party youth camp located on Utoya Island about 25 miles from Oslo. Breivik’s demented thinking was to kill white Norwegians and blame Muslims with the hope of causing like-minded racists to rise up to topple European governments and replace them with a Nordic Supremacist government that deports Muslims back to Muslim dominated lands.

My first paragraph after offering a quote from Breivik sums up the post “Europe: Nordic Supremacism vs. Counterjihadism”:

The above translated to English quote defines the real difference between Europe’s Neo-Nazi/Fascist movements and the nationalistic Right Wing Counterjihadist movements. The first is nationalistic racism politically and the second is nationalistic cultural preservation that is anti-Islamic (but not maliciously violent racist) and not antisemitic.

To get a more concrete idea what set off Dajjal perhaps read the entire post, but in lieu of that I think the summation paragraph could be enough. I am going edit Dajjal’s more colorful language with asterisks. Clearly Dajjal aligns himself with the Counterjihadists.

JRH 3/9/15
Expose Islam and Racists by Shining Bright Sunlight
[Title by Editor]

Original date: March 2, 2015 at 5:04 PM

There is one proper way to deal with s**t: expose it to the bright sunlight, let the birds pick out the worms and till it under so that it will nourish crops without being seen or smelled again.

I view supremacism as s**t. Nordic, N*gg*r, Arab, Asian; any and every kind & combination. Flush it or plow it under, don’t eat it.

I view authoritarian government: top down, might makes right fascism as another form of solid excrement. I object equally to national & international Socialism, Communism, cronyism and corruption whether imposed by individuals, cliques, minorities or majorities.

I take a firm stand on the solid foundation of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. That government is best which governs least.

I do not give a damn about skin pigment, hair or facial features. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

It’s the belief that they [Muslims] have a divine mission to conquer me ‘cuz I do not kiss their idol’s ass that I strenuously object to. That includes imperialism, conquest, occupation, exploitation, enslavement, murder, rape, plunder & extortion.

The proponents of that evil philosophy are called Muslims. Their ideology is called Islam. Their actions are atrocious and entirely unacceptable. Their goals, objectives and aspirations are intolerable regardless of the means used to realize them.

Supremacism & imperialism cannot be accepted; neither from Breivik nor Qaradawi. I do not accept it from the Democrat Party, Republican Establishment, SPLC, United Nations, Ecclesiastic authorities, academics or editors. They can all go to Hell.

My stand is on the rights of free men and their violation by authoritarian regimes including Islam. At present, Islam is the worst of them, and I concentrate on exposing it, turning the clods and separating the turds so that they can be clearly seen, smelled and identified.

Whomever labels me ‘racist’, ‘extremist’, ‘fascist’ or ‘Nazi’ thereby exposes himself as a slanderous liar, unable to contest verifiable facts and logical opinions clearly stated.

Let those in need of facts choose one of three books to read, checking their Qur’an & hadith citations with these search engines:

Edited by John R. Houk
Any text enclosed by brackets are by the Editor

© Dajjal

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