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Opinion of Opinions toon
Robert Smith has a short and sweet opinion about sharing points of view. Indeed Robert’s opinion is almost too short to post independently; however the nuggets of wisdom are so valid I feel the necessity to post. So, read and enjoy and comment your thoughts.

JRH 3/7/15

By Robert Smith
Sent: 3/7/2015 8:15 AM

In this era, when censorship seems to be making a comeback, I feel it is more important than ever, that all sides of any debate on any issue be heard.

Opinions are the thoughts, views and ideas that we all hold, and they vary in a great many ways; possibly the most controversial opinions concern politics and religion.

Some of us endeavor to share our opinions with others, which is usually an attempt to get them to agree with us, or to inspire debate with those people who hold opposing views, in an attempt to change their minds and have them accept a better solution for any particular issue being debated.

Most of us are of the mind that our opinions have merit and valid points, and we express these views through conversations with our friends and neighbors and other people we may encounter daily. However, the best vehicle for presenting our views to the public is the media, such as talk shows and the hosts, who have their own agendas; many hosts will only present your views if those views are in agreement with theirs. There are also the Op-Ed sections of magazines and newspapers, which also have an agenda.

These talk shows, magazines and newspapers are business oriented and dependent on advertisement sales, and all too often they fear that if they print a subject that is highly controversial, the public will think that they are in agreement with that particular viewpoint. They are mainly worried that those in opposition to the viewpoint presented in any article may quit purchasing their product. This may be true in some cases, but most readers of most Op-Ed sections are broad minded and read the Op-Ed sections to learn what others are thinking; and good debates inspire interest and increase advertisement sales and product sales. So, in the interest of inspiring more lively debates and increasing sales, print all opinions, with no regard to how controversial they are!

PSG [ret] R.G. Smith
Edited by John R. Houk

© Robert G. Smith

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