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Jew Hatred on Campus

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It is incredible in this post-WWII, post-Hitler and post Holocaust era of the 21st century that antisemitism would emerge as common place on American university campuses. BUT that is exactly what is happening RIGHT NOW with the government funded (in the case of State funded universities at least) Jew-hating and Islamic terrorist supporting organizations have become quite prevalent at university campuses in idiotic sympathy for a people that were manufactured as Palestinians in 1964 prior to the 1967/Six Days War (See Also HERE, HERE and HERE) in which Israel regained land stolen by the original Arab invasion in 1948.

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JRH 3/12/15
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Jew Hatred on Campus
Awareness Week

Sent: March 11, 2015 3:09 PM

Jew hatred is an ugly presence on America’s campuses, from UCLA to Columbia and everywhere in between. The anti-Semites masquerade as anti-Israel activists, but their message is clear: Jews must be cleansed from the Middle East.

This campus “conversation” must be changed. We should not be discussing whether genocidal lies – that Jews occupy land that doesn’t belong to them, that terrorists are “freedom fighters,” and that Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East is “an apartheid state” – are true or false. We need to be discussing whether a hate group like Students for Justice in Palestine
should have official university recognition and whether its hate should be funded by student fees. We need to be discussing Students for Justice in Palestine’s support for terrorists and for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Because the left so far has controlled the narrative and made Israel the target, we have been losing the political war on campus. Prior to the launch of our campaign
against “Jew Hatred on Campus,” no organization was attempting to defend Israel and the Jews by putting the onus on their enemies. Consequently, Jewish students have been the targets of intimidation and harassment by Students for Justice in Palestine, and there has been an uninterrupted flow of anti-Jewish propaganda on campus spread by SJP. SJP is a front for the terrorist group Hamas – whose slogans it mouths and whose agenda – the destruction of the Jewish state – it supports.

We are fighting back.

Our viral poster campaign
condemning SJP as “Jew Haters” and for supporting terrorists appeared on more than 50 campuses around the country simultaneously. SJP responded by condemning the posters as Islamophobic and lobbied campus officials and local police departments to crack down on anyone who drew the connection between their campus efforts and the genocidal campaign against the Jews led by Iran, Hamas and other Islamist parties.

SJP’s reaction was predictable.  Sadly, so were the reactions of many campus Jewish groups
, who have been indoctrinated in the mandates of political correctness, and who instantly sprang to the defense of SJP's outrages and criticized us. SJP is the campus spearhead of the genocidal campaign against the Jews in Israel, yet campus Jewish groups refuse to identify them as such. They echoed SJP’s characterizations of the posters as Islamophobic. (In fact, the posters didn't mention Islam. They were directed against SJP, which claims to be a secular group, and which includes some misguided leftist Jews in its membership.) These Jewish groups should know better, given that they are SJP’s targets. But apparently they care more about appeasing anti-Semites in the name of multiculturalism than fighting them.

As one of our student activists, Ross Beroff, pointed out in an op-ed
that ran in his university’s newspaper, “SJP tries to hide their naked anti-Semitism by partnering with groups with misnomers such as Jewish Voice for Peace. Throughout history, whenever a new group arises to try and destroy the Jews, there have been members of the tribe assisting them. For months, SJP had its Facebook profile picture in support of convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh. Other chapters have held fundraisers for her.”

SJP holds fundraisers and rallies for a convicted anti-Jewish terrorist
, but instead of joining usin the fight against this hate group, our would-be allies are busy putting out statements distancing themselves from our actions. Their cowardice merely emboldens the Jew-haters.

But they will not succeed in silencing us. Our goal is to change the campus conversation entirely. Before, they talked about the SJP narrative, which claims falsely that Israel is an apartheid state, occupies Arab land, and victimizes Palestinians. These are lies of Hitlerian dimensions. Shame on these Jewish organizations who spring to the defense of their would-be grave-diggers.

By naming the SJP genocide supporters for what they are, we have begun to turn the tide. For the first time, The New York Times
has covered anti-Semitic activity on campus. At UCLA, SJP holds emergency meetings attempting to stop us from telling truths about them. Across the country, media have taken notice of our campaign
, and they are beginning to ask questions about why Jews have become targets on campus. Why does a hate group like Students for Justice in Palestine receive university funding and support? No group with anti-African American or anti-Hispanic agendas would be tolerated by university administrations. Yet SJP's anti-Semitic agendas receive university funding and university support. This injustice must end. A university campus is no place for a terrorist support group and no place for an organization whose sole purpose is to slander Jews and destroy their homeland.


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Jew Hatred on Campus Campaign

"Anti-Zionism is the potent Jew hatred of our day. What we learned from the Paris massacres is that Jew hatred is one of the great and rising tides of our day.  We’ve seen it before, including during the 1930s and the 1940s.  We have some large portion of the world today that is in a frenzy to kill Jews.”

-Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
America in Retreat

Today we are witnessing a resurgence of global Jew hatred not seen since the 1930s when Hitler was laying plans for a “Final Solution” to the problem presented by Jews through their physical extermination. In the Middle East, Hitler-admiring regimes like Iran, and Hitler-admiring parties like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are openly planning “to finish the job that Hitler started.” And in America, on campuses across the country, student groups supporting or associated with these anti-Semitic parties, including Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association, regularly hold events supporting the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, and calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

These university-approved organizations engage in rhetoric and activities that clearly fall under the U.S. government’s official definition of “anti-Semitism.” They deny the Jewish people - and only the Jewish people - their right to self-determination; they demand that Israel live up to standards not expected of any other nation; they deploy classic anti-Semitic imagery and libels; they demonize Israel – the READ THE REST

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