Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tony Newbill Comment and Video ‘Too Bigger to Fail’

Tony Newbill shared a video entitled “Too Bigger To Fail” (3:32) in response to my sharing a need for support for the blog and the sharing of a business opportunity in a post entitled, “The Family Need and the ALL Purpose Drinking Water”.

Tony’s heart is in the right place in being to his true nature of exposing NWO-style Conspiracies which is why I am going to cross post the video. Nonetheless because I really do need some financial prosperity I wrote this:

Good find Tony, but I'll settle for a little help from my readers. :-)

JRH 9/6/14
Tony Newbill Comment and Video

check out how the elite make their living ...... with a lot of BS to we the people as they run up the debt to fund their lives .... Too Bigger To Fail

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