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The Family Need and the ALL Purpose Drinking Water

Financial Support Appreciated

John R. Houk
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I’m having a difficult time beginning this post. I am about to embark on a please support this blog because the Editor’s family has a financial need post.

So here it goes.

Left Wingers, Muslims and atheists are more than welcome to get on board, but I am not going to hold my breath. That group is more likely to ridicule or choke themselves in mocking laughter than supporting a Christian Right Conservative Counterjihad blogger as I definitely am. I blog primarily on three blogs. I consider SlantRight 2.0 my flagship blog. My next most popular blog is NeoConservative Christian Right (NCCR) on WordPress. The third blog is called Ubiquitous8Thoughts on a more obscure blog platform called Over-blog. All three blogs have roughly the same content; however posting on Over-blog tends to a bit more limitations than Blogger and WordPress.

Only at SlantRight 2.0 do I have a donate button located near the top right underneath the picture of the Crusader Knight. The link I just placed under “donate button” on this post should also take you to my PayPal account if you are so inclined to express your generosity. The SlantRight 2.0 donate button on the blog will take you to a donate page managed by PayPal. The link I have provided on this post I have had hit and miss success with it working, but either way you do not need a PayPal account to use it. PayPal also utilizes a credit card/debit card format as well.

Our Family Need

Now that I have gotten the uncomfortable way to offer material support to this blogger allow me to share our family need.

Our family actually has many financial obligations to meet; however I wish to emphasize one in particular. My wife and I are Grandparent/Guardians to three of our Grandchildren. My lovely wife and I married in 1990 in which both of us were previously married. Together we established a Brady Bunch situation: I had two kids and she had three. In 1990 those five children ranged from 7 years old at the youngest to 14 years old at the eldest. One of those children had four children of their own. I will not reveal which one of ours had the four for privacy reasons – theirs and ours.

Diana and I are raising three of the four and those three are all boys.

As Christian Right Conservatives we do not have a lot of confidence in the Public School system to use Christian morality and American patriotism to promote good values into our Grandchildren. We have been using the service of an AWESOME private Christian School called Victory Christian School located in Tulsa, OK. Victory is not one of those ritzy private schools. Victory has a good academic regimen at affordable prices. Plus all three Grandchildren are involved in the Victory football program. The two youngest in 1st and 2nd Grade football and the oldest in 7th Grade football.

Now for some of you good Capitalists out there that realize there is no good deal that goes like something for nothing. Diana makes ends meet by selling Kangen Water Machines. The best machine might sound spendy but it really isn’t if you have good credit. The best machine can be financed for roughly $45.00/month. You contact Diana with details on how to set that up. Or after you examine the benefits of Kangen Water (and those benefits are enormously huge), you can go directly to Diana’s website and click the purchase now button to get the easy to install and use machine:

[4 year old video but essentially still valid]

Below is an edited excerpt from the Kangen Water E-book that only gets to the tip of the iceberg for what Kangen Water can do for you and your family. Tomorrow I will share how you can turn a Kangen Water machine purchase into a money making enterprise as a home based business to supplement your income.

JRH 9/5/14
The Alkaline Body Balance (Excerpt)
Live a Balanced Life with Kangen Water ®

Diana Houk

C H A N G E Y O U R W A T E R - C H A N G E Y O U R L I F E ®
 Water: The Fiber of Life


Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining optimal health. Since your body is about 60-70% water, your organs, 60-70% water, your organs blood, and other bodily systems require quality hydration in order to function at their peak performance.

"Quality hydration" refers to water that is clean and free of pollutants or contaminants, contains minerals that support proper health, and is at a very positive pH level.

Where on this Earth can you find such a high-quality water?

Unfortunately, the world's water is polluted with agricultural run- off, sewage, and other toxic agents that compromise our health. Even some bottled waters are no more than well-marketed tap water. And since their filtering processes eliminate all minerals - even the healthy ones - you will experience no additional benefits.

Thankfully, Enagic® Kangen Water® is delicious, healthy water that filters all unwanted contaminants and pollutants found in your ordinary tap water, but the forward-thinking Enagic® technology ensures that the necessary minerals are left intact. Kangen Water® also has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment.

What could be more important? After all, your body is water.


Kangen Water® can provide ultimate hydration for your whole body. The importance of hydration in a healthy body cannot be overstated. You need 8 cups of Kangen Water® a day to keep your body working properly with clean, filtered, alkaline water.


Kangen Water® contains the minerals calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals provide your body with the healthy boost you need to get through your day, and get optimal performance from your body. Unlike reverse osmosis, which is a water filtering process that strips away even helpful minerals, Enagic® water ionizing machines do NOT filter out these helpful minerals.


Kangen Water® is slightly alkaline, with a pH level of 8.5 - 9.5. Enagic's certified innovative technology uses the process of electrolysis to generate as much alkaline drinking water as you could possibly need (along with 4 other waters). Instead of nourishing your body with acidic and sugary beverages, you should be hydrating with clean, alkaline water every day.


In a taste test of 10 Southern US municipal waters, expert judges made clear what most of us already knew: tap water just doesn't taste good! Cities such as Houston, Atlanta, and Charlotte were criticized for offering tap water that tastes "like a chemistry lab," "like having a gulp of swimming pool," and "like a wet Band Aid"1. Bottled water has also been judged harshly for its unfavorable taste. But Kangen Water® drinkers enjoy a mild and pleasant taste, appearance, and smell. This delicious water will help you stay committed to your 8 cups of water a day!

With its attractive and chic design, you can enjoy the convenience of generating any of the 5 healthy types of Enagic® water - including Kangen Water® - from the comforts of your own kitchen. The Enagic® water ionizing machines are easily connected to your kitchen faucet. No more storing pitchers of filtered water in the refrigerator, or buying bottled water every time you go out!

Kangen Water® is a relief to virtually any budget. A family of four can consume 2 gallons of water daily for just $1.46 a year! Compared to other bottled waters and home delivery water services, you can save around $1000 - $7000 annually! This affordable, healthy water will keep your body and your pocketbook happy year after year.
There's no denying that Kangen Water ® is the right choice for you and your family!

America's Other Drinking Problem
Now that you know the perks of drinking alkaline Kangen Water® every day for optimal hydration, let's take a deeper look at what the popular alternative is in our culture today.
Addicted to Sugar
The average American consumes about 600 cans of soft drink a year! This number may be shocking at first, but not when you consider the billions of dollars soft drink companies spend every year to make sure their sales stays high1. And while the soft drink giants target many different age groups in their marketing campaigns, they especially target our youth. Boys ages 12-29 consume more soda than any other demographic - about 2 quarts a day! 1

Why is this a problem?
Unfortunately, soft drinks contain more sugar, calories, and acidity than your body needs (or wants). American Heart Association suggests the maximum amount of daily sugar intake not exceed 25 grams for women, and 37.5 grams for men2. Also, anything lower than 7.0 pH is considered acidic, but most soft drinks are far below this number.

Let's see a breakdown of these popular soft drinks that are fueling our nation:

Nutritional Facts of Popular 12-Ounce Soft Drinks  3,4,5

Brand Name                         Sugar (grams)  Calories  pH Level

7-UP                                       41.46                      145            3.202

CHERRY COLA                   44.42                      154             2.522
COCA-COLA CLASSIC    40.74                       150             2.525
DIET COKE                         14.70                       0                  3.289
DR. PEPPER                       40.34                       155             2.899
MOUNTAIN DEW            46.68                        80               3.229
PEPSI COLA                      42.11                        150             2.530
DIET PEPSI                       9.52                          0                   3.031
SPRITE                               40.10                        155               3.298

Kangen Water ® is Right for You!

Why choose a sugary drink, when Kangen Water® contains 0 grams of sugar?

Why choose a high caloric drink, when Kangen Water® contains 0 calories?

Why choose an acidic drink, when Kangen Water® is balanced with perfect alkalinity?
Why choose anything but Kangen Water®?


Contact Diana Houk – 918-814-6652

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