Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Diana Houk: Kangen Water Health

Diana 3-15-13
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JRH 9/16/14
Kangen Water
Posted by Diana Houk

[Blog Editor: Kangen Water is produced by a machine that is hooked up to your tap water faucet. The machine transforms your tap water by filtering out what is in your community water supply while adding antioxidants and ionized alkaline to your drinking supply at levels of your choice all based on the special plate tech built into the machine. AND you too can make some extra cash promoting the same health that Diana Houk is promoting. Contact her at or visit her on Facebook which she often share Kangen info.]

Shan Stratton on Kangen Water 

Kangen Water & Food 

Kangen Water
"Change Your Water Change Your Life"

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