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More Dr. Shafiq & Paul Sutliff Exposes his Taqiyya

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Dr. Muhammad Shafiq
John R. Houk
© September 20, 2014
Yesterday I posted an essay questioning the moderate credentials of Mohammed Shafiq and Dr. Muhammad Shafiq because of some personal confusion as to the identities of each Shafiq. In that post I cleared my identity confusion.
Dr. Muhammad Shafiq is from Pakistan where he completed his undergraduate work and a Master degree (1974) in Islamic Studies at the University of Peshawar (PU – pun intended). Dr. Shafiq must have attained his BA and MA at PU, but those degrees must have been attained at the PU Islamia College. At Temple University in Philadelphia he received a Religious Studies MA in 1979 and a PhD in 1982.
Paul Sutliff completed his MA at Nazareth College which is the same place Dr. Shafiq is both the Executive Director of the CSID program and is the IIIT representative there as the Radical Muslim organization’s Chair. Mr. Sutliff provided this mini-profile of Dr. Shafiq in an 8/11/12 post:
… According to Dr. Shafiq's resume ( (CV) his doctoral advisor was Dr. Ismail Faruqi, who was a founder of IIIT, and was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Faruqi was also a major player in starting the Muslim Student Association (MSA). The MSA is an organization that professes its goals are the establishment of Shariah law and Dawa which is the goal of establishing a Muslim form of government around the world through changing the people within a country that is not under Shariah law.

Dr. Faruqi is known for his coining the phrase, “Islamization of knowledge.” This phrase refers to all knowledge being see in light of Shariah (Islamic Law). This would encourage stopping Bible classes and increasing classes on Islam.
In 2003 on IIIT’s tax form, they reportedly gave $720 to the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation of Ashland, Oregon, which was designated by the U.S. government as a terrorist-funding entity guilty of tax fraud, money laundering, supporting Chechen mujahideen affiliated with al Qaeda, and maintaining “direct links between [its] U.S. branch and Usama bin Laden.”
Knowing this are you asking yourself how can a college enter a relationship with a group that supports terrorism?  My question is what happened to doing research on someone before taking a ton of their money?  But the real question is how do you feel about sending your son or daughter to a college whose ethics allow them to associate with a group that funds terrorists? (I Went to Naz as Nazareth College is; By Paul Sutliff; The Independent Chronicle; 8/11/12)

Now here is an eleven minute video of Dr. Muhammad Shafiq talking of the beautiful stuff of the antichrist religion Islam. While the good professor is sharing that Islam is really love while appreciating Fethullah Gulen’s secretive Hizmet Movement. Gulen is one scary dude that has Western governments convinced he represents an Islamic reform that respects individuals, democratic principles and yet esoterically a purist Islam. As calm and convincing as Dr. Shafiq is, it is obvious by association he is lying through his teeth right in line with the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth plans for North America (And IMPORTANTLY READ THIS).

Paul Sutliff’s report is about a verbal exchange between himself and Dr. Shafiq. In essence Sutliff calls Dr. Sutliff a liar. So that you don’t think Sutliff was being a harsh Islamophobe you might desire to read the profile of Dr. Shafiq on the last portion of my essay I entitled, “Shafiq and Dr. Shafiq – Moderate Muslims?
JRH 9/20/14
Dr. Shafiq vs. Me
Radio Guest Speaker on the Muslim Brotherhood
Posted September 17, 2014
Last night, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq was a guest speaker at St. John’s on Humboldt Street. He was invited to talk about ISIS. He talked for a little over 45 minutes. But only addressed ISIS for a total of 14 minutes. Another speaker who was a Presbyterian minister called Shafiq his teacher also spoke on the topic.

Dr. Shafiq started the conversation by explaining what ISIS means. This was interesting considering an Arabic Muslim stated that it meant, “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” But, Shafiq then stated the name in Arabic saying “Sham.” Dr. Shafiq never shared how the name Sham is used by our President to mean an area much broader than Syria. He did however explain what Levant means listing the countries it would cover today. He however, neglected to state that it refers to Ottoman Caliphate in a pre WWI term that ignores the existence of Israel labeling the area as under Islamic rule.

Dr. Shafiq revealed that in the 1980s he gave speeches on jihad for which he was sorry. He mentioned Philadelphia as being one place he gave such a speech. There was a meeting in Philadelphia of the Muslim Brotherhood during this time.

Shafiq stated that Bin-Laden believed in a literal interpretation of koran, but never stated if that was the standard of all of Islam. Which is true. Dr. Shafiq also stated that Bin-Laden worked for the CIA. He claimed that the Taliban were not terrorists, and slipped and used the term innocent as part of his reasoning. Dr. Shafiq did state that Al-Qaeda was in Iraq when America went in.

Shafiq spoke of how the Saudis came to power crediting the British for giving them power for fighting the Ottoman Turks. He also made statements that implied Wahaabi [or Wahhabi] Islam had no relation or connection to the al-Saud family. Shafiq went off topic and spoke of giving a speech, which may have been in Saudi Arabia and that a friend feared him being arrested.

He stated repeatedly that the reason the US was attacked on 9/11 was US policy of interference.

Time for questions came. After a few people raised their hands I made sure Shafiq could see that I had brought the Reliance of the Traveller. The second he saw it, to talk louder, much louder. When I had a chance to ask a question, I stated that I had heard the presbyterian minister make the statement we should condemn the actions of ISIS, but I had not heard Shafiq do so. Shafiq responded he said we should pray for them. I responded that is not condemning them. ONLY THEN he stated I condemn the actions of ISIS. I said, "good taqiyya." Then I explained he is lying to you. I informed the people that he had told them many things which are true but left much out so they would not have a grasp as to why ISIS is doing what it is doing. I then lifted up the Reliance the Traveller and encouraged people to buy it if they really want to know what Dr. Shafiq believes. I named IIIT as part of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Student Association as part of it. He stated that was not true. I replied Steve Emerson one of the foremost experts on Counter-terrorism who testifies before Congress has written about this. Then I stated what was the Muslim Brotherhood doing in Egypt? They were killing Christians and Jews. You have invited someone to speak to you about those who are killing Christians and Jews when IIIT, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has done the same thing in Egypt!

Dr. Shafiq made a statement later that he had never read Al-Misri, Reliance of the Traveller, to which I said you are lying. He wanted to hug me. I said I do not hug people I do not trust! He did want to talk more. I said only if in a public place as I do not trust you. I asked Shafiq if he wanted sharia. He said no. I said Dr. Shafiq you are part of organizations that publically have stated they want sharia here. You are lying again.

I am thinking of challenging him to a public debate at the college. Me a nobody vs. the great Shafiq! I think it is something he will not pass up.
More Dr. Shafiq & Paul Sutliff Exposes his Taqiyya
John R. Houk
© September 20, 2014
Dr. Shafiq vs. Me
Edited [without permission] by John R. Houk
Any text enclosed in brackets are by the Editor. As the Editor of this blog I did not capitalize words I normally would; however I change one inaccurate preposition and I never have observed the spelling “Wahaabi” and so I added in brackets my most familiar spelling which is “Wahhabi”. As a reader though Arabic can often be transliterated in many English forms. ALSO after I had already began checking this story I did discover that author wrote and post a re-edit of his own entitled “Confronting the Islamist, Dr. Shafiq who was asked to speak on ISIS”. I stuck with Mr. Sutliff’s LinkedIn version because that is the first version I had read and I had used the LinkedIn version as a premise for my own post because I was confused by Mr. Sutliff’s spelling of Dr. Shafiq’s first name. On LinkedIn Mr. Sutliff used the spelling “Mohammed” rather than “Muhammad”. In looking at the research I discovered there is also a noted Moderate Brit Muslim that goes by the spelling Mohammed Shafiq. The more I read about Mo Shafiq the more I realized he was entirely different than the Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Paul Sutliff had referred. Ergo I spent a whole post on my blog differentiating Mohammed Shafiq the Brit Muslim from Dr. Muhammad Shafiq of Nazareth College located in Rochester, NY.
© Paul Sutliff
About Paul Sutliff
Paul is the author of Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrate American Colleges. Paul has been on WYSL and the Radio Jihad Network an educational informational network of shows on Blog Talk Radio. Paul's research has been appreciated by P. David Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia and Ryan Mauro, of the Clarion Project. But Paul does more than write, he travels and speaks to groups about his concerns. (From the Brenner Brief of which Sutliff is a contributor)
Purchase “Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrating American Colleges” at Amazon. Published in paperback August 5, 2013 – Amazon description:
Is the Muslim Brotherhood alive and well on your college campus? Why should I care if they are? Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood just a bunch of Muslims getting together to worship Allah? Just Who are the Muslim Brotherhood groups on college campuses? What do I do they are here? This book was written to answer these questions so you can take action. You are responsible for what you know!
And here is an interesting bio blurb that indicates Paul Sutliff holds a Master in Education from whence Dr. Muhammad Shafiq is a professor – Nazareth College:
Paul Sutliff has a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College and an Masters in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester. He is active in his local 912 group, “We Surround Rochester,” which he states awakened him to the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence at Nazareth. Paul also runs the Independent Chronicle, a small news source available on the web and in a hand out format. He considers himself an average American who is just waking up to what is happening around him. Paul wrote Stealth Jihad Phase 2, because his father once told him you are responsible for what you know. The question he asks is what will you do with what you learn from this book?

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