Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Palin: I'm Open to Starting New Political Party

Sarah Palin - Maybe 3rd Party
If Sarah Palin puts together a Third Party I am in!

JRH 7/3/13
Palin: I'm Open to Starting New Political Party

By Sandy Fitzgerald
01 Jul 2013 10:23 AM

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she's willing to start a new political party to create a home for conservatives who feel they're being ignored by the GOP.

The one-time vice presidential nominee was answering Twitter questions on Fox News Saturday, when a user asked if she and Fox conservative commentator Mark Levin would be willing to build a "Freedom Party if [the] GOP continues to ignore conservatives."

Palin replied, "I love the name of that party: the Freedom Party," she replied. "And if the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, from the principles that built this party of Lincoln and Reagan, then yeah."

Many conservatives with "that libertarian streak" feel neglected, said Palin, and creating a new home for them might be a good idea.

She said she expects people to

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