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Soros and puppet BHO
Danny Jeffrey analyzes the current social chaos in Egypt which has led to deposing Mohamed Morsi from the Office of President and has placed Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on the defensive.

Danny views George Soros as the puppet master, Barack Obama as a Soros puppeteer and the Muslim Brotherhood as one of many tools to accomplish the puppet master’s goals.

JRH 7/5/13

By Danny Jeffrey
July 4, 2013

This most recent part of the ongoing Egyptian revolution has been relatively bloodless so far with only forty or so deaths being attributed to the uprising. An accurate death toll in such an event is virtually impossible in a Muslim nation, for while some deaths are indeed attributable to the struggle there is the ever present murder of Christians based purely on Islam's love of killing. But rest assured that the killing is not over.

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum. So too it is with Islam, as the Muslim Brotherhood was born in 1928 out of the death throes of the Ottoman Empire in 1922. A hatred of all mankind, it seems, must be kept alive by the people in that part of the world.
Both good and evil wax and wain (sic) like the phases of the Moon and right now it would appear that evil has the upper hand. The problem that remains is identifying that which is most evil, and surprisingly it is not the Muslim Brotherhood for they are but pawns in a much larger intrigue.

I have been doing research on the internet since a short time after Obama first took office and wherever I look there is trouble. Many choose to look away, but I do not. I dig deeper and somewhere at the base of all that strife and suffering, I find George Soros, calmly plotting the next nightmare to be. Giving credit where it is due, Soros is a genius, albeit a diabolical genius, quite intent on increasing the suffering and misery in this world.

One of my most recent essays Egypt...Soros...The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood
(also linked in Suggested Reading below) is going totally ballistic right now as the more intelligent among us seek more than the smoke and mirrors provided on the Six O:Clock Evening News.
Today it was announced that Morsi had been taken into custody or placed under house arrest by Egypt's military leaders. To many this may seem a great victory as another incompetent tyrant is brought down. To others this event may seem to strike a blow against Obama considering his long term support for Morsi. History will judge the merits of those thoughts but I state for the record, that Morsi was no more than an expendable pawn, in the game of power that Soros is playing with such finesse. Far more along that line of reasoning is to be found in the aforementioned essay. This one is devoted to events to come and our role in them.

My apology for the following history lesson but bear with me as it is leading somewhere...

We watched in horror as Obama pressured Mubarak to step down, thus making room for the MB to gain control of Egypt. Well, under pressure Mubarak did step down and was promptly imprisoned. The Arab Spring's next stop was Libya. Unlike the more westernized Mubarak, Qaddafi was a warlord by nature and he was not about to step down.

Al Qaeda, once the seeds of conquest had been planted, attacked Libya, and Qaddafi was quite successful in repelling their assaults. His forces were loyal and his stockpile of weapons were such that he had little to fear, that is until Traitor McCain entered the picture.

Al Qaeda attacked us on 911, killing 3000 Americans and thus beginning the 'war on terror'. That war was set aside in a narrative leading back to George Soros, and while McCain hugged the leaders of AQ and declared them to be heroes, America changed sides, embracing terrorism and the Soros sponsored concept of Responsibility to Protect. (See The Coming Assault On Israel below). R2P called for American and NATO aircraft to ground the Libyan air force, thus allowing AQ to attack with weapons we supplied.  We all know what happened next. Libya was conquered, Qaddafi was raped and murdered by a band of merry terrorists, and quite predictably our attention turned to Syria.

Assad does not plan to suffer Qaddafi's fate and Syria is turning into one bloody confrontation as Russia supports him and we support AQ. Russia has also issued a severe warning for us not to employ R2P there. That nightmare scenario is still in the works.

End of history lesson and now the point that I am making:

So many Americans are totally convinced that Obama is supporting the MB. Admittedly they have good reason to believe this. The MB is infiltrating our government, our intelligence agencies, and our education system. Obama supported their takeover of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and now Syria, and has sent billions of dollars to aid them in their endeavors. I must admit that these events makes for a pretty convincing case that our highest elected official serves the goals of the MB.

Do not be taken in by the obvious. When you encounter evil, dig deeper and you will, without fail, find George Soros, and coming events are going to prove the validity of that statement.

If you have already read 'Egypt...Soros...The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood' then you have already encountered the basis of my beliefs. If not, you need to read it as it lays the ground work for what is coming. Tunisia is small and relatively insignificant, but Egypt, Libya, and Syria are major players in the Arab Spring and we supported the MB in all of their efforts to gain control. In the essay I mentioned, I stated that Obama would gladly throw Morsi under the bus. Then it happened.

I have readers in 129 nations but the bulk of those readers are quite naturally here in the U.S. and I would like for you, my fellow Americans, to validate a thought. Obama is quite willing to bow to the will of the people of Egypt and not contest their wanting Morsi to step down. OK citizens ... when have you ever seen Obama willing to bow to the will of the people here? He does indeed bow, but he bows to George Soros who is now ready to install his man, Mohammed ElBaradei, as Egypt's new leader, and this is where the bloodshed will really begin.

Obama, contrary to popular opinion is not a supporter of the MB, but a user, as they are to be the foot soldiers of the Soros plan. Morsi has served his purpose and is now passé.

Despite what many expected, Obama has abandoned Morsi to his fate, as he is no longer of value. I would venture to say that anyone reading this essay has both the intelligence and common sense that led them to believe two years ago that Morsi and the MB would bring ruin to Egypt. The occurrence was totally predictable. We knew it, Obama knew it, Soros knew it, and all of the leaders of the Western nations knew it. It was just part of the agenda, and all played their respective roles.

The Brotherhood, due to their criminal, terrorist natures have long been ostracized from many nations. Thanks to Obama's famous Cairo speech they were brought back into the open, and given a taste of power. Oh, the sweet taste of power! Once savored none want to relinquish it without protest. And they will not.

Soros is about to gain control of Egypt and the MB is about to unleash a reign of terror upon its inhabitants for rejecting their divine leadership. Such a drastic move on the part of the MB will call for an equally drastic measure from the government i.e.: Martial Law. Right now 70% of the people of Egypt live in abject poverty, totally incapable of even feeding themselves, consequently 70% of their food stuffs are imported. Barring massive injections of foreign aid the people of Egypt are on the verge of starvation.

Allowing the MB to reign supreme for two years has brought a nation to its knees, and that is just where Soros wants them. Let none say that George Soros is anything less than an evil genius for he plans with malice aforethought and proceeds with glee. Look at the effect of the Arab Spring: Israel and Egypt existed more or less in a state of harmony. Egypt, overall, was reasonably prosperous, with a thriving tourist trade and a growing manufacturing base. Hollywood spent countless millions there making movies. Egypt was not wealthy but under Mubarak they were getting by.

Life may not have been easy for all but they were far better off under a secular dictator than a group of religious fanatics. Now terror is about to become rampant, Obama will continue to destroy our economy as we help to establish a Soros rule there, and enough hunger, always leads to war, and just across the Sinai is someone to blame for all of their troubles ... Israel.

When Obama pressured Mubarak to step down, things took a turn for the worse. Now another round of uprisings has forced his successor out of office and again things have taken a turn for the worse. Today we being the latest cycle as the military once again steps in to take control and form a new government. Things look worse with each passing day and they haven't even gotten bad yet. Recall the horrors of Beirut for this is coming to Egypt, and have no doubt, George Soros can get things under control.

Now I ask you; where is Obama's support of the MB? He is quite openly using them here to overthrow this nation and that will continue for such is the role they were chosen for. Their role in Egypt is evolving. Rejected by the people as they do not know how lead, they will now become the embittered progenitors of terror in the streets of Cairo. That is a task far more in line with their talents than politics.

A little insight into the Soros mentality: During the Second World War when he was a teenager serving the Nazis, he collected the belongings of his fellow Jews before they were sent to the death camps. He recalls that as the happiest time of his life.

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About Danny Jeffrey:

I'm sixty eight and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

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