Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zimmerman Gives Obama a Diversion from Scandal Scrutiny

John R. Houk
© July 16, 2013

George Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida jury of murdering Trayvon Martin. I agree with that verdict. There should be NOTHING controversial about Zimmerman defending himself from a scrappy 17 year old teenager (DEFINITELY NOT A CHILD) one year away from being an enfranchised voting citizen that if so chosen could have entered military service.

I was not there when Martin and Zimmerman became combatants; however I did watch a significant amount of the trial on TV as I am sure many of you did. The Prosecution was NOT even close to proving that Zimmerman was guilty of a racist murder.

Nonetheless Black advocacy groups and individuals – including the President of the United States – could not handle the evidence (or would that be the truth). Black advocacy and Leftist interests insist a civil rights violation must have occurred because Martin was a Black-American. The intentional blindness even went so far as to suggest that Hispanic-American (The Zimmerman boys have a Peruvian mother) George Zimmerman was a White-Hispanic.

Now I am fully aware there are Hispanic people that display a Caucasian color tone. I am not a biological anthropologist, ethnologist, eugenicist or whatever-cist; nonetheless when the MSM creates genetic name of an individual to stir up racist anger among Blacks and Leftists it is definitely reprehensible. If there is racial description based on color in the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman, it would be Black vs. Brown. If the MSM really wanted to be egalitarian in the Martin-Zimmerman case they should have stirred up racist hate between both Black-Americans and Hispanic-American. Al Sharpton and Barack Obama should be having Civil Rights condemnation speeches with Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor (oops she’s a Leftist) and Raul Yzaguirre (La Raza – The Race).

That’s not going to happen though. Democrats are cultivating Hispanics – legal and illegal – to strengthen their voter base. AND Obama needs a National debate to hoodwink Americans to the Leftist line of thinking to shut-up Conservatives pertaining to the real problem in American government; i.e. the Obama Administration’s multitudinous scandals such as Fast & Furious, Benghazigate, the IRS tool to attack Conservative organizations, the NSA snooping on ALL Americans contrary to the 4th Amendment and probably some scandals I can’t think of as I am writing this.

As long as Obama can keep the focus on George Zimmerman with the help of the MSM, Conservative Media, Black Organization and Black Activists, and Leftist Democrats – Obama has longer to figure how to cover his unconstitutional and illegal activities with the scandals that were making a dent in his legitimacy as POTUS.

Black-American Attorney General Eric Holder is doing his part because he is involved in potential illegalities along with Obama.

Earlier today Robert Zimmerman, brother of George Zimmerman, told Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom that the Zimmerman family has concerns that their phones may be tapped by this administration due to the ongoing investigation of George Zimmerman after his acquittal last week. Robert said the family is texting George and not calling him so that they don’t give away his location.

This afternoon during his speech to the NAACP Attorney General Eric Holder told the audience that the Zimmerman case was still open and the investigation was ongoing.

“I want to assure you of two things, I as a parent, am concerned about this case. And, as we confirmed last spring, the Justice Department has an open investigation into it. While that inquiry is ongoing, I can assure you the Department of Justice will consider all available information before determining what action to take.”

Hoft is on to something and I am uncertain if he even realizes because of Zimmerman focus.

JRH 7/16/13

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