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A Response to “Samson Simon Sharaf and Pakistani Christian Patriotism”

Samson Simon Sharaf - Brig Gen Retired Pakistan 2
John R. Houk
© July 28, 2013

Comment from Samson Simon Sharaf (Brigadier General Retired) including links he believes places my thoughts in a misinformed status:

Dear John, I wish you had researched further. I am a practising Roman Catholic and Rector of Pakistan's first Catholic Higher Education Institution appointed by a person no less than His Excellency Pope Benedict XVI. There is no Pakistani who has written so boldly about the issues pertaining to religious minorities in Pakistan in the mainstream media. Hope you will understand and keep it touch. God Bless Sam

(via Google+ messaging)

I am grateful Mr. Sharaf set me straight on his faith, because I did question that in the link above embedded in “my thoughts”. Mr. Sharaf was very polite in his message. That makes him a good guy in my book – just as Shamim Masih indicated in the essay he sent me that can be after my thoughts. Below is my off the cuff reply. I tried not to sound harsh but too often I am guilty of doing that.

Sir when I Googled you it was difficult to find information independent of neutral sources. I am gratified you have set me straight. Yet I regret your patriotism is so anti-American. I'm not saying America isn't meddling, because all nations with a global presence meddle according to their National Interests. Frankly Pakistan's growing affinity for radical Islam and combined with nuclear weaponry is not a part of the USA's National Interests. Yes America is involved in a global war on Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorists killed thousands of people on American soil. Al Qaeda was responsible and the Taliban offered protection to Al Qaeda. American patriots desire retribution. We found Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. I suspect the person initially responsible for protecting OBL - Mullah Omar - may be crossing back and forth across the AFPAK border. When the enemy seeks refuge in a foreign nation as OBL did in Pakistan an American patriot would say drone attacks are just fine. Fortunately for those who dislike America, our current President is spineless and erroneously believes unilateral disengagement will bring peace between the USA and American hating Muslims. I do not agree with President Obama. Nonetheless, unless some Islamic terrorist attack forces him to reengage with violent Radical Muslims, Obama will be disengaging from Afghanistan. This will less meddling in Pakistan internal affairs due to American National Interests will transform. Let us all hope another Islamic terrorist attack does not change that disengagement plan.

JRH 7/28/13
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