Sunday, June 23, 2013

Technology’s Future – Positive or Negative?

Elysium Fields - Greek Myth
John R. Houk
© June 23, 2013 uses the new sci-fi movie “Elysium as a demonstration of one possible outcome of humanity’s future under an extreme two class social existence. The human elites live a life of technological paradise in which everyone is beautiful and illness is eradicated by technological scanning of the human body, killing whatever negative biological attacking the human body. That leaves the rest of the human masses that live under the governance Artificially Intelligent (AI) machines manifested to the human masses as drones and robots. The masses do not receive illness curing scans as do the human elites. The movie is called Elysium because the human elites live off world from the Earth in an aesthetic environment carved out by technology. The human masses live on Earth itself in a dreary husk of following apart metropolitan areas ruled by AI despotism.

I have been a sci-fi enthusiast since my teenage days many-many moons (or should I say solar cycles? I guess it doesn’t really matter in science fiction) ago. I will probably go see this flick even though review intimates the movie is an analogy hit piece against we Conservative anti-immigration folks as if all Conservatives exist in this nation as elitist haters of the masses.

I object to the hater of the masses moniker because I am one of the masses. I wish I was a part of the elitist ruling class but I am not even close. In America the elitists are both Leftists and Conservatives with either political power or financial power or both. We masses who have chosen either a Leftist vision or a Conservative vision for our future are in the position to only hope the utopian future promises of the political spectrum are possibilities rather than outright lies to deceive the few voters of the masses who keep voting them into power.

I put my trust in the Conservative vision because it is the closest one that will allow me to be a practicing Bible believing Charismatic Christian that is able to promote my faith and at least verbally oppose atheism or other religious faiths. And if you know my blog you are aware I believe the biggest threat by a religion against the U.S. Constitution and Christianity is Islam.

The Leftist vision places collective egalitarianism, little to zero religion and the grasp of government into the social-private-political lives of every human being. Contrary to the Elysium movie analogy that anti-immigration is a Conservative evil against humanity it is the Leftist perception of reality will rob human individuals of choice if that choice conflicts against the Big Brother State. The State of the Leftist vision will inform the masses there is no conflict as long as there is mass conformity to the State agenda socially-privately-politically.

As in any improvement of life-quality, technological innovation can be both positive and/or negative in application. The movie Elysium’s two-class human existence is negative for most of humanity. In the movie review at I was a bit disturbed that Unabomber Ted Kaczynski (Biography Channel piece) received hagiography for predicting the Earth would move toward a negative technological existence.

In any rate I love sci-fi and look forward to the August 9th release of the Elysium flick.

JRH 6/23/13

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