Saturday, June 1, 2013

Radical Islam Infiltrating U.S. Institutions!

Ermin Sinanovic - IIIT & Muslim Brotherhood
Ermin Sinanovic
John R. Houk
© June 1, 2013

I received an email from ACT for America yesterday (5/31/13) about the U.S. Naval Academy employing proponents of the Muslim Brotherhood to teach cadets about Islam. The email provided a good chunk of an article naming Muslim Brotherhood associated American and foreign organizations as well as Muslim Brotherhood individuals that trace back directly to the parent MB location in Egypt. Professor Ermin Sinanovic and Louay Safi are both teaching a seminar that is a part of the Naval Academy’s Summer Students Program for 2013. The actual essay is dated May 14 so that accounts for the late reporting of the period in which the seminar takes place which May 26 – July 3, 2013. So it is a bit late to protest to stop something that is already in session; nonetheless it is not too late to protest to Congress that the Naval Academy is allowing Radical Muslims to teach cadets about Islam. Talk about propagandizing our troops. This is a moment in time to educate yourself about Radical Islam in America! Also you should keep in mind the U.S. government is paying salaries to these Radical Muslims which is further indication of the infiltration of the theopolitical religion Islam that is opposed to everything the U.S. Constitution stands for!

JRH 6/1/13

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