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TrentoVision Exposes Idiocy of MSM Praising Jihad Muslims

Pam Geller - Tom Trento. Screen Capture of TrentoVision
John R. Houk
© June 22, 2013
Tom Trento has these near hour programs that are awesome Counterjihad exposés Islam. The program is a part of The United West and the videos are a part of TrentoVision. Trento sends out an email telling when the live broadcast will occur. I almost never watch them live; however you can watch old episodes via Youtube which is what I typically do.

On June 19, 2013 Trento had Pamela Geller on his show. The topic of discussion was the NY Times promoting Radical Muslims either out of idiocy or Multiculturist blindness. And part of this episode is showing portions of an older documentary in which some those Muslims praised by the NY Times is a Sharia Law lover to the point that you will see such things as so-called Moderate Muslim say the act of adultery the woman is punished by stoning and the man gets a pass. Here is the promo for the Trento-Geller episode:

The NY Times article garners info from Muslim Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam. Sinclair is now retired but on September 11, 2001 he worked as a construction electrician working in one of the Towers of the World Trade Center that was hit by Muslim terrorists that resulted in nearly 3,000 deaths.
The NY Times article paints a picture of Sinclair as a victimized person as anyone else that was a survivor of the 9/11 attack. Sinclair in the article is the same guy in the promo video above!
Here is some praise slanted excerpts from the NY Times in case embarrassment actually inspires the Internet article to be deleted:

Sometime in 1999, a construction electrician received a new work assignment from his union. The man, Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam, was told to report to 2 World Trade Center, the southern of the twin towers.



Over the next few days, noticing some fellow Muslims on the job, Mr. Abdus-Salaam voiced an equally essential question: “So where do you pray at?” And so he learned about the Muslim prayer room on the 17th floor of the south tower.


He went there regularly in the months to come, first doing the ablution known as wudu in a washroom fitted for cleansing hands, face and feet, and then facing toward Mecca to intone the salat prayer.



Leaping down the stairs on Sept. 11, 2001, when he had been installing ceiling speakers for a reinsurance company on the 49th floor, Mr. Abdus-Salaam had a brief, panicked thought. He didn’t see any of the Muslims he recognized from the prayer room. Where were they? Had they managed to evacuate?



Given the vitriolic opposition now to the proposal to build a Muslim community center two blocks from ground zero, one might say something else has been destroyed: the realization that Muslim people and the Muslim religion were part of the life of the World Trade Center.


Opponents of the Park51 project say the presence of a Muslim center dishonors the victims of the Islamic extremists who flew two jets into the towers. Yet not only were Muslims peacefully worshiping in the twin towers long before the attacks, but even after the 1993 bombing of one tower by a Muslim radical, Ramzi Yousef, their religious observance generated no opposition


… (Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life; By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN; NY Times; 9/10/10)

Yeah, you can see from the promo video above Sinclair is not innocent peaceful Moderate Muslim. Sinclair is a follower of Radical Islam that subscribes to the brutality of Sharia Law. Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam, now retired in Boca Raton, Fla., prayed at the trade center.Sinclair – the Moderate Muslim – subscribes to stoning adulterous (which often is an accusation not confirmed by evidence) women and the execution of people that leave Islam (called apostates).
I am going to do my part in exposing Islam by posting the text of the Trento email less the pictures. Then at the end I going to post the entire 58 minute Youtube video of the June 19 episode.
JRH 6/22/13
TrentoVision Email
Sent: 6/18/13 8:45 PM
JUNE 19, 2013 5-6pm €

Tom Trento and Pamela Geller present for first-time broadcast a video EXPOSE' that the amazing United West investigative team of Alan Kornman and Randy McDaniels put together back in 2011. This story is simple, the New York Times is so blind to Islamic Jihad that they could not see it if they...INTERVIEWED IT!  Which they did in the person of Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam. The NYT presented a "heart-warming" look at a "wonderful" Muslim, who no longer has a place to pray because (Pamela Geller) won't let Imam Rauf build his victory mosque at Ground Zero in New York! America, this expose' is a perfect illustration of the stupidity of the left as they ignore the DOCTRINE of Islam in their efforts to DEFEND Islam. Logically, it cannot be done, even by the paper of (a bad) Record.
Published on Jun 19, 2013
TrentoVision Exposes Idiocy of MSM Praising Jihad Muslims
John R. Houk
© June 22, 2013
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