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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

First-Amendment- of Bill of Rights

Justin Smith goes over the adventures of a Conservative protesting President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration’s efforts to be one of the most corrupt Presidents in USA history.

JRH 6/28/13
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: June 16, 2013 10:44 PM

The evening before Flag Day, a group of patriotic Americans met in Mt Juliet, TN to embark on a trip to Washington, DC, where we would all protest the numerous abuses of power by this administration, as we also would call for Obama's resignation or impeachment. Freedom of speech and of the press are fundamental rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, and the right of peaceable assembly is equally fundamental in this regard. So, after a slight delay due to Murphy's Law and an inoperative air conditioner on one of the two buses, instead of rolling out at 9:00pm Thursday, we departed at 12:00am on an eventful journey towards exercising our rights and the fundamental principles of liberty and justice.

Carl Boyd, JR of 99.7fm/Nothing But The Truth Radio and a black conservative, was the local organizer and our contact. Boyd and Brooklyn, New York activist Diane Atkins worked together three weeks in advance to get the word out about this event and to get the required permit to protest in front of the nation’s Capital.

Across Interstate 40 and up Highway 81, we rolled through Virginia and some of the most breathtaking scenery one may see in America. The trip seemed to be going well, as we traveled throughout the night in order to arrive before our appointed protest time of 12:00pm Friday, June 14th. Then, as Murphy reared his ugly head again, one of our buses overheated, and we were seemingly brought to a standstill by unseen forces, approximately one hour outside of DC. It was as if we were not intended to deliver our message to Congress and the White House.

Three people volunteered to stay behind with the downed bus, while the rest piled on the remaining bus. The volunteers would fortunately end up arriving to the rally about 45 minutes behind us, since the problem with the bus was found to be simply a loose radiator cap.

Rolling into DC, everyone on the bus was shocked to see not a single U.S. Flag flying anywhere, except on the government buildings and around the Washington Monument; the flags fly around the Monument year round, but on one day a year, Flag Day, one would think that people could show their appreciation and love for America, if they actually love this nation, by flying their own U.S. Flag.

Relying on GPS to find our way, we were constantly redirected by angry DC policemen, motioning and waving furiously, at connecting loops and cutbacks that dominate the DC area roadways; and, after circling DC for an hour, I finally took matters in hand and jumped out at an intersection to asked a shocked police officer for directions, as the bus circled the block. "Take a right on Constitution, a left on 3rd Ave and a left on Maryland Ave" and we were right there in front of the Capitol, although we were 30 minutes late for the rally.

I could see the relief spread across Ms. Diane Atkin's face as the Tennessee group walked into the designated protest area, which was directly in front of the Capitol Building, in all its splendor, with the beautiful water fountain in front and the American Flag flying above the black and white Missing-In-Action Flag that remembers those honorable soldiers who have sacrificed so much. And our day of protest had begun as we asserted the rights that all Americans have a solemn duty to protect and fight for in order to retain the same.

Unfortunately, only about forty protesters were present. Some of the shortfall in attendance may be attributed to the fact that the 14th was a workday, DC is so hard to enter or leave, and accommodations are always scarce, but I was still disappointed in a seemingly overall lack of concern from the average American regarding the abuse of power and illegal activity engaged in by Obama. But, on the other hand, I do understand that sometimes prior commitments prevent attendance, as occurred in my case once, when Mrs. Milly Evans, Murfreesboro, TN, asked me to speak to the Rutherford County School Board over their insertion of Islamic doctrine into the public education system; as much as I wanted to be there, I was forced to decline. This time, I just had to take time away from life's work and history demanded it!

One speaker after another took the stage. Ms. Atkins enumerated the multiple unConstitutional acts perpetrated by Obama, and Carl got the crowd energized by adding to the list and then shouting a staccato, "Impeach Obama...Impeach Obama...Impeach Obama!" A wonderful young lady from Maryland and a black conservative, 18 year old Natalie delivered a pointed statement, that despite her youth she understands that "Obama is destroying our nation." And, normally never at a loss for words, I delivered a somewhat rambling statement of which the most pertinent part centered on my love for "Our Beloved America" and the fact that Obama is committing great wrongs against Her. But just imagine, there we were... average citizens speaking out against a corrupt and out-of-control administration.

Although few in numbers, we made quite an impact as hundreds of tourists near the Capitol and on the lawn stopped to listen and take pictures. Some seemed interested in our message. The thing that caught my eye the most was the crowd of people that stepped out on the second floor terrace of the Capitol to watch the protest proceed, along with two staffers/Secret Service Agents who were monitoring us and taking pictures. Speaker John Boehner did not speak with us, as we had hoped and were initially promised, but by the end of the day, he certainly had to be aware of our message.

Two days after the fact, Diane Atkins said, "For a first rally, I think we did really good. We did what we could and we showed up...It's not like John Boehner is going to come out all of a sudden and say, 'Oh yes, now we're going to start the impeachment process'...It's a start to bringing awareness."

Many of us recognize that the very security of the Republic, the very foundations of Constitutional government, is at risk from an administration that seeks an end to the U.S. Constitution. And, until there is an elected conservative majority within the U.S. Senate (2014?) who may actually seek Obama's impeachment, our imperative is ever increasingly the need to preserve inviolate the entire Bill of Rights and maintain the opportunity for free political discussion without interference from the IRS, the NSA, other government agencies, or the White House. We must arise to meet the threat, and we must not fear speaking to authority or varying from the majority's opinion, especially when they are so obviously in error; our Constitution says we must take this risk, because the openness of our system historically is the basis of the independence of most Americans and our nation's strength!

By Justin O. Smith
© Justin O. Smith
Edited by John R. Houk

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