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It’s Time to Protest BHO’s ‘Change’ in Americans’ Personal Lives

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John R. Houk
© April 16, 2013

CJ has exposed the Marxist-Socialist despotic "Change" promised by Obama and voted for by a majority of Americans in 2008 and 2012. We indeed need to find a grassroots paradigm to renew the thinking of Americans on Constitutional privacy and Liberty of choice.

Obama’s Administration is forcing doctors to collect information on their patients or faced an ‘or else’ consequence to their profession.


I'll be cross posting CJ’s post and personal story on my blog directing readers to follow CJ’s request. That request is for an articulate Conservative to write a usable letter than can go viral on the Internet. I might add and perhaps be sent to the members of Congress on the State and Federal level as well as to inform the President that personal information is none of his business nor the business of government he currently executes.

JRH 4/16/13
If this gets you mad then help me try to fix it…

April 16, 2013 at 5:30am

Respond to this blog on the blog site not in my email [Nor my blog]...everyone needs to see inputs.

I’m sure by now many of you have heard that the government has sent out a questionnaire to doctors to be asked of their patients…yesterday I went for my quarterly visit and I am livid!

There are around 25; could be more, questions ranging from “did you have a flu shot….mammogram …colonoscopy…what is your BMI?
I declined.

My doctor told me that since I declined the government (it sounded like MS) would call me…I said I don’t answer to unknown numbers…she said they’ll send me a letter…Imagine!

If I don’t answer or decline to answer the questionnaire doctors could lose their ratings...

She said the government said she should get her patients to have these tests or she isn’t a good doctor…

SNITCHING…does anyone remember stories about Hitler?  Snitching on each other…

O wait...Obama had a “fishing” expedition.  Seems as if he was preparing us for this for years.

In the conversation she again expressed leaving her profession, moving back to the country she was born to practice, or even becoming a Realtor, what she may do is get rid of the government by taking only cash patients…imagine, anything but being coerced into treating her patients the way the government wants...

My doctor and I spent most all the time talking about this outrage, which she seems to be having this conversation with many of her patients and again she talked about leaving her profession and it wasn’t all about money; it was the government dictating to her how to practice. She said that she was approached to leave her practice and go into the hospital which she declined... saying to me that she’d have to follow the government guidelines.

Sounds like doctors are being coerced.

Speaking of guidelines, do you know that on the news they discussed the government is giving hospitals rewards of money to keep cost down on patients…WHAT?

Already clinics are not treating cancer patients.  Their Hippocratic Oath is disappearing.

Here is what I am asking of everyone here:

TO DO, and RESOLVE something post.

If we can spread this throughout the country perhaps we can stop this interrogation.


This reminds me of the last census form where as the government added things like how many toilets do you have......WHAT? A census is to find out how many people there are in a household...PERIOD.

I answered just that one question...and that was legal.

Spread this news.

First off we need an articulate person to draft up a letter to make viral on blogs, email, wherever…we should have common words to express how we feel about this interrogation; can someone find whether it’s Constitutional or against our Rights?? …

We can then copy and paste into our emails...get it to the media…

Perhaps my story can be used with better wording…better yet verify with others who have gone to their doctors don't have to believe me...

BUT we need one common letter.

Your letters can be put on this post and we can pick one…

This is so important for us to take a stand against this intrusive behavior of the government.

Decline to answer the questions, when you get a phone call decline, when you get the letter cross out the question and add you are declining because you choose to... Just remember to write your feelings for your doctor….I love and respect mind and do not want her to leave…

If I'm not making sense it’s because this isn't sense to me...

I have a feeling my name is going in the Big Brother in the sky computer…I may be being watched and Flagged…BUT I am outraged!

Respond to this blog on the blog site not in my email [Nor my blog]...everyone needs to see inputs.
It’s Time to Protest BHO’s ‘Change’ in Americans’ Personal Lives
John R. Houk
© April 16, 2013
If this gets you mad then help me try to fix it…

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