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On Muslim immigration, Joseph Farah agrees with Laura Ingraham. I agree with Joseph Farah! At least in this day and age if Muslims are seeking a better life and are fully invested in Shariah Law and the racist violence inherent in the Quran, those Muslims must change the political system in their own nations to what they believe is a better life. Sharia and Islamic Supremacism that results in violence against non-Muslims and democratic institutions are not needed in the United States of America.

JRH 4/26/13
Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks, why do we invite the enemy into America?


Some things are just so “politically incorrect” you just can’t say them in polite company.

Yet, that attitude can result in the destruction of a nation.

Recently, radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham set off a firestorm of controversy and debate by stating she has long believed the U.S. should shut down all immigration from Central Asia and any nation with a majority Muslim population.

More unpredictable but equally welcome were the comments by liberal analyst Bob Beckel who not only weighed in against further Muslim immigration but suggested many Muslims already should be put in jail or deported.

Sue me. I put the best interests of national security and a free America under the rule of law ahead of being politically correct.

The question was raised by Ingraham in light of the Boston Massacre fiasco that resulted from allowing some very questionable characters into the U.S. and even granting them citizenship.

Our immigration system is completely broken. How else could individuals like those who conducted the bombing in Boston get into the country, stay here and be granted citizenship? What kind of standards do we have for immigration? And what kind of tests do we conduct before granting citizenship?

Muslim immigration into the U.S. is skyrocketing. I don’t suggest all or most or even many of these immigrants are potential terrorists. But that is hardly the standard a nation should employ as a test for immigration.

Furthermore, because of the porous border with Mexico, untold thousands of illegal aliens entering the USA over the porous Mexican border each year are known as OTMs – “other than Mexicans” – many of whom originate from Muslim countries associated with jihadi terrorism.

It may not seem politically correct to say this. It may not be seem like the “multicultural” thing to do. It may seem a bit “intolerant.”

But 12 years after 9/11 and a week after Boston, maybe somebody needs to say it.

Not only does it make no sense to leave our borders open to illicit and undocumented migration for national security reasons, it also makes no sense to open our borders legally to massive numbers of foreigners who do not share America’s values and its Judeo-Christian heritage.

Are we just trying to prove something to the world? Are we just trying to demonstrate how open-minded and unbiased we are? Is that what immigration policy is supposed to be about?

Unlike Ingraham, I wouldn’t mind seeing an increase in immigration from countries dominated by Islam. But the only immigrants we should accept are those who are persecuted for their religious beliefs – that is to say, in most cases, non-Muslims.

The Muslim world is responsible for most of the human rights horrors around the globe today, so there would be no shortage of people wanting to leave. However, we need to be sure we’re not accepting people into the U.S. who will be trying to turn the U.S. into part of the Caliphate.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly in the near term, is the concern about inviting the enemy inside our gates.

During World War II, did America open our country up to immigration from Germany, Italy and Japan? No. Because we didn’t just acknowledge we were at war; we actually acted like it and did our best to protect America from attack and subversion.

Why do we continue absurd policies of treating every American traveling domestically like a terrorism suspect while we invite into our country with little scrutiny those who fit the profile of terrorism suspects? While we hunt down terrorists around the globe, why do we offer the enemy an opportunity to build a fifth column inside our country?

As a Christian American, I am deeply concerned about these policies. Heck, I’m outraged that my government is conducting these irresponsible policies. But I would be even more outraged if I were a member of the relatively small American Jewish community of about 6 million.

With the high birth rate of the existing Muslim-American community, coupled with the explosion in immigration, it won’t be long before Muslim Americans represent a bigger voting bloc than America’s Jews do.

And given that more Jews live in the U.S. than any other country, including Israel, that is saying something.

Americans need to reject Shariah. They need to reject jihad. And they need to adopt immigration laws and enforcement mechanisms in the best interests of a safe and secure and free America.
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