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A Massacre at Boston

Boston Marathon Massacre map
In America’s history the famed Boston Massacre was instrumental in American Colonialists showing defiance to unjust taxation/oppressive government via the government of the British Empire:

The Boston Massacre is considered by many historians to be the first battle of the Revolutionary War. The fatal incident happened on March 5 of 1770. The massacre resulted in the death of five colonists. British troops in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were there to stop demonstrations against the Townshend Acts and keep order, but instead they provoked outrage. The British soldiers and citizens brawled in streets and fought in bars. “The citizens viewed the British soldiers as potential oppressors, competitors for jobs, and a treat to social mores”. A defiant anti-British fever was lingering among the townspeople. (Boston Massacre - the First Battle of the Revolutionary War;

The Boston Marathon Massacre of April 15, 2013 was not perpetrated by Americans against a foreign oppressive government. As of the time I am posting this no person or group has taken credit, but it is safe to theorize the perpetrators hate America either on a homegrown level or under foreign inspired American-hatred. Right now the Left wants to look at Right Wing extremism more than Islamic terrorism. Frankly I would be shocked it if it turned out the massacre perpetrators did not have something to do with Radical Islam.

JRH 4/16/13

A Massacre at Boston
Boston Marathon Slaughter or A Day of Chaos and Terror

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: 4/16/2013 12:27 AM

I write this at 5:30pm CST on April 15th, just hours after Americans across the United States have been shocked beyond numb by another 9/11 style attack and a day of terror and chaos at the Boston Marathon. Two bombs exploded in 13 seconds and 100 yards apart and about two hours after the winners crossed the finish line near Boylston Street at approximately 1:55pm CST. And, while I too am alarmed and sickened by this heinous act and the hurt and death it has wreaked upon the innocent victims, unfortunately I am not surprised... and I don't think most of America is either. While Obama has been golfing, taking vacations every three months and having 'Memphis Blues' parties at the White House, his administration has sorely neglected the real security of our borders and the interior.

Will Ritter, spokesman for a Massachusetts Senate candidate, told NBC News that he heard the explosions and saw smoke rising near the Boston Public Library, and Jackie Bruno, a reporter for New England Cable News, said that she saw people’s legs blown off. My heart and prayers went out immediately for the victims and their families, as I saw the images streaming on various websites of terrible wounds suffered by so many... one man being wheeled to awaiting ambulances had both legs blown away!

Dr Aaron Shaw, an orthopedic surgeon, was there as a spectator, and as soon as he realized what was happening, he began setting up a field triage, until more help arrived. He told ABC that while he had seen people lose limbs in car accidents and the like, "this was something you would expect to see on a battlefield." Dr Shaw continued, "Everything I saw was a traumatic amputation... I couldn't put a number on it (later he estimated 30-40); they were just lining the sidewalk."

Dan Ventura from the Boston Herald was near the medical tent when the bombs exploded. He said, "You could see it on the people's faces. This was not just some ordinary explosion."

The placement and type of bombs suggest a complex operation, since the area across from the viewing stands was heavily surveilled, and the devices were small yet potent and set to detonate almost simultaneously. Authorities are describing the devices as IED types that one would find in Afghanistan and Iraq, with many of the wounds having been caused by flying ball-bearings and small metal pieces. And while the White House has finally called something...this horrific attack ... "a terrorist attack", it is not clear yet, which individual/individuals or groups are responsible or whether this is domestic or foreign terrorism.

Unofficially, some authorities have stated that two other devices were found and rendered harmless, while officially top echelon police are remaining silent on this. However, cell phone service to the entire area has been blocked to prevent one from being used to detonate any hidden devices, and all flights in and out of Boston have been stopped.

Police have also confirmed that a third explosion occurred at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library at approximately 3:30pm CST. This scene is about a mile from the marathon, and now, some confusion is surrounding this "explosion"; Reuters and some officials are now calling this simply a fire that broke out in the mechanic room, but the FBI is still looking at it closely.

Peter Bergen, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer of CNN News all suggested that we must look at the possibility of "a planned assault by right-wing extremists", even though Bergen acknowledged, "We've seen a number of failed bombing attempts by Al Qaeda." I too agree that we must... must... look at any and all possible and potential suspects, but what I find quite despicable and disturbing was the manner and unequivocal assuredness with which they presented this unproven hypothesis.

Shortly after the immediate chaos of this tragic, horrific terrorist attack, Barack Obama stated that his administration did not know who was responsible, but his administration would track them down and bring them to justice. I'll go out on the proverbial limb and say that this will be proven to be an act of islamofascist terrorism. No group has come forward claiming responsibility yet, but the head of an extremist Salafi group and Al Qaeda in Jordan has rejoiced and stated soon after, "American blood isn't more precious than Muslim blood... Let the Americans feel the pain our nations have felt." As far as this administration tracking anyone down, I'm not overly confident in an administration that simply gave lip service to the Benghazi tragedy and an administration that has a history of coddling islamofascists under the Holder Justice Department.

In the meantime, several different sources, such as the New York Post, The Telegraph and the Hinterland Gazette have reported that "a person of interest", a 20 year old Saudi national, is being guarded at Brigham and Women's Hospital (in Boston's Longwood medical area), which is under an amber code representing an external threat. This man is reported to be here on a student visa, and he was seen acting suspiciously and running from the bomb blast site, when a regular citizen tackled him. So far he has claimed his innocence, as the police are still questioning him at this hour. The Boston police are taking witness statements at this hospital, and they also have surveillance video of someone bringing multiple backpacks to the blast site, according to CBS News.

There is no way to avoid the horror of the human toll, as I am just hearing Mark Levin state that CNN is reporting two people are dead, while some agencies have the death toll as high as 15 (8:26pm CST), and one is an eight year old boy. 132 people were wounded, and of these, seventeen are in critical condition and ten are amputees. Pray America... pray for these poor souls that God helps them in their hour of need and helps them towards a speedy recovery!

At 7:13pm CST, President Barack Obama expanded some on his initial statement: "We still don't know who did this or why. We should not jump to conclusions. But make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this and why... let me reiterate, we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable."

You're damned right "we will hold them accountable" Mr. President. And as soon as the business day begins in the morning on April 16th, I suggest that all Americans inundate the Capitol switchboard operators with calls to their Senators and Representatives and demand that they remove any impediments to this investigation and force Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano to do their job... a trillion dollars spent on improving national security and still this administration proved inept; Representative Pete King said that this has very sign of an Al Qaeda attack. Where was the FBI, the CIA and every other government intelligence agency as this attack was being prepared? But in the end, I can agree with Obama on just this one thing, as he stated, “On days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats... there are only Americans."

God Bless America and May He Keep Her Safe and Free!
By Justin O. Smith
Edited by John R. Houk
© Justin O. Smith

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