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Unbind the Chains

Shrine of Statists
Justin O. Smith writes a great stand and resist essay.

JRH 12/22/12
Unbind the Chains

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: December 21, 2012 9:41 PM

My Friends... the game is not over by a long shot, so don't give up and enter some missionary work or something in some faraway place. We must fight on together against President Obama and this fascist regime he is attempting to structure as a "fundamental transformation" of Our Beloved America, because if we do not then the alternative becomes unbearable for all. The repeal of everything Obama must be our new imperative, because if we do not live under good laws injustice becomes the rule and our civilization is compromised. This fight is only right as we attempt to preserve a way of life founded by men and women who have seen the Republic through situations just as bad, even worse in some instances, than this. So it is our duty not to give up!

The country is still a nation divided and some basic questions are in need of answering in order to determine what the nature of these United States will be moving ahead and into the 21st Century. Many exiting the voting polls stated that they were against raising taxes to reduce the deficit, and for some time now, opinion polls have illustrated that a great majority of people in America favor smaller government. These are simply two broad problems facing the people as we move into the future, because a house divided cannot stand for long.

The Founding Fathers believed and wrote ...and established Our U.S. Constitution to provide...that there must never be unlimited power in the hands of any one man or group of men over other men, as we are witnessing to some degree in the US today as the Democratic Party runs rough shod over the Constitution and Freedom in a one party manner, much as we witness the one party system operate throughout communist nations globally. And the Obama administration is close to the point of threatening its own citizens with a power that threatens to become limitless!

President Obama wreaked havoc within the free-market capitalist system for two years with his Democratic Progressive Marxofascists controlling both the House and the Senate, and the checks and balances were temporarily skewed as we entered the unchartered waters intended for us through Obama policies such as Obamacare and Dodd-Frank; these two pieces of legislation are significant, because they will do great damage to the U.S. economy and already we are seeing the ripple effect as healthcare costs are climbing and the ranks of the uninsured still grow and a new housing bubble amasses in that industry due to the same purposely flawed banking practices. But despite the reelection of Obama in 2012, the House still remains in Republican hands, if only they will become more cognizant of that fact. No big new legislation following these radicals' agendas should be able to even make it to the table.

America and its people must be certain of its purpose and no matter that some would have you believe that our nation is in crisis and in the decline of its power abroad...that America is near defeat or even destruction. Our only real crisis is the people's uncertainty of Our Beloved America's purpose. Once again we must embrace equality under God and the inalienable rights upon which America was founded. Absolute truths do exist, and the rejection of the absolute truths put forth in the U.S. Constitution and Our Declaration of Independence by some Americans embraces a tyrannical consistency presented by Barack Hussein Obama to lock future generations into a single unalterable course where individual sovereignty and Freedom no longer exists and the State is a massive entity...all powerful!

America is heavily besieged from within by the Occupy Wall Street types, SEIU/Teamsters/AFL-CIO, Code Pink, the American Communist Party, the ACLU, and the Muslim Brotherhood/islamofascists, so while we as a nation are not dead yet, we are definitely a house divided. Expect conditions to get significantly worse before they get better, but just recall the seemingly insurmountable odds faced by General George Washington as he faced the British at Valley Forge; Washington and his men believed in God and in their cause and in themselves, and even though massively outnumbered, they knew that they could win. Men then believed just as many of us today believe that we are morally obliged to go down fighting if necessary in the name of Freedom for ourselves, our children and future generations. And we have an advantage in knowing that Obama's government cannot nor will it work; Obama's own weaknesses and his policies built on contradictory propositions that are already creating obvious and repeated injustices should work to prevent him from implementing any further destructive measures, if only Speaker Boehner, or the next speaker-elect (Michele Bachmann), would work to spread a message concerning the obvious benefits of a true conservative and limited U.S. government, as well as the actual effects of tax breaks from a historical standpoint.

The so-called "principles" of the Progressive Democratic Marxofascists being advanced through the Obama administration are antithetical to the principles that founded America and lead to policies that cannot work, will not work, and result in injustice, and due to the massive growth of government under Obama parallels to twentieth century tyrannies can readily be seen. Obama's bureaucratic/authoritarian style of government has been far from accountable to the people and has moved more drastically towards a very real despotism. Even if some of Obama's officials and staff truly believe their mission is one of benevolence, they cannot possibly coordinate society comprehensively so that no one is left out; they are trying to defy human nature...the same human nature that led James Madison to state that men are not angels...and so what this administration is doing will ultimately lead to despotism.

The situation is extremely urgent now, and the nation is calling for learned men and women and those good at learning and those with the spirit of America bound deep within their breast to come forward and serve; the pendulum is swinging back. The people don't like bureaucratic government, they don't trust it and they want less of it, if the Tea Party success and the massive appeal of Sarah Palin are any good indications. Now is the time to capitalize upon this discord and dissatisfaction with the current status quo and unbind ourselves from the chains Obama and his self-interested 47% have inflicted upon us. America must find some real Statesmen who understand that over regulation, rules upon rules and compliance with those rules is the feeder to big government and bureaucratic growth, which result in the inefficiencies of those bureaucracies and Constitutional governance. And...if they understand the urgency of the situation, it will make them better and the nation too will thus benefit!

"Fear not the result, for either thy end shall be an enviable and a majestic one, or God will preserve our reign upon the waters." -a prayer from the siege of Gibraltar
By Justin O. Smith.

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