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Albert David Working for Unity among Pakistani Christians

Albert David speaking - Church 2012
John R. Houk
© December 28, 2012

Albert David is a Pakistani-Christian activist and Chairman of the Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM). PUCM is a political party dedicated to upgrade the social and community status of Pakistani Christians that have for the most part lived under persecution and poverty at least since the British pulled out with the partition split of the Indian Subcontinent into sovereign Pakistan (Muslim) and India (primarily Hindu but a whole slew of religions including Islam hence the concept of a democratic republic as a hopeful unifier).

Below is some information PUCM Facebook About Page:


Equality, Unity, Prosperity.

Inspired by Jesus Christ’s ministry of unconditional love, peace, tolerance and sacrific(e). PUCM envisages a tolerant, peaceful, just and prosperous Pakistan. A motherland where all citizens are ensured equality, not judged by color, cast, creed or religion, but by the content of their character and allegiance to the state.


"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." Psalm 133:1

Based on the biblical message in Psalm 133:1. PUCM’s mission is to promote and build unity among the Christians of Pakistan reflecting mutual respect and understanding, political and socio-economic progress and prosperity. PUCM aims to achieve this by providing direction and facilitating developmental opportunities for all, especially to youth.

Political Agenda:

- Equal electorate rights - Election not Selection.

- Increased representation, including women, in legislative forums at Federal and Provincial levels - Transparent census.

- Abolishment of minority wings in mainstream political parties – Increased political participation, equal status & allocation of general seats.

- Eradication of Socio-Political discrimination – Socio-economic empowerment.

- Elimination of religious intolerance - promotion of democratic and social values at grass roots levels.

- Revisiting of all discriminatory laws and sections of Constitution – Equal rights for all.


Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon – Equality for all Pakistanis

Below is an article sent by Shamim Masih a Pakistani-Christian journalist that free lances often but can be read often at The article is a profile of Albert David speaking to Pakistani Christians undoubtedly with the goal of establishing a unity consensus. You need to be aware there are some very brave people standing for Christ in Muslim lands that are wholly unfriendly to Christianity and Christians. Shamim sent many photographs to demonstrate his point about Albert David which I am neglecting to post. You can also read the article with photos at HERE.

JRH 12/28/12
Minorities, particularly Christians, are deliberately sidelined in Pakistan
Emerging political leader become the most visible guest in the town during the advent carnival

By Shamim Masih
Sent: December 27, 2012 9:47 AM

ISALAMABAD PAKISTAN (SHAMIM MASIH): With the advent of December, Christians all over the world kicked off their preparations to celebrate the most important festival of the year ‘Christmas’ across the world including Pakistan.

With every passing day till the eve of Christmas, Pakistani Christians prepare to celebrate the festivity with zeal and enthusiasm, feeling the echo of church bells for the mid night services on Christmas eve that announce the birth of Jesus. While preparing for Christmas, the Christians living in Pakistan renew their spirit of celebrating Christmas which continues throughout the month. The programs and celebrations leading to Christmas include Christmas dinners, carol singing and other get together that have an element of sharing the joys of Christmas with the less fortunate.

Albert David - Chairman Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM) launched his new political party in October this year has created awareness in the town during the Christmas celebrations in the twin city. His presence bloom the events this year in the maximum annual Christmas programs in the town. Talking to the Christians he raised awareness among the Pakistani Christians to demand election not selection everywhere in the country.

Mr. Albert was invited to 25 programs organized by different churches, social organizations and community groups. PUCM chairman availed this wonderful opportunity not only to share the message of Christmas but also talked about the importance of Christian community to being vibrant and visible in the National political scene.

Chairman PUCM during his speeches focused on the true message and spirit of Christmas, unconditional love, peace, hope and most importantly sharing of joys with less fortunate. He also stressed upon Christians to actively participate in National politics to ensure their increased visibility and importance. He consistently emphasized on the need of unity under a political platform as that would become the rationale for other majority parties to acknowledge the importance of non-Muslim Pakistanis.

Talking about the constitutional amendments, Mr. Albert said that during the past 65 years of the National assembly, the 207 seats for parliamentarians were increased to 335, while the women’s seats were raised from 15 to 60.

However, the 10 number seats reserved for minorities the seats approved 30 years back, increased to 14, which is not proportional to its population increased. Even these seats were filled by selection, rather election, he added.

PUCM wants to aware not only Pakistan’s government, but also to the entire world that Pakistani Christians are being deprived of the deserving rights, even though in the foundation of the Pakistan. The time has come that all Pakistani Christians have to stand for their rights and we will not compromise on selection of the candidates liking of the majority parties. PUCM firmly believe that being Pakistanis we are equal citizen and will have equal rights.
Albert David Working for Unity among Pakistani Christians
John R. Houk
© December 28, 2012
Minorities, particularly Christians, are deliberately sidelined in Pakistan

Shamim Masih
Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 
Secretary General

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