Monday, December 3, 2012

Video: Sarah Palin Hammers Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Obama

Sarah Palin
Joe Miller’s Restoring Liberty highlights Sarah Palin criticism of the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Cliff path.

JRH 12/3/12

Video: Sarah Palin Hammers Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Obama
By News Editor
02 Dec 2012

Sarah Palin appeared on the last “On the Record” to break down simply and aggressively the Obama administration’s missteps, especially its lack of transparency.

Palin also discusses the impending “fiscal cliff” and Newt Gingrich’s recent criticism of Obama’s approach to the impending deadline.

She also criticizes the use of the term “fiscal cliff,” stating that the United States has already gone over the cliff, long ago. The only question is “how hard are we going to thump” at the bottom of the cliff:

Published on Nov 30, 2012

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