Friday, December 14, 2012

In Support of Eugene Delgaudio

Eugene Degaudio
John R. Houk
© December 14, 2012

You should Google the name Eugene Delgaudio. The inevitable first impression you will from the links provided is that Delgaudio is an evil homophobe. The word “homophobe” would indicate an unnatural fear of homosexuals. However, homosexual activists and Leftists will turn “homophobe” from fear to hate. Thus a homophobe is a person that hates homosexuals. The word “hate” indicates a propensity to act on hate such as verbal diatribes, violence or worse the act of murder.

Are there people that hate homosexuals so much that those diatribes that are threatening, a crime of violence or the downright horror of murder will be committed? I stipulate such people are not homophobes, rather these kinds of people are of the malicious minded truly demented in their thinking and worthy of prison or a death sentence whichever is appropriate.

How about those people taking a stand against homosexuality because their religious beliefs proclaim the act of sex between two people of the same sex to be morally repugnant? Are these people that hate or fear homosexuality? In the case of Christianity loathing homosexuality is not hate or fear, rather loathing homosexuality is lining up with Father God that calls homosexuals an abomination (Since our current President is pro-same-sex marriage maybe the word could also be ‘Obamanation’).

Thus it is quite infuriating when homosexual activists label a person promoting the Biblical Christian of homosexuality as a hating-homophobe.

Eugene Delgaudio’s mission in life is to fight the moral acceptance of homosexuality which is viewed by Biblical Christians as a perversion. Delgaudio is only a hater if he speaks and writes that violence and murder should be exacted on homosexuals. Delgaudio is no friend of homosexuality yet he is not a promoter of violence say like Obama’s old friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn that spent their youth working to bring down the USA with violent bombings replacing Freedom with Communist despotism.

On the other hand, I wonder how many homosexuals or homosexual activists speak or write threats of violence against Eugene Delgaudio? Regardless of threats and vilification by the MSM, homosexual activists, Leftists and even some Conservatives queasy of the well moneyed homosexual agenda proponents; Delgaudio was reelected to his County Commissioner post for the fourth time Loudon County Virginia.

After Delgaudio was reelected as Commissioner the homosexual and Leftists came against through the courts.

Frankly the civil litigation and criminal investigation has all the appearance of the homosexual version of Lawfare to make an attempt to break Delgaudio financially and to make a big effort to silence his Biblically Moral stand against the abomination known as the homosexual lifestyle.

So with this back drop Delgaudio is facing it is good to know he is still exposing the consequences of the homosexual agenda. Below is an email I received today sent by Delgaudio’s watchdog organization Public Advocate of the United States.

JRH 12/14/12


By Eugene Delgaudio
Sent 12/14/2012 10:08 AM
Sent by Public Advocate

Washington State residents are experiencing firsthand the horrors that accompany the Homosexual Agenda.

Only days before the anti-marriage referendum passed in the state, a disgusting story surfaced.

“Colleen” Francis -- a 45-year-old man who claims to be a woman -- was lounging in the women’s sauna at the Evergreen State College pool when a local high school girls' swim team came in to use the facilities.

The sauna’s glass wall gave “Colleen” full view of the girls while they were changing!

The swim coach threw the man out, but school officials quickly apologized to "Colleen" and insisted he be allowed to continue using the women’s facilities.

College officials claim that his right to violate the women’s rooms is “protected” since Washington State has given homosexuals and transsexuals a superior “protected-class” status.

As disturbing as this is, instances like this are becoming far too common.

And President Obama’s Justice Department is doing its best to make sure this continues.

Not that long ago, Public Advocate alerted pro-Family Americans to the case of “Jennifer.”

This 38-year-old man actually bragged about using the women’s restrooms at the University of Arkansas.

And when actual women complained about “Jennifer” using their facilities, Obama’s Department of Justice rushed to defend his “special rights.”

The Homosexual Lobby is determined to see their agenda anywhere and everywhere.

That’s why the efforts of Public Advocate in states like Washington get more important every day.

And why your support of Public Advocate means more now than ever before.

The Homosexual Lobby won’t settle for the recent passage of homosexual “marriage” in Washington State.

They’ll stop short of nothing but absolute victory for their agenda in the hearts and minds of our children and our country.

But with your help, Public Advocate is fighting back against homosexual “marriage” and the creation of "special rights” for deviants like “Colleen” and “Jennifer.”

For the Family,
Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States

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In Support of Eugene Delgaudio
John R. Houk
© December 14, 2012

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  1. I live in his county. He drives big spenders of both parties crazy. He's also very popular in his district, which has a large immigrant population. He's great!

  2. Mr. Delgaudio is a true American hero. His mission is to fight for what's right -- whether popular or not. Lower taxes, defending the unborn and traditional marriage. I wish there were a dozen Delgaudios elected in Loudoun County. The world would be a better place.

  3. Eugene Delgaudio is trying his best to resist the attempt to make the American population even more heidonistic and anti-family than we already are. THe current gay lobby establishment puts out ideas and strategies like this one:
    in an attempt to thoroughly break from our past regarding the family structure. The author of that book was once Obama's Safe and Drug-free School Czar. Eugene Delgaudio is one of many selfless souls out there putting his neck out to try and keep us a nation of people who a) work for a living, and b) raise our families to become people who grow up to do the same. Nothing extreme about that at all.