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CNN & Tea Party Express are Working Together

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John R. Houk
© December 17, 2010

People have heard of CNN almost from the beginning days of Cable Networking. CNN was the first competition to the (then) Big Three Networks of ABC, CBS & NBC in the news media realm. When one mentioned “CNN” in speaking, one knew that a reputable news conduit was delivering news. This was in the days that people trusted the integrity of the news as most people trust the word of a Doctor today. The Cable News Network was a trusted source of information that also made news more than a drab delivery.

Then something happened. A huge amount of the News Media made a noticeable dip towards the Left. Eventually CNN seemed to be among the most Leftwing of the News outlets. Some would argue that MSNBC might be the more Leftist.

The thing is that today when one mentions CNN and one is a Conservative, one does not think of the Cable News Network. I am guessing a huge chunk if not the majority think of CNN as the Communist News Network. When one thinks of Conservative News today, one thinks of FOX News. Not only is CNN considered Leftist by Conservatives, I could say that CNN has the image of Anti-Right.

I am on the email list of the Tea Party Express which has had its up and down moments within the Tea Party movement primarily due to words by a key Tea Party Express leader construed as using humor in a racist manner. Frankly when I heard the now ill-fated humor I did not think it as horrendous as the Left made of it or that the various other Tea Party organizations made it out to be. Certainly it was made bad taste and perhaps a little juvenile, but hey when comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live uses the race card to poke humor there is little national outrage. I found it very distasteful that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) directly called the Tea Party Movement a racist movement when the main impetus of Tea Partiers was less taxes and less government. At the time I thought the poor taste of Mark Williams’ letter to Lincoln from “colored” people was humorous. However, going back and reading the fictional letter I can see how it was offensive and that a tit-for-tat was not a mature response to the NAACP.

Now check this out! The old Communist News Network is hooking up with the Tea Party Express to jointly put on a Presidential debate when Presidential campaigning is in full swing. I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around that. Imagine Left Wing CNN and the Tea Party Express putting together a debate that favors questions that are slanted toward Tea Party Movement thinking.

Here is an excerpt from the TPE email I received December 17, 2010 at 2:23 PM.

The Tea Party Express is pleased to announce that we have agreed to partner with CNN to host the first-ever Tea Party Presidential Debate for GOP candidates for president.

"This is a huge victory for the tea party movement.  Who would have thought even one-year ago that a major media outlet would team up with the tea party movement to host a major presidential debate?" said Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

The debate will be held Labor Day weekend in 2011 at the site of the GOP presidential convention.

"We will not only hold Republican candidates accountable for supporting tea party principles of limited government, but it also helps build further momentum for the tea party movement in getting our message heard to more and more people," Kremer said.

"We will be full partners with CNN, jointly making decisions with them about the debate, and we will ensure that this debate reflects tea party principles, and we appreciate the opportunity to have those values represented over the airwaves of CNN," Kremer concluded.

Below is the CNN article about the collaboration.

JRH 12/17/10

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