Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Complain Public Muezzin Offends Christians and Atheists

John R. Houk
© December 15, 2010

Another European nation is submitting to the dhimmitude paradigm of Islam. Austria has fined a 63 year old Austrian native for yodeling while mowing his lawn. The complainant Muslim neighbor expressed that his non-Muslim yodeling neighbor was mocking the Muslim Muezzin, which is an eerie sounding noise that calls all Muslims who can hear it to public prayer toward Mecca.

I don’t know about you, but this sound is not only eerie but quite inappropriate in a Western Cultural setting. Now I can see how yodeling at various times of the day might be disturbing to domestic sleeping but it is hardly as scary sounding as the Muslim call to prayer. In fact the sound of yodeling in its appropriate setting – especially in Austria and Switzerland – should be experienced with pride.

This is another Western case of submitting to an intolerant religion that demands everyone and all non-Muslim cultures to place their cultures in an inferior position to mollify Islamic Supremacism. Since I know in Europe the Muezzin does occur on a public basis, where is the protest that the sound is offensive to the few practicing Christians in Europe?

JRH 12/15/10


  1. Let's see. You engage in centuries-old (I presume) customary behavior in your own land and a foreigner wins out in a "mockery" challenge. As decided by your own officials. Even in these corrupt times this has to be a world record for cowardice and gall.