Monday, March 30, 2020

Food for Thought!!

A friend of my wife Diana Houk sent this to her and Diana forwarded it to me with “Post this” in the subject line. If I am anything, I am dutiful husband that believes when Mama is happy, everybody is happy.


JRH 3/30/20
Food for Thought!!
[Blog Editor: OR Think About Marxist-Dems, RINOs, MSM, Deep State and the Coronavirus!]

Author attribution: Burt Shur
Sent: 3/29/2020 10:41 AM

....Like everyone who is a conservative thinking person, there is more going [on] here than you and I realize. Think about this, our whole world came crashing down a month ago, right after the failed impeachment of our President. The Democrats have been on this hate, get rid of Trump at all cost since before he was even elected. I have completely changed my opinion of the Democrats, I had to take a hard look back in our history and as long as we voted for a Deep State politician everything was OK. 

But, when we as a country started to realize something was drastically wrong and there was really no difference between Democrats and Republicans and that's when things really changed. The last three Presidents (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) were all Globalists (NWO) also not to forget Bush Sr. who really brought the term NEW WORLD ORDER to Americans attention. Like I said once I looked back it really hit me that the Communist party has always been doing very-very bad things to keep their power. They will do whatever it takes to remain in power. So, the coronavirus as we all know started in China. Here's the thing, China is a Communist country, they don't like Trump because they want to call the shots and Trump said, no more. We have been taken advantage of for years. Look at how long we have been losing our manufacturing, were did it go, China. Who supported that? All the Bushes, all the Clinton's, the Obama's, and all their Administrations, all Democrats. Do you see where this is all leading? Democrats have sold their souls to China. Biden and Feinstein are just two of a huge number.

Obama is probably the most corrupt out of all Presidents. He's also been around Communists his whole life. From his mother, to his mentor Frank Marshall Davis and his handler John Brennan. Are you getting it? Obama made a big mistake when he was running, he basically said, he was going to fundamentally change America, well, he really did and we let him do it. Blacks were taken in because here they finally had the first black President. Obama knew they would do that, but where Obamacare made a big mistake is he didn't do anything for the black community. All he did do was divide Americans  when we were moving forward in stopping the racial divide. That all stopped with Obama. He has done so much damage and continues to do huge damage. He spied on Trump and OK'd everything to do with FISA GATE, RUSSIA GATE. There are supposedly a thousand sealed indictments and Obama's name has to be on at least one.

Where am I going with all this? I've really tried very hard to see this emergency as a very bad situation that just happened completely independently and unfortunately right now when things in America were going so good. We have never had this many jobs, and wealth! Well, the last blow to all is this coronavirus. I believe it was loosed on purpose. China really didn't like the idea of manufacturing going back to US and no control over all the money making of our trade imbalance and Trump was fixing (for We The People).

The Commie Democrats are in partnership with China to bring the economy down and shut America completely down. Why? To get Trump out of the Presidency, bring his numbers down below 30%, they want him out. Please, think about this they have thrown everything at Trump and he's weathered all the assaults. No other President could do this. This pandemic is real all right, and it is dangerous and it is killing people. But where and why it started, brings me to only one conclusion.  All this is bigger than any of us can comprehend. Democrats want their power back and to rule our lives, and have the NWO… Trump put a stop to their scheme and they don't like it! Every Deep State person (Democrats and some Republicans) need to be arrested and indicted.

My other question  is where is Durham and Huber and Barr? We have been very patient, but the indictments must come now! Either we have laws or we are truly done. This is America’s only chance to regain our independence and freedom and bring back what Trump has been fighting for - The America that our forefathers set forth in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We cannot lose what we have fought and died for since 1776. I'm tired of Congress holding Americans hostages. You work for us and those that don't are out, and I mean out now. All Democrats (including  Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Omar, Talib, Cortez, Romney). If there is one thing I've learned from Trump is America first "period"!

Now comes the most disappointing part of what I've been saying. The MSM, all must be indicted on treason. That's  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PNR. They all have tried to bring Trump down, which means bring us down! They are un-American! This must stop!

-Burt Shur

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Original post edited by John R. Houk (largely with spell check).

In full disclosure, I have no idea who Burt Shur is. I usually double check assertions in a post, but I agree with most in this post and pray it is not a chain email in which Diana would have been a recipient. I did find a “Burt Shur” on Facebook the identity could be one and the same.


  1. Mr Burt Shur has very little real knowledge to which he speaks, especially if he truly believes that President Trump is actually intent on stopping the Globalists. Nothing is further from the truth, and if anything, he's aiding their efforts, as all America witnessed by the signing of the USMCA.

    To be sure, the Democrats are indeed using this pandemic to trash Trump at every opportunity, but it's not as though they have a hotline open to the Communists in China and are actually coordinating with them on this issue.

    These people that kiss Trump's ring no matter what egregious steps he takes that harm America are beyond me. He is currently penalizing people who aren't sick and misusing the National Defense Act, as he has already exhibited previous inclinations to trample the Bill of Rights. You quarantine sick people, not the entire nation and the healthy as well.

    This backward way of thinking illuminates just how obtuse our population has become, whenever they are so willing to throw liberty to the wind for a false offer of government security.

    I just imagine this Idiot thinks the corporate bailout in this recent $2.2 trillion dollar "Stimulus" is a legitimate and Constitutional use of taxpayer dollars, when in fact, it isn't. And, there would be no need of it, if only Trump had not overreacted and shut the entire nation down, but so great was his fear of POLITICAL BACKLASH, that he is now, Once AGAIN, moving the nation in a direction that pushes it deeper into a SOCIALIST HOLE -- this from a president who months ago said "America will never be a socialist nation." COULDA' FOOLED ME.

    John, I can appreciate that You must keep Your wife happy, but posts such as Shur's do little to enhance Your blog, although I suppose it gives a side that some might want to see, especially those so stuck on Trump as the end all be all.

    I actually had to point out to one guy last night that he was supporting the acceptance of a dictator [I'm not saying Trump is one or even trying to be one] when he said that Trump's declaration of an emergency meant that I had to obey anything he said from that point on, even if it stepped on the Bill of Rights, and for any American to hold such a perverted vision far and away from the ideas that founded this nation, exhibits a whole other array of troubles we face in America.

    Just because an authority figure, mayor, governor or president has certain CONSTITUTIONAL designated authorities to act to keep the nation safe DOES NOT MEAN IT COMES AT THE EXPENSE OF MY LIBERTY And God Given Rights, OR Anybody Else's. One's rights aren't something that can be taken and returned on the whim's of any politician for any reason, which is why Our Founding Father's Noted That OUR RIGHTS ARE INALIENABLE.

    I'm disappointed to see such dribble at Your blog, but maybe it will get You an extra hug and kiss or two tonight and a nice Fat Cheeseburger and a Chocolate Shake. Hell ... I might have sold out for a Shake. Dang! I hate being that easy ..... HAhaHahahaha .....

  2. Trump only needed to allow people to continue working as they saw fit, to show up when healthy and stay home when sick, especially if they knew they had COVID. Let the health professionals handle it on a case by case basis, just as they are having to do ANYWAY, and quarantine only actual heavily infected areas.

    As for the corporations, a mass accounting is far overdue, and such bailouts only ensure we will be forced to do the same over and over, as Republicans and Democrats Both NOW SEEM TO HAVE COMPLETELY EMBRACED THE MODERN MONETARY THEORY and are operating on the false assumption that they can Print, Borrow and SPEND as much money, as they want and then pass the TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES ON DOWN THE LINE TO MY CHILDREN< GRANDCHILDREN And Generations Yet to Come. That Trump has actually facilitated this in many ways, as he was the first to offer up the notion of stimulus and then push Congress in that direction, should be greatly troubling to all.

    As I have noted for some time now, Trump has been governing just like a damned socialist Democrat for most of his administration, from spending to illiberal bills and executive orders and on to this current mess. How much of it is his own doing or the influence of his daughter, Ivanka, or some of his more left leaning advisors who have his ear is anyone's guess, but if You recall, John, even when Trump first announced he was running for President, I warned at that time this is what we would get from a Trump presidency, i.e. fascism and crony-capitalism. He is reaching back into his bag of tricks and notions he held close from his days as a Democrat, days that have always made him suspect in my book, and his current economic policies are doing more harm than 99% of Americans realize.

    And yet, even so-called "Conservatives" look at ANY impediment to receiving this new government handout as unconstitutional, when just the opposite is the truth of the matter.

    Just as in 2008, we have numerous laws and mechanisms in place that allow for such emergencies, as well as agencies responsible for heir handling. The corporations should have either made it due to their own real solvency or been forced to restructure or liquidate assets and shutdown, returning to their creditors ownership. Then the economy would have reset itself, in something more remotely resembling a healthy economy.

    As it is, this hyped COVID manufactured "crisis" -- not saying COVID isn't dangerous or serious to some -- has simply revealed the soft underbelly of our economy and the many abuses that were being conducted in it by too many companies dancing along the edge of solvency and utilizing outrageous risky gambits, with the full well expectation and knowledge that it was nor risk for them, since Lobbyists had worked overtime to buy politician's fealty and assurances that any crisis could and would once more be dodged through more bailouts.


    Most Americans today are too ignorant to understand this, to reason it out or think cogently on the issue, and so, just because Trump offers up the right words and RHETORIC, His Own Propaganda, THEY BUY IT HOOK-LINE-And-SINKER, when in fact, his words too often do not match his promises and political campaign rhetoric. The public education system and the Marxists of the country have succeeded in that mission, and for that reason, I have very little hope that this nation will actually ever truly be restored, 'til we have fought a second civil war or a rebellion against the federal government and our streets have been filled with the blood of America's tyrants and traitors.

  3. Burt Shur should be asking himself why ... If Trump is such a "conservative" and anti-globalist ... are so many Democrats crossing over and supporting him. It's because he's governing just exactly like a more moderate Democrat would govern. In many respects, Trump hasn't done anything different than Obama. The FACTS and the RECORD speak for themselves; I could post a list, but I'm sick and tired of doing everybody's research for them, and at this point, I could give a damn less if anybody believes me or not ... the end results will bear testimony to the fact of the matter.