Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NoGuff Writes of Facebook Jail

John R. Houk
© November 15, 2017

NoGuff writes on Twitter: “ I'm in Facebook Jail for 30 days now. For what, I don't know. They won't tell me. Could you do me a flavor and post this on FB for me so people know? Thanks a lot.”

I am uncertain of the veracity of the message I received on my Twitter (@SlantRight2). As you have probably surmised I am not exactly an expert with Twitter usage. I am guessing NoGuff sent the above “Facebook jail” notification because I can find no mention of it on his Twitter page.

When Facebook jail is judged upon its users, I am also unsure if the Facebook incarcerated page disappears during the suspension. In case it doesn’t, I found three Facebook profiles with the name Facebook in it. The first is very active. The later two had nearly zero activity. For your examination here are the three:

Being both in Facebook jail and Google jail for various censorship ludicrous reasons I say, “SPREAD THE WORD!” It is very annoying to be in a Social Media jail when the only you have done is blog accurately without profanity are racist slurs.

JRH 11/15/17

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  1. I'm currently on a three day ban myself for my post that says Islam is an ideology bent on Our destruction and Muslims must be deported. FB certainly doesn't believe or follow our Constitution and the First Amendment. Face Book stands up for their Red Radical Rat Commie Bastard Comrades and tramples on anyone demanding respect for the Constitution and Our Founding principles and American traditions and Heritage.

    I suggest everybody, who is a Conservative, a Christian and an American Patriot, leave Face Book and find another forum in which to meet and discuss matters important to Us all. We need a place where we can discuss strategy and plans for ACTION AIMED AT DELIVERING SOLUTIONS ----- NAMELY THE RESTORATION OF AMERICA!!!

    --- Justin O Smith