Monday, November 20, 2017

Ever Wonder about Obama Pre-Politician History?

I read an interesting somewhat whimsical wondering by Paul Jacobs. Jacobs was wondering about the obvious lack of information on Barack Hussein Obama’s childhood, teen days and his college days. Now that Obama is no longer President, you’d think the wonderment would have elapsed.

I am with Jacobs though. If you are a Conservative, you know and understand that Obama did all in his power to delegitimize America globally and destroy America’s cultural heritage in favor of a Leftist transformation.

Also, I am disconcertingly suspicious of Obama’s lack of following past President’s path of not being involved his replacement’s agenda. Rather than heading to Chicago or Hawaii, Obama took up residence in Washington DC and became involved in Leftist opposition to all things Trump, ostensibly labeled as the Resistance by Left-Wing Dems wanting to perpetuate the Obama self-destructive agenda. Constantly propagandizing that Trump and his populist Conservative supporters do not have American values.

The irony is Conservative values are traditional American values that have made America great. Keep your eye on the operations this Barack Hussein Obama with the mysterious past.

The title is derived by the Editor based on Jacobs’ thoughts.

JRH 11/20/17
Ever Wonder about Obama Pre-Politician History?

Posted at G+ Community Liberals Are Destroying America

Have you ever wondered how Barrack Obama was able to immigrate from his home in Indonesia and go to college in the U.S.? Not just go to college but live well while in college. In fact, his first 2 years of college he spent pretty much all of his time getting high and laid. This was at Occidental. Apparently, Columbia’s standards are not as high as they once were because after a 2 year binder of some kinda sex, maybe homo, and smoking weed and snorting/smoking coke he apparently qualified for one of the highest regarded universities in the nation.

During this time Barry, as he was known back then, lived off campus which is arguably considerably more expensive, and traveled extensively overseas. That is some pretty high living for some Indonesian kid. Snopes seems to be under the impression that a college scholarship is a suitable explanation, but I was rolling 2 different scholarships myself in college and though they paid for my classes and books they didn’t pay for much else. Not coke, not weed, not hanging out in clubs with people who smoke weed and snort coke and certainly not a chance in hell of any of that international traveling Barry was doing.

I don’t recall any stories about [President] 44 coming from a wealthy family do you? His stepfather had some moderate success as a businessman in Indonesia, but money goes pretty far in a place like that and few have any so it’s all relative. Besides wasn’t his mother a communist? Would a communist send their child to a rich kid’s school?

I realize I don’t have a lot of answers here just a lot of questions. Why hasn’t someone answered or even asked these questions. If Donald Trump is heard trying to squeeze one out in the morning, it is front page news and stays news until something else can be turned into a scandal. Surely it would be the end of life as we know it if the President got caught putting 2 scoops of sugar in his coffee.

To this day after 9 years of Obama trying to hog the spotlight and we still hardly know anything about him. Well he lies a lot we’ve learned that the hard way. Other than that, most of his life has been shrouded in secrecy. As if he’s some kind of deity. You are not meant to know. You could never in this life come close to understanding what it is to be the Great and Powerful Oh-balm-ah. Kneel and beg forgives you ungrateful peasants!

Regardless of whether some consider the former president a deity or not he is a public figure and the public has a right to know even now that he is no longer in office, how some mixed kid from Indonesia with a twice broken home has the funding to go to some of America’s finest schools and jet set around the world at the same time.

I don’t know what is more suspicious where Obama’s money really came from, or the medias inability to be unbiased in their reporting. Because right now there is an army of people associated with news rooms across the nation that are trying anything no matter how tiny to smear Trump in. But y’all know that already.
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© Paul Jacobs

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